Wynn Boston Harbor Considering Rebrand After Steve Wynn Scandal

Wynn Boston Harbor

Wynn Boston HarborAfter several sexual harassment claims came out about casino mogul Steve Wynn, a project set for Massachusetts and the Wynn brand is being reconsidered.

Wynn Resorts is a major brand in the gambling industry. With casinos across the globe, the brand was created by Steve Wynn, a casino mogul with a long history in the industry. Wynn Resorts has been working on a venue for the state of Massachusetts, with plans to call the venue Wynn Boston Harbor. The state Gaming Commission has been investigating the brand and if they are suitable to build and operate a gaming venue by summer, with officials of the company ready to call the casino by a new name after a sex scandal erupted some time ago involving Steve Wynn.

Rebranding Possible

The Wynn Boston Harbor is a $2.4 billion integrated casino resort currently being developed in the area of Boston. Officials behind the project are now considering a rebrand as they do not want to the new venue to be associated with the Wynn name.

The commission began an investigation into the company, calling their suitability into question after it was made public that Steve Wynn was facing several claims of sexual harassment. The allegations involve current employees of the company as well as former employees. Back in February, Wynn stepped down from his role at Wynn Resorts and earlier this month, decided to sell his stake in the company.

Yesterday, officials of the Wynn Boston Harbor and the commission met to discuss the venue, including hiring plans and an update on construction. An update was also provided on the investigation into the suitability of the company.

The investigation is said to be coming to an end by summer with the Chairman of the commission, Stephen Crosby, stating that construction work needs to proceed as planned. Crosby pointed out that everyone involved need to remember that thousands of jobs would be at risk if the venue did not push through the region would lose out on the economic benefits of the gaming venue.

Even after discussing job loss and economic value, Crosby still stated that the future of the project is still unknown. The company was told to proceed with the project on an at-risk basis. This could mean that the gaming company could lose their license to operate in the state in the future or the project shut down permanently.

During the meeting, Robert DeSalvio, the Wynn Boston Harbor President, stated that the company is considering a name change but did not provide more information on a new name at the time of the announcement. Reportedly, the company has registered for new website names that contain the Encore brand of the company with one such site titled encorebostonresort.com. This could mean the new name will potentially be Encore Boston Resort.

The company did not acknowledge the creation of such domain names but did state that when the company opens a new property, they secure domain names for the business unit.

According to DeSalvio, the construction work remains on track to see the venue open during the summer in 2019. The company also has the funds to be able to complete the project. Training of employees was also discussed during the meeting. Chairman Crosby stated that casino officials did not seem concerned on sexual harassment training and that based on what has came to light recently, that the company should consider sexual harassment training as a part of their course training for staff members.

It will be some still before the commission makes their final decision on the property. It will be interesting to see if the project continues to get the green light and if a name change is imminent.