Will Trump Be a Positive or Negative for the Gambling Industry?

Donald Trump

Donald TrumpThose involved in the gambling industry are wondering once Donald Trump takes the office of Presidency will it have a positive or negative impact on the industry?

When Donald Trump officially becomes the President of the United States in January, the gambling industry is wondering if this will have a negative or positive impact on gaming in the nation. Three major issues that are currently being reviewed by many states in the US are daily fantasy sports, sports betting and online gambling. Some states have already passed legislation for daily fantasy sports and online gambling while others are working on legislation.

For or Against?

Those who have an invested interest in the gambling industry want to see the new president be in favor of such gaming options. The industry at large has been working to inform Trump about the varying industries and how things currently operate. The American Gaming Association revealed that they told Trump that fewer regulations are needed along with the approval of sports betting in the United States. The AGA asked for illegal gambling to be tackled along with tax reforms and immigration policies that will not stop the flow of gamblers as well as workers to the gaming venues in the United States.

The AGA Vice President Whitaker Askew stated that the president-elect as well as his administration and Congress will unquestionably implement policies that will impact the gaming industry directly for years to come. Trump is believed to be able to provide quality insight and have an understanding as to how the gambling industry works and what challenges the industry faces.

Currently, only three states in the US offer online gambling, New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada. Opponents of such activities have been actively working to see online gambling banned on a federal level. Sheldon Adelson, a billionaire casino mogul, has spent millions of dollars to see a ban take place nationwide. Bills have been created as well as campaign but Adelson and his cronies have been unable to see any movement thus far. As the year comes to an end, efforts have started again including ten attorney generals signing a letter sent to Trump and Mike Pence, the vice president elect, to try and see a ban put into effect yet again.

Not Saying Much

Throughout his campaign, Trump has said very little on the subject of online gambling. During an interview with the Associated Press in September, Trump stated that he has friends on both sides of the issue, (online gambling) and did not settle on a position. The transition team has been asked about his stance and have yet to respond as well.

In regards to sports betting and daily fantasy sports, Trump seems to be in favor. Last year, Trump stated in an interview with Fox Sports 1 that he was okay with it because it was happening anyway. States seem to be split on the DFS issue. While some have deemed the activity illegal and then created legislation to regulate the industry, others simply say the activity is illegal.

As far as sports betting is concerned, only four states are allowed to offer services and this includes Nevada, Montana, Delaware and Oregon. Only Nevada and Delaware currently offer options. Many states would like to be able to offer sports betting but this would require a federal law change which does not seem to be happening any time soon.

For now, whether you are opposed or in favor of such gambling options, you will just have to wait and see what Trump will do. It seems the president-elect has placed any gambling notions at the far end of the list of things to do when he takes over as president.