X Rocker SE Wireless Black Game Chair

X Rocker SE Wireless Black Game ChairThe right gaming chair can make all of the difference to a players gaming experience. If a player is sitting in a chair, couch or other seat that doesn’t feel right then they may be surprised at how stiff they feel when they get up after playing their games. Luckily, there are gaming chairs that are designed specifically for gamers. These chairs are contoured to fit the common sitting positions of players involved in their games and the chairs often come with many other features to enhance their video gaming experience as well. One of these great chairs that deserves plenty of recognition is the X Rocker SE Wireless Black Game Chair. It has been designed specifically with the needs of gamers in mind.

Benefits and Features of the X Rocker SE Wireless Black Game Chair

When players are looking for the right gaming chair for them to incorporate into their everyday gaming routine, they want to know that they are choosing one that feels good, accommodates their moves, looks good and has a lot of other features that are going to help them in their gaming by catering to it or even enhancing it. This great game chair is compatible with many different video game systems and more. It’s compatible with Playstation, Xbox, Wii, PSP, Nintendo DS and even MP3/CD/DVD. This flexibility makes this chair a great option for a gaming room, as well as for any other home theater environment. The fact that this chair also has wireless audio transmission makes it the extreme in convenient gaming chairs. Plus, it also has a side control panel built into it that’s easy to access.

This chair has a nice and sleek design to it that should work well with just about any gaming room. It is made of black vinyl and it has grey mesh sides that adds some depth to the entire look of the chair. Another added benefit this chair has to offer is it is filled with a fire retardant foam for safety reasons. The chair also folds in half in a way that makes it easy for players to store it out of the way when they aren’t going to be using it for a while. The cover is easy to clean and the material is durable so players can count on the chair to last them for a long time.

The X Rocker Game Chair has that wireless transmission that will keep the players right in the action while they master their games and have a great time. The wireless transmission will also be there for them while they enjoy other entertainment venues, such as watching movies, listening to music and even enjoying a marathon day of their favorite series. The side control panel that’s easy to reach is where the players will go when they need to turn the volume up or down, adjust the bass and even connect input and output jacks.

The speakers in this chair are also worth reviewing. These speakers are installed with built-in subwoofers that have been installed in the shoulder area of the chair. This puts them right where the players want the sound to come from. There is also a headphone jack included so players can use their headphones anytime they choose. A hardwood frame covered in contouring and comfortable materials makes the chair both secure and nice feeling.


Comfort and convenience are two things that are very important to gamers who want to play their video games in the ultimate gaming environment. Luckily, this great gaming chair offers them both of these things and a whole lot more. All of those other added elements the chair has is just icing on the cake. Comfort is extremely important to me because I find once I get in front of my games I can have a hard time getting up from them. This means I tend to feel stiff and tired after a long gaming session. However, this chair gave me the right support in all the right places. I found myself enjoying my games even more in this chair and it has become the perfect addition to my home.