Wynn Las Vegas Now Accepting Reservations for Memorial Day Weekend

Wynn Las VegasAlthough the Las Vegas Strip is still shutdown until April 30 (unless a further extension is necessary), some resorts are beginning to book reservations for May, including Wynn Resorts.

Wynn Resorts spokesman Michael Weaver says they’ve begun accepting reservations beginning Memorial Day weekend. It’s a strategic move since Weaver explained that the property has always had heavy bookings around the holiday day weekend.

Namely, he says, it’s a popular time for visitors from Southern California to head into Vegas.

According to Weaver, all protective guest and employee measures will be put into place in time to welcome visitors back to the property by Memorial Day.

Other Las Vegas Casinos Taking Reservations for May

As of this Sunday, Caesars Entertainment Corporation, Boyd Gaming Corporation. and Station Casinos are all accepting reservations beginning May 15.

According to Caesars spokesman Richard Broome, they want to secure reservations by the time their properties open their doors. But, even if a website has open booking dates, it’s not a guarantee that the property will reopen at that time.

The final reopening decision will rest with Nevada Governor Sisolak, who detailed the state’s phased reopening plan last week.

Broome explained that the company will wait for the Governor’s green light to reopen casinos on the Las Vegas Strip, and will make adjustments to their sites booking dates based on what’s decided in the coming weeks.

Las Vegas Casinos Who Are Cancelling May Reservations

Other mega-properties on the Strip took the opposite approach, by canceling their May reservations until a more promising date is given.

Last week, the Venetian canceled all their reservations through May 31, although they’re extending employee pay through May 17 at the least.

On Friday, MGM Resorts International also canceled their reservations from May 1 through May 21. The next available booking date on MGM’s website isn’t until June 1.

However, many of these casinos are frequently updating their booking dates to reflect the COVID-19 situation, so what’s available today might change next week.

Casinos who have canceled reservations have notified guests that their bookings were canceled.

Wynn Resort’s Protective Casino Measures

On Sunday, Wynn Resorts released updated guidelines on how they plan to implement coronavirus safety measures upon reopening. There are a variety of different precautions in place to ensure guests and staff feel safe upon returning.

Those precautions include staggering poker tables so that every other table is in use. Maximum seating at individual tables will be determined based on expert guidance. Rather than “tapping out,” dealers will verbally state when they are leaving to go on breaks.

Guests will be reminded and constantly encouraged to clean their hands before and after playing,

Supervisors will also be tasked with sanitizing table game rails and chairs once every guest leaves, as well as sanitizing the outside of shufflers every hour.

They’re also being asked to sanitize podiums, phones, computers, and all other hard surfaces.

Slot machines, race, and sportsbooks will all be reconfigured to support social distancing guidelines.

Stay Tuned

A lot can change for Vegas within the next week, should the shutdown measure be lifted.

We’ll just have to stay tuned for what Gov. Sisolak announces in the coming days or weeks.

What do you think about the casino’s preventative reopening measures? Do you think people will rush back to the casinos, or test the waters out first?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. And stay safe and healthy out there!