Wisconsin Group Reveal Strong Opposition to DFS Legalization

Citizens Against Expanded Gambling

A group of residents in Wisconsin are strongly opposed to the legalization of daily fantasy sports contests for their state.

Daily fantasy sports is an activity that takes place across the United States. Over the past view years, DFS has been in the spotlight with several states decided to rule the activity an illegal one and creating legislation in order to protect consumers and get a piece of the gaming action. Several states already this year have legalized the option, with others preparing to follow suit. Wisconsin is one state where a renewed push for daily fantasy sports legalization has emerged. And like other pushes for gambling activity, there are those who are opposed. The Citizens Against Expanded Gambling are now pushing their opposition of DFS calling the activity the way to open Pandora’s online gambling box.


Citizens Against Expanded GamblingThe Citizens Against Expanded Gambling group consists of residents of Wisconsin who do not want to see the gambling activity take place. The group is fearful that a gambling expansion will lead to gambling issues among young people as they say DFS operators target a younger audience.

Just recently, Representative Tyler Vorpagel proposed a co-sponsorship memo to ask his fellow lawmakers to support efforts to legalize and regulate daily fantasy sports in the state. This is the second time that the representative has tried to see DFS legalized in Wisconsin.

The goal of the representative is to convince others that daily fantasy sports contests are based on skill instead of chance. The state constitution currently does not allow a gambling expansion of any form. DFS will have to be classified as a game of skill in order to be legalized in the state and avoid any changes to the constitution.

Currently, DFS is not illegal or legal in Wisconsin. Vorpagel wants laws and regulations in place so that the environment is a safe one for operators and players. Regulators would then have more control over who is allowed to play at the DFS sites and be able to apply penalties to those who are violation of their regulations.

Pushing for No Gaming Expansion

There are currently two groups that are working hard to see that gambling does not expand in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Family Action and Citizens Against Expanded Gambling are being quite vocal in their opposition to daily fantasy sports. Representatives of the group have stated that DFS contests are dependent on factors like a snowstorm, injury, etc., trying to prove their point of chance.

Opponents state that because DFS contests are of chance, then a gambling expansion involving DFS will be in violation of the Wisconsin constitution. There are currently more than 22,000 individuals involved in the two opposing groups. These groups feel that it will be hard for operators as well as regulators from preventing underage individuals from placing wagers as it is easy to hide age and identity online.

Vorpagel wants to see Wisconsin take advantage of the popularity of DFS contests. According to the representative, over 900,000 residents in the state already play DFS and it would be better for these individuals to be able to enjoy this activity in a regulated environment.

It will be interesting to see what happens in Wisconsin and if the opposing groups will win out or if lawmakers will be able to see legislation pass and DFS become a regulated and legalized activity in the state. The main point of contention remains if DFS is a game of skill or one of chance. This decision will help in determining the outcome of daily fantasy sports in Wisconsin.