Workers Request Temperature Checks at Casinos

Casinos have been up and running around the US for more months. Unfortunately, many employees inside these venues continue to complain that working conditions are unsafe. Recently, workers began requesting temperature checks at casinos to better identify those with Covid-19.Temperature Check

This won’t eliminate the possibility of infection spread. It may help to make things safer, though. Now is the perfect time to look at some of the safety measures different US casinos are taking to protect their patrons and employees.

Let’s get into it!

Tourism Rates in Nevada and Atlantic City Remain Low as Covid-19 Cases Increase

Nevada is a state that relies on tourism. It’s home to cities like Las Vegas and under normal circumstances, the tourism industry here is booming. 2020 is no normal year and over the past six months, Nevada has seen the lowest rates of visitors in modern history.

It’s not for a lack of trying. Governor Steve Sisolak gave casinos in the state the green light to reopen in June of this year. Initially, only a few major gambling venues in the state opened up. Today, nearly all casinos in Las Vegas are operational again.

Hope was that the reopening of the state’s casinos would help to boost tourism rates. In some ways, this was successful. As the state’s casinos open up, more visitors are making the trip to Nevada. Unfortunately, tourism rates remain significantly lower than they were in 2019.

The same can be said for Atlantic City.

Rates of Covid-19 continue to increase. As more cases come up, less people around the country want to visit and play inside a crowded casino.

Workers are feeling the effects of this situation. Many rely on casinos for a paycheck, yet are being put at risk of catching Covid-19. Calls to increase safety measures have been increasing as of late.

Many now feel that all casinos should begin taking the temperature of all their patrons.

Employees Start Calling for Temperature Checks at Casinos

As most already know, regulations towards Covid-19 vary from state to state. Nearly all casinos across the US are taking similar measures, though. That includes plexiglass barriers at table games, separating slot players, and limiting occupancy.

Some feel this still isn’t enough.

Over the past few months, we’ve seen a number of workers inside casinos come up positive for Covid-19. Some have even died from the new virus. Obviously, it seems as if casinos are not doing enough to prevent infection spread.

There have been many attempts to increase safety measures inside casinos. Not long ago, the Nevada Culinary Union sued several major Las Vegas Strip casinos for their lack of health protocols. Earlier this week, the Sahara Las Vegas was hit with a health complaint from the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

Something needs to change, yet no one seems to have the best idea on how to do so. There’s now a push for temperature checks at casinos in Atlantic City. Members of the Local 54 Unite-Here union started demanding the change during an online press conference on Thursday.

Steve Callender, regional president of Caesars Entertainment, claims the company’s venues in Atlantic City are doing everything they can to keep things safe for workers.

“Caesars Entertainment’s Atlantic City health and safety plan fully complies with all governmental directives,” he said. “In addition to our enhanced cleaning protocols and other requirements that apply to our valued team members, all of our guests must pass a screening process before being allowed into our properties and must wear face masks in compliance with the governor’s orders.”

Temperature checks at casinos won’t eliminate the possibility of Covid-19’s spread. It could help casinos identify those with clear symptoms, however, and that’s a step in the right direction.

More Gambling Revenue Reports Are Starting to Surface

In 2020’s second quarter, casinos experienced some of the lowest revenue figures they’d ever seen. All casinos were closed in April and May, and many remained shut down through the month of June.

As time goes on, more companies are revealing how much they made in quarter two.

Las Vegas Sands saw its revenue earnings drop by 97% during these three months. Sheldon Adelson released a report detailing exactly how much money the company’s casinos managed to bring in. One company official told the media that Las Vegas was “in a world of hurt.”

Earlier today, Wynn Resorts revealed its second-quarter revenue reports, as well. Things aren’t much better. This Nevada-based gaming company saw a massive 95% dip in revenue over April, May, and June.

More of these reports will become available over the next week. Most analysts predict similar figures for companies such as MGM Resorts International and Eldorado Resorts.

No one knows when things will start getting back to normal. Some feel that taking steps such as temperature checks at casinos will boost public confidence in the safety of these venues. Stay tuned for more updates on the health protocols casinos take over the next few weeks.

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