Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller

Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller

Xbox One Elite Wireless ControllerWhen players turn on their Xbox to play the video game of their choosing, they want to sit in front of the game and take care of business. Whether they find themselves in the middle of a war, fighting aliens from another planet, trying to survive from an attack of zombies, in search of a missing population, trying to figure out who committed a crime or hunting for strange new beings; players need to have everything they need to play comfortably and efficiently. The right controller can make all of the difference to a gamer’s experience. It can not only help them to enjoy playing even more, but it can also help them significantly with regards to how well they do at the game. The Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller is a fabulous controller that gamers can count on to put them ahead of the game in many ways with its plentiful features.

Benefits and Features of the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller

The first thing that should be mentioned about the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller is the overall design and feel of it. This controller is a great one, especially for gamers who tend to play for a long time in one setting. It fits nicely right in the hands and is lightweight. This controller is compatible with both the Xbox One and the Xbox One S. Players can swap out from a variety of thumb sticks as well as D-pads to give them increased accuracy and speed. These thumb sticks and the D-pads can also be found in different sizes so gamers can really make the controller their own. The controller also offers them the added benefit of hair trigger locks that allow them to enjoy faster firing. This controller also has paddles that are interchangeable and a rubberized diamond grip which helps gamers to achieve even better control when they are playing.

This Controller will adapt to a gamers hand size and to their gaming styles. They can enjoy better control when playing everything from racing games or fighting games to strategy games or any other type. The new D-pad will give players more confidence once they see how much better they can execute those combos while the traditional D-pad continues to offer players the benefits of precision control when it comes to changing weapons or calling strikes.

This controller offers gamer’s hair trigger locks they can flip to go gung-ho firing off at the enemy with lightning speed. This can save the gamer time and it can save their characters’ lives. The timing in firing can be one of the most important things at certain points in many of the games on the market and this controller makes it easier for players to hit their targets fast and numerous times if need be. The hair trigger locks will stop the trigger’s motion right after the shot so the player is immediately ready for the next one. Players can even fine tune the locks so they better meet their own individual gaming needs by going into the settings.

Players will also appreciate the fact that the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller will offer them 4 slots. They are easy to attach and they can be removed without any tools. Gamers can attach some or all of the paddles so they can configure their controller the way they need it to be for their gaming purposes.


The Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller has such a comfortable design to it that each gamer will feel as if it was designed just for them. Let’s not forget, the fact that it is wireless means gamers won’t have to work around those extra annoying cords that can also limit their movement.

One of the first things I learned when I started to take gaming more serious was the importance of the right controller. I’ve since become a bit of a controller snob, but it’s really helped me to improve my scores. I use the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller myself and it’s quickly become one of my all-time favorite controllers. I love the way it feels, the way it performs and all of the features it has to offer.