War Commander: Rogue Assault for IOS

Genre: Strategy

Rating: M

Developer: Kixeye

The Storyline

War Commander Rogue AssaultThe War Commander: Rogue Assault video game is an impressive and exciting 3D real-time strategy style game. There is a lot going on in War Commander: Rogue Assault, so players want to be sure they clear their schedule and have a comfortable place to play before they bother logging in to get started. This way, they can get full enjoyment out of every second.

Players will have a lot of missions to take care of in this game. Some of the things they will be in charge of include building a base, defending that base, recruiting and leveling up soldiers, military grade vehicles, military grade aircraft, keeping the troops in line, directing the troops to complete their missions and even advancing solo to partake in some PvP battles with other players.

This tactical wargame is a 3D game where players will be able to put their strategic talents and knowledge to good use and see how successful they can be at accomplishing their missions. This is definitely a game for those who like strategic war games, as well as for those who are able to take the blood and guts that these types of games are also often known for.

Such frames of thought goes into this game as scouting out situations before determining the best course of action, learning the layout of the land, Keeping up one’s own defenses, knowing when to lay low, knowing when to defensive strike and coming up with a good attack plan and following through. A good attack plan and excellent follow through are two of the main missions of the game, as well as staying alive and leveling up.

Players can enjoy a solo campaign in War Commander: Rogue Assault or they can enjoy multiplayer matchups. Both of these modes can be accessed right from the start of the game and they play much in the same manner.

The Graphics

The Graphics in War Commander: Rogue Assault are more than impressive. The colors all come together to help create a fun and entertaining environment. The graphics are also nice and crisp so each individual object and thing will stand out from everything around it. Plenty of details have gone into giving this game a realistic look that helps to leave players feeling as if they are really a part of the action appearing before them. The graphics also make it a lot easier for the players to plan an attack and even survive since they won’t have to do so while working around blurry and unclear images that leave them guessing.

Everything is so clear in the War Commander: Rogue Assault game that even the different characters are easily noticeable. The weaponry can all be enjoyed in detail and even the shadows off of the landscape comes together to create even more realistic special touches.

The Sound Effects

The sound effects in War Commander: Rogue Assault are fitting and can be a bit loud at times, but this works for a game with this type of theme. The sound effects move quickly along, meeting the action happening on the screen. The lack of lag that some of the video games can have definitely helps to give this game even more of a realistic feel. Wearing good gaming headphones is not necessary with this game, but can help players feel even more in the moment.

The Conclusion

War Commander: Rogue Assault is just the thing for players looking for the chance to show off their tactical talents to other players. The fact that players can also enjoy the game on their own or in the PvP environment gives them the freedom to play in the setting that works the best for them.

I have always been a person who likes games that keep me on my toes and make me think during the whole thing. For this reason, the War Commander: Rogue Assault game appealed to me right away. I found the graphics to be superb and the sound effects also helped to make the game so much fun to play. I get really involved in this game and I can easily pass by hours without even realizing it when I am playing.