Virgina Getting Closer to Casino Legislation

Flag of Virginia

Virginia is on its way to potentially get casinos regulated. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has been taking action to delay bans on gambling machines. The machines are called “gray machines” and are found most commonly in bars, grocery stores, restaurants, and other various types of convenience stores.

Gov. Northam is trying to get lawmakers to delay the ban because he thinks that there needs to be a new approach to the economy due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The effects of this virus have not been minimal; so far, it has shut down all casino operations in the US.

Both Las Vegas and Atlantic City are bearing a large part of the casino shutdown burden. However, not just the major casinos are being affected. Plenty of smaller casinos in various other states are also feeling the effects of this shutdown.

The gambling machines are helping the state of Virginia, and Northam doesn’t want to lose that. In the restaurants especially, they may be needing the extra revenue. The governor also wants to use the tax to set up a relief plan from the virus that will aid small businesses and others.

Clark Mercer, the chief of staff to governor Northam, is saying that the restaurants will be reliant on the extra revenue since their operations are mainly shut down, and people will not be coming out as much.

Will Casinos Be Legal in Virginia?

Previously, governor Northam has been fighting to legalize casinos in five different cities. The cities are:

  • Bristol
  • Danville
  • Richmond
  • Portsmouth
  • Norfolk

Unfortunately for Virginia, it is one of the only few states that still has outright banned gambling and casinos. However, online casinos in Virginia are a different story. But now’s not the time to discuss online casinos!

Hopefully, with Governor Northam continuing to push for casino regulation, the state of Virginia can see casinos fully regulated soon.

Where is Virginia With Current Laws

As of right now, casino games are not currently fully legal in the state of Virginia. However, you can play the lottery and bet on horses in regulated areas.

You must be at least 18 to gamble in the state of Virginia, as with most other states around the US.

The Wrap Up

As the entire United States casino industry recovers from the impact of the COVID-19 virus, many news reports will continue to come out. We will see more news about legislation updates, shutdowns, and more.

Virginia is making moves right now, but will soon be followed by others. Be sure to check back often to our team here at for all of your casino news needs.