Venetian Las Vegas Outlines Reopening Protocols

Venetian Las VegasThe Venetian Las Vegas, who recently canceled all guest reservations through May 31, announced their protocols for reopening the casino amid the coronavirus pandemic on Tuesday.

General measures involve the thermal screening of all guests, providing masks to all guests, and rearranging the casino floor to support social distancing.

Hundreds of hand sanitizing stations have also been deployed all throughout the resort’s high traffic areas.

In the new initiative that they’re calling the “Venetian Clean Commitment” over 800 initiatives have been put into place. They involve specific cleaning guidelines and COVID-19 screening measures.

COVID-19 Specific Initiatives

The property has put several specific COVID-19 initiatives in place to maintain the health of safety of every guest that visits the resorts. They include:

  • Thermal screeners at every entry point to monitor team members and guest’s internal temperature. Those who show temperatures at or over 100.4°F (38°C) will require a second screening and further medical assessment.
  • Allowing guests to wear personal face masks and gloves while visiting the resort, with the exception of masks that cover the entire face. The resort will provide hotel guests with a complimentary face mask, and a Venetian Clean “personal care” kit for hotel suite guest.
  • 25 certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) will be on-site and available 24 hours a day.
  • The resort has rearranged the casino floor, including slot machines and table games, to support social distancing. Restaurant tables and other physical layouts have also been rearranged, including reduced seating.

Venetian Clean Technology

The resort is using the latest technology to make sure its property is at the highest standards of sanitation. That technology includes:

  • Thermal scanners that allow for a non-invasive check of any individual that gets scanned.
  • New electrostatic sprayers that spray hospital-grade disinfectants on high-touch surfaces throughout off-peak business hours. Focus areas include hotel lobbies, public spaces, and heart-of-house offices.
  • UV lights to decontaminate any shipments that arrive or leave the resort. The technology will also be utilized to decontaminate frequently used hotel equipment, such as bell service carts and luggage.
  • Sterilray disinfection wand to be used at every resort retail space in disinfecting POS systems and other frequently touched hard surfaces.

Team Member Initiatives

Team members will also be given specific initiatives to ensure the safest possible workspace. Those initiatives include:

  • Additional training on COVID-19 safety and sanitation protocols, including comprehensive training to team members who have frequent guest contact, including housekeeping, food & beverage, hotel operations, and security.
  • Thermal scans of every team member, which will occur at each hotel entrance.
  • Appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) will be provided to every team member, with certain variances in what type of PPE will be worn based on job roles and responsibilities.
  • “Heart of house” back areas will receive frequent cleaning and disinfecting, with an emphasis on staff dining areas, staff entrance, uniform control rooms, training classrooms, and service desks.
  • Shared tools and equipment will be frequently sanitized and all other direct contact items throughout the resort.

About Venetian Clean Commitment

The Venetian Clean Commitment initiative was developed through closely monitoring industry and government guidance in regards to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The resort has referred to these important guidelines in developing their initiative that focuses on the sanitation, cleaning, and prevention of virus transmission.

The full document represents a summary that includes 800 separate initiatives.