Women’s History Month Celebrated by MGM Resorts

March is celebrated as women’s history month, and in order to honor women all over the world, MGM Resorts International decided to temporarily transform their logo of a lion into a lioness. The logo is called Leo, but it is now called Leona and represents the female struggle to achieve equal rights. MGM wants to honor achievements by women around the globe in all spheres of life, including social, economic, cultural, political, and more.

However, this is not just a sign of respect, since MGM Resorts has been one of the leaders when it comes to promoting gender diversity and equality on the Las Vegas Strip. They were the first to appoint two women presidents and had the first woman who was Executive Chef in the food and drinks industry. The first president was Ann Hoff, who is the President & COO of Excalibur Hotel and Casino. She was promoted as one of the MGM Resorts’ three Group Presidents. In fact, it’s enough to mention that Forbes recognized MGM Resorts as one of the Best Women Employers in 2019 as it has 50.8% of women in the domestic workforce and 43.8% women in domestic management workforce. This recognition and data give clear insight into MGM Resorts’ effort to promote gender equality and diversity.

The eighth of March is celebrated as International Women’s Day, and Phyllis A. James, Chief Diversity and Corporate Responsibility Officer for MGM Resorts International, stated that it was fitting to acknowledge the contribution that women made to human civilization. Furthermore, James added that they were paying respect to women and their “enduring strength as cornerstones of our communities.”

Moreover, James stated that they were thrilled to put their efforts toward the upcoming 13th annual Women’s Leadership Conference, which is one of the leading conferences dedicated to female leadership and advancement of women in all walks of life. The conference is scheduled this year for August 5 and 6 and will take place at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino Las Vegas. In other words, MGM will once again be the host for women ready to push their position forward.

Why We Celebrate March 8 as International Women’s Day

The international women’s day is a beautiful thing. It is a concept that was popularized by communist countries, yet its roots date back to the United States. It all began on March 8, 1857, in New York, when women garment workers stood up to protest working conditions for women. Although this was considered a myth by some researchers, it was a reason good enough for the Socialist Party of America to start celebrating Women’s Day on February 28.

The Soviet Union adopted this tradition in 1917 after imposing a communist system in Russia, and March 8 was celebrated in all communist countries as International Women’s Day until being adopted by the United Nations in 1975.

The problem with this day is that it is still not celebrated in most countries in the world, including the US. However, MGM is doing its best to celebrate it and make it a permanent holiday, as its importance is very high and has an important role in reminding us how women play a very important role in our society.

To sum up, MGM Resorts is all about women these days, and their efforts to improve their position in the US should be applied everywhere in the world in order to honor women and help them improve their position in the world, as there are many places on our planet where women are still underprivileged.