No Download Online Casinos

No Download Online Casinos & GamblingWhen online casinos first broke onto the scene, the only option for playing at them was to download their software, and then connect to their casino through the software program.

This wasn’t an issue for most players, although the software in the early days was pretty much all Windows based, so those who used other operating systems like Apple’s or Linux were left out in the cold.

In addition, those looking to play at online casinos where downloads were not permitted, such as at work or at a public place such as at a library, didn’t have a way to play either. Not many people played online casino games from libraries but lots of people wanted to play at work, during a break or lunch, or perhaps even during work time if the boss wasn’t looking.

Many workplaces don’t permit software downloads but still permit players to visit gambling websites, and if there were a way to gamble on a site without downloading anything, this would make playing at work possible.

This was all before the days of mobile online casino play, and these days, being able to access online casinos with your mobile device opens things up completely, provided that you have data access that is.

So online casinos began looking at ways they could provide browser based access, using flash, so that players could just visit their site and play a selection of their casino games right in their browsers, without downloading anything.

The idea caught on, and part of the appeal to the casinos was that this really simplified things for users, and while downloading online casino software is a very simple matter, it does require at least following along with some simple directions. No download play was even simpler, appealing to those who did not wish to go through the download process, even though that just meant a few extra mouse clicks.

No Download Casino Play Really Catches On

More and more online casinos rolled out a no download version as this caught on, and many players chose to go with the no download format as time went on. The reach of no download play ended up extending well beyond those who couldn’t access the downloads, as players were given a choice between the two, and many chose the simpler option even though they could choose either.

It’s all about making players happy though in this business and online casinos did not want to lose market share because a competitor offered choice here and they didn’t. So soon just about all online casinos had both download and no download options available.

No download play, generally speaking, is less resource intensive, and this offers the benefit of smoother play with those who may be running older and out of date computers. Casino software doesn’t really require that much in terms of computing power but if this is an issue, the no download version is a perfect solution.

The drawbacks of no download play has historically been that there has been access to less variety of games, especially slots, but one does not necessarily need hundreds of different slot variations to choose from, or a dozen different blackjack games, or other examples of the very wide variety that online casinos tend to provide.

So players really didn’t give up much here by foregoing some variety, as the basics remained in place, which was the ability to easily play one’s chosen online casino games.

Some players of course may want the greater variety that download play offers, or may prefer the more intense graphics that this format offers, but this option hasn’t been taken away, they have simply been given another option should they choose it.

No Download Is The Wave of the Future

Due to advancements in technology, the quality of no download or instant casino play has really caught up at sites using the latest flash casino games, to the point where many of the internet’s newest casinos have chosen to just offer no download only, and not offer any software based play at all.

These sites are not offering no download play as a compromise at all, there is no reduction in selection and a full line of games are offered by them, and the quality is right up there with the best software games, if not better.

So no download casino games are a big hit right now at some of the newer sites, while the older, more established ones tend to have their main offering as download based, and their no download version is the more limited and lesser quality format.

It’s so easy to download online casino software that this shouldn’t matter though, and the big push for no download sites is actually to better integrate their games with mobile play, offering these games as no download mobile options where mobile players can play them all in their mobile browser, with an optimized experience.

So as mobile gaming keeps growing, this is in a real sense changing the landscape of computer based gaming as well, as there’s lots of advantages with no download mobile, it doesn’t matter what device you have for one thing, but the biggest part is that these games can be integrated into mobile play more easily than if both computer software and mobile software need to be written independently.

We’re moving more and more toward no download casino experiences, and one day we may see no download or instant casino play taking over completely.

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