Xbox One Media Remote

Xbox One Media RemoteWhen gamers get set to play on their Xbox One’s they will be in a frame of mind that’s all about the game they are going to be playing. They won’t want to have to deal with anything else at that moment. In fact, the more a player is allowed to simply focus on the game and all the tasks at hand, the faster they will make it through the levels, the higher scores they will achieve and the more achievements they will earn. A distracted player will be one that won’t do as well in the game they are playing and to a real gamer, this can be a very bad thing. There are many gaming gadgets on the market to help gamers to do better in their games and to offer them more in the way of comfort and even convenience. Some of these gadgets will come in the form of comfortable gaming chairs or controllers, some will be racing wheels and some will be simpler, but equally as important like the Xbox One Media Remote. This remote is just the thing for anyone who wants the ultimate gadget when it comes to convenience in gaming.

Benefits and Features of the Xbox One Media Remote

When gamers sit down to play a video game they want to have the convenience of having everything they need right within their reach. This way they can put all of their focus on the game and not have to get distracted needlessly along the way. The Xbox One Media Remote is one of those conveniences that gamers don’t want to pass up the chance to enjoy. It’s easy to use and it’s compatible with both the Xbox One and the Xbox One S consoles. The remote also stays on so gamers won’t need to continuously turn it on every single time they want to use it. The Xbox One Media Remote also has a OneGuide button on it which provides players with the added benefit of a one-touch quick access option for accessing all of their favorite selections in one place.

Another thing gamers like are gadgets that have good ranges so they aren’t committed to sitting in just one area when they are playing their games. This is also another area where this remote shines. The Xbox One Media Remote has an impressive 30 foot range to it. This is more than enough of a range for most players gaming areas. The remote is 5.5 x6 x 1.6 in size and this makes it small enough to fit in a gamers pocket it they like, but large enough to easily find if they decide to set it somewhere beside them while they are playing. It also weights just over 6 ounces, making it a nice lightweight remote. It takes two AAA batteries and players can choose to use rechargeable batteries if they want. Using rechargeable batteries will let them know they won’t need to worry about getting caught without working batteries all of a sudden.

The Xbox One Media Remote will control more than just the players Xbox. It will also control the TV’s power, the volume, Blu-ray movies, streaming videos and other apps. Another nice thing about this remote is it features backlit keys that make it easy for gamers to see the buttons even when they are playing their games in a dark room. The remote is simple to set up as well and this isn’t the case with all remotes, some of them can be quite confusing.


The Xbox One Media Remote is a great solution for gamers who don’t want to keep getting up and down to mess with their Xbox power button and the buttons on their TV. It works well, is a nice size and has a backlight for ease of use.

I found the Xbox One Media Remote to be perfect for my needs. The size of the remote allows me to fit it in a shirt pocket or set it right beside me without worrying about it getting easily misplaced. I also appreciate how long the batteries seem to last in the remote control even though it stays on all of the time.