Will Sports Betting Pave the Way for Online Casino Gambling?

Sports Betting

Sports BettingNow that the federal restriction on sports betting has been repealed in the United States, will it help pave the way for online casino gaming?

In the United States, online casino gambling is a reality in states where legislation has been passed and regulations are in place, allowing games like blackjack and slots to be played online. Only four states have such legislation in place: New Jersey, Delaware, Nevada (with poker) and Pennsylvania. Many are wondering if the recent changes in sports betting laws will lead to more states enacting legislation to allow online gaming as a whole?

PASPA Repealed

Just last month, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act was repealed. This led to sports betting being allowed across the nation, if legislation is in place. States across the US began to consider the option, with many already having legislation in place, ready to go. Delaware already has started accepted full-scale sports betting and New Jersey and several other states should soon follow.

So, now that states are so readily accepting of sports betting, will this spout a revolution of online casino legislation? Many states that will be offering sports betting have plans to launch online wagering as well. So, why not consider online casino games as well? Some states, like New York, may even consider a mix bill with sports betting and poker included. This would be one way to go, very similar to what Pennsylvania did last year with their omnibus gaming package.

More Accepting

Sports betting as well as online casino gaming has a stigma that surrounds the wagering option. Some see the activities as immoral while others see them simply as something fun to do. In the United States, players are already taking part in online casino gaming and even sports betting, within unregulated sites. This means that the states are losing out on revenues that could be earned, plus consumers are not protected.

In states like New Jersey and Delaware, players can take part in online casino gaming and the activities they are enjoying are regulated. If an operator behaves in an untoward manner, the player is compensated. From an unregulated site, if a player is owed money, there is no entity that can take action, as the site is not regulated in any way.

There is a danger to taking part in unregulated gaming, but players want to have access to casino games online, so they take their chances. Legislators seem to be seeing the bigger picture over the past few months, being that players are going to take part in gaming online, whether it is regulated or not. More states are now introducing legislation involving online gaming than ever before to be able to protect their citizens as well as get their piece of the pie.

Will There Be An Online Casino Gaming Boom?

Now that states are preparing for sports betting, will online casino gaming legislation be next? It is a strong possibility. As lawmakers begin to create legislation that regulates sports betting, legislators might be more open to the possibility of passing online casino bills as well. When the money begins to roll in, lawmakers should begin to see the potential that sports betting can bring and what online casino games could provide as well. From taxes on gaming types to licensing fees, there is much money to be made with online casino gaming.

Hopefully, the sports betting push will see a plethora of online casino gaming bills also pop up, setting several states up to begin offering online gaming options that players want regulated access to.