Will iGambling Efforts Be Joined by Sports Betting in US?

After the US Supreme Court ruled that PASPA invalid this week, many are wondering if lawmakers will now push forward with online gambling legislation including sports betting in the US.

On Monday, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, the PASPA, was overturned by the US Supreme Court. This opens up every state in the US to the opportunity to offer sports betting. The gambling industry is abuzz with this news, as the options are wide open for states to already begin offer sports wagering. States like New Jersey and Pennsylvania already had legislation in place where they could get started with the new industry if SCOTUS ruled against PASPA. Now that sports betting is an option, many are wondering if states without online gambling legislation will push for not only iGaming but also sports betting.

A Smart Move

iGaming LegislationWith a handful of states already having passed legislation for sports betting, many states should follow with their own legislation in the coming months. States have also been considering online casino and poker gaming, so adding sports betting might help measures move forward and be passed into law. It is expected that the SCOTUS decision will have a legislative impact on the additional forms of gambling but what that impact will be exactly is anyone’s guess.

Poker Players Alliance pointed out that the state’s want for sports betting regulation will include mobile platforms and online gaming, which could increase the probability that states will consider online poker as well. It makes sense. If lawmakers are interested in sports betting and online options are to be included, why not add poker and casino gaming in the mix?

States that want to see each area added to their region, will need to ensure that any sports betting legislation has an online component. With an online component added, it will make more sense to then push for online casino and poker gaming as well. If lawmakers are willing to allow online sports betting, then they should have no qualms about adding casino and poker gaming as well.

Omnibus Legislation

An example of how states could add each category of gaming can be seen in Pennsylvania. The state passed an omnibus gaming package late last year which allowed for several gaming changes within the gambling industry. The state linked the gaming reforms to their budget which helped to reach a big shortfall and left few options aside from gaming as forms of funding.

The gaming package saw the creation of sports betting, online casino and poker gaming, satellite casinos, online lottery ticket sales and much more. It took some time, but Pennsylvania has shown that several additions to a gambling industry can be completed at once. The hope is that other states will follow suit and begin proposing their own legislation that will see several forms of gaming added, including online gambling and sports betting.

What the Future Holds

No one can predict what the future holds with sports betting and online gambling. It will certainly be fun to watch over the next few months as sports betting begins in the US across the nation and as other states get in on the action. New Jersey will probably be the first to get started, with Monmouth Park operators saying they will be ready in two weeks’ time to offer services. One could imagine that within the next month or two the sports betting industry in the United States will be beginning to blossom.