Who is Buying the Las Vegas Moulin Rouge?

Opening all the way back in 1955, the Las Vegas Moulin Rouge is one of the most historic casinos in Nevada. For decades, though, this gaming establishment has been closed and unfortunate scenarios have delayed anyone buying the land. In recent weeks, a number of groups have expressed interest in doing exactly that.Las Vegas Moulin Rouge Sign

Several companies and state-run groups are looking to buy this casino and its land. Let’s take a quick look at the history of this casino, and discuss why these groups are looking to buy it.

History of the Las Vegas Moulin Rouge

Most casino history buffs know about the Moulin Rouge casino. It opened all the way back in May of 1955. At that time, all casino establishments in Las Vegas were segregated.

The Moulin Rouge ended that. It was the first gaming venue on the Strip to desegregate. Black and white casino patrons were able to play together without any issues. It was ahead of its time. Unfortunately, the casino’s operations didn’t last long.

This hotel-casino closed after just five months after opening its doors to the public. Interestingly, it has never given up its gaming license. In order to legally keep this, the casino hosts a small number of table games including poker and blackjack inside a trailer on the property. Owners here have waited years for a company to purchase the 15-acre plot of land.

Finally, it looks as if some buyers are ready to go ahead with the deal. Two major groups are pushing to buy and renovate this area. Which one will actually do it?

National Restaurant Services Shows Interest in Moulin Rouge

One of Las Vegas’ most prominent bar operators is throwing its hat in the mix. The National Restaurant Services, which operates the highly-popular Dotty’s chain, is stating it wants to purchase the Las Vegas Moulin Rouge. Officials in Las Vegas seem excited about the idea.

Katherine Duncan, a member of the Chamber of Commerce, feels the time is right for a major group to purchase this land and make changes. The NRS is a great choice, as they have the funds and years of experience to operate a successful gaming venue.

Las Vegas Councilman Cedric Crear also feels the National Restaurant Services is a great choice to take over this property.

“It’s a very well-established company. If I had to guess, they are very well funded which means that they could build a project if they so chose to do it,” said Crear.

It’s unclear when exactly this group would purchase this land. There are talks taking place right now between the Moulin Rouge owners and NRS officials. Who else is interested?

Southern Nevada Regional Housing Ready to Make Bid

Another powerful Vegas-based group wants to buy this area, as well. Southern Nevada Regional Housing is currently waiting on approval for a $5.5 million bid to buy the land.

Officials in the SNRG want to construct a brand-new “tavern-style” casino on the land. Chad Williams, executive director of this group, wants the state to waive $2.5 million for the demolition of the old Las Vegas Moulin Rouge.

This authority group also wants to construct affordable housing, commercial retail, and a satellite college campus. The SNRG announced its intention to purchase the land just 11 days after the NRS did. Both parties have received copies of purchase and sale agreement, yet none have officially signed the papers.

Three other groups are also interested in buying this property and the surrounding land. Before any of these groups can actually complete the purchase, a local court will need to approve the sale.

At this point, it’s anyone’s guess who will buy this historic property. We’ll keep you updated on the situation over the next few weeks!