iGaming Update: Which States Could Pass Legislation in 2017?

iGaming Legislation

iGaming LegislationAnalysts share their predictions as to which states in the US will pass online gambling legislation this year.

Since 2013, only three states in the US have passed legislation to offer some form of online gaming, be it casino or poker games. Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey are currently the only states offering such gaming options online in the US. Players located in these states can log online and enjoy their favorite gaming options for real money. Other states have shown interest over the years but have yet to produce any legislation that has passed into law. It seems momentum was gained last year and there are states that analysts believe will pass legislation this year. Below is a short summary of which states should be moving forward to enter the industry.

Who’s Next?

Chris Grove and Adam Krejcik of Eilers & Krejcik Gaming are considered industry experts when it comes to online gambling. Both have been steadily analyzing the states that have considered legalizing online gaming and have come up with predictions for this year. First in the lineup is Pennsylvania. This state has been in the running for some time to be the next to offer online gambling options in a legalized and regulated setting. Analysts feel that if Pennsylvania could pass legislation then it would start a domino effect with other states. For the past few years, interested states have been in wait and see mode, watching as other states operate in the industry or try to pass legislation to become involved in the industry.

California was in the running alongside Pennsylvania but seems to continue to fall short when it comes to passing any kind of legislation. For almost a decade, the state has tried to offer some form of online gaming but invested parties cannot seem to come to a compromise as to who should be involved and how the industry should operate. Taking their place in line is New York. Officials of New York have been working on legislation with Senator John Bonacic actually reintroducing his bill involving online poker gaming. Daily fantasy sports is also in the mix for the state and it seems that they might be able to create some type of legislation this year that will have the support to move forward.

Massachusetts also have potential to become a provider of online casino gaming this year. The state has an online gambling bill that has been introduced as well as a committee that is currently studying how the state would be affected by online gambling and daily fantasy sports. DFS was actually legalized in 2016 but only temporary regulations are currently in place. On top of that, the state could begin to offer online lottery ticket sales.

2018 and Beyond

For this year, it seems that only a handful of states might be able to pass legislation. However, others are showing interest and might be poised for the industry by 2018. Such states as Hawaii, Iowa, Illinois, Mississippi, Maryland, Ohio, Washington State and Indiana have shown interest. Even Nevada is looking to expand into online casino gaming, while they already provide online poker options.

There may even be a federal push in the mix, who knows? It seems that there is momentum in place and possibly the United States could see an influx of states passing legislation to offer online casino and poker games within the next two years. It will certainly be interesting to watch as legislation is introduced and hopefully moved forward in states across the nation.