When Will the Casinos in Las Vegas Return to Normal?

Las Vegas Sign and the Paris Las Vegas Casino Hotel

Most of the casinos in Las Vegas reopened to the public back in June. These venues look significantly different than they did back in 2019, though. Today, we’re going to talk about when the casinos in Las Vegas will return to normal.

Many analysts seem torn on this subject. Some believe it’s time to loosen restrictions to help promote tourism. Others feel safety measures inside casinos should be ramped up.

Let’s look at what is happening right now.

Nevada’s Gaming Revenue Falls Again in August

For months, gaming experts have been analyzing the revenue reports released in Nevada. This state remains the biggest gambling destination in the world and is home to a massive number of different casinos. Unfortunately, these casinos have been earning considerably less this year.

It’s not surprising, though. Tourism rates remain very low in the city. Most people around the country are simply unwilling to travel at a time like this. Casinos are seeing their visitation rates drop dramatically.

Each of these casinos is responding differently to this situation. Some have been forced to permanently close down. The Encore Las Vegas, owned by Wynn Resorts, recently announced that it will now close for three days a week due to a drop in guests.

Not long ago, news broke that Nevada’s gaming revenue for the month of August dropped by 22.1%. The casinos in the state reported earnings of $743 million. It’s a major drop from the $954 million earned in August of 2019.

All of Nevada’s casinos are implementing intense safety regulations right now. That includes requiring masks and limiting players at slots and table games. Many are now asking when these casinos will start returning to normal.

It’s obviously a complicated issue. This week, a prominent gaming analyst spoke about what he expects for Las Vegas’ casino industry.

Michael Gaughan Comments on the Future of Casinos in Las Vegas

Casino destinations around the world have been affected by the regulations set in place this year. Some areas are starting to recover significantly, yet others are still struggling to attract players. Las Vegas continues to see revenue drops and many gaming officials here feel it’s time to lift certain restrictions.

This week, Micheal Gaughan spoke to the media about the future of casinos in Las Vegas. Gaughan owns and operates a popular gambling venue in the city. Interestingly, he believes it will take years before things truly return to normal.

“I’ve been here since 1952 and this is probably the worst thing that’s ever happened to (Las Vegas),” Gaughan said. “I don’t think it can get any worse. Hopefully, by the end of March or April, this will be over… Strip hotels will have their work cut out for them. I do think that by the start of 2022, we should be back to completely normal. I just hope Las Vegas can get back to where it was. Everybody is trying to survive and keep as many working as they can.”

This prediction doesn’t seem far-fetched. No one really knows how things will look six months from now. There’s a chance that even more cases of Covid-19 will be popping up and regulations will become more intense.

Gaughan is one of many casino owners in Nevada taking a financial hit right now. It’s an extremely difficult situation, and one that won’t be fixed overnight. Only time will tell if his prediction that casinos in Las Vegas will return to normal in 2022 turns out to be correct.

Many are still choosing to avoid playing inside land-based casinos. Fortunately, there are some fantastic online options currently available.

Here Are the Best US Online Casino Sites for 2020

It’s clear that casino companies are suffering right now. Some are getting some much-needed relief from their sports betting operations. It will take time for these properties to truly return to normal, though.

In the meantime, many gambling fans around the country are now flocking to different online casino sites to play their favorite games. The majority of these sites are great and offer a massive range of casino options. They usually only take a few minutes to sign-up to, as well!

Our team loves Bovada. It’s one of the most popular online gambling sites in the world and provides members with both casino games and sports gambling odds. Bovada even offers live dealer games to make it feel as if you’re playing inside an actual casino!

Las Atlantis Casino is another great casino website. It’s fairly new in the industry, yet already has a massive fan base around the country. We love the design and promotions that this site offers to its players.

For now, playing at online casino sites might be the best choice. It will be a while before the casinos in Las Vegas return to the way they were in 2019. Hope is that it happens a little sooner than some analysts are predicting.

Do you plan on gambling in Las Vegas anytime soon? When do you think the casinos will return to normal here? Let us know in the comments section below!