Las Vegas Casinos Report More Bannings than Ever Before

Las Vegas Casinos

Las Vegas CasinosCasinos in Las Vegas are being forced to ban more people than ever before.

When a casino finds that an individual is not acting appropriately on the gaming floor, breaking rules and regulations, they have the right to add the guest to the black book. This means the individual will be banned from the venue until otherwise noted. It is not common for individuals to be banned for silly reasons and yet it seems that casinos around the United States, especially in Las Vegas are now banning people more than ever before.

A.G. Burnett, the Chairman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board, stated that in the last four years, Las Vegas has seen an increase in the amount of individuals who have been placed on the Excluded Persons List, also known as the Black Book. According to Burnett, the state has probably added 25% more than normal to the list in the last four years than in the last twelve years of operation.

What’s Going On?

You may be wondering why there has been such an increase in bannings across casinos in the United States. Reportedly, the city of Las Vegas is not the only one to see more banning than normal when it comes to players visiting the gaming venues. A report conducted on the gaming industry in the United States has found that the industry as a whole has banned more people from the gaming floor than ever before.

The report by the Financial Action Task Force was released to the public on the 1st of December and showed the increase in banning. The task force is one that operates internationally evaluating the efforts of countries to prevent money laundering from taking place. The group found that in the United States an increase in ‘terminated patron relationships’ were taking place than when the last evaluation was made in 2006.

According to reports by the American Gaming Association, the number of patron relationships terminated within gaming venues from 2014 were increased, as much as 23 times more than what took place in 2011. Senior Director of Gaming Policy for the AGA, Elizabeth Cronan, stated that the AGA want to keep any form of illegal activity from the casinos. The industry is regulated and one that is based on integrity. According to Cronan, casinos are starting to ramp up efforts to assist with law enforcement within the past few years.

The gaming industry is working to comply with anti-money laundering as well as combating the financing of terrorism requirements set forth for the industry. Casinos are increasing their compliance ability but also taking measures to go beyond the requirements. Casinos are essentially the first line of defense for law enforcement according to Cronan as they play a role of getting sensitive information to the government that they might not otherwise have.

Suspicious Activity

Within the report, it was found that casinos have been robustly monitoring activity of patrons as there have been an increase in the Suspicious Activity Reports. In these reports, individuals are noted that are suspected of money laundering. Notes are also made when an individual takes out $10,000 or more in one day.

Filings of Suspicious Activity Reports actually increased by almost 69% at gaming venues from 2013 and 2014. This shows that the gaming venues are increasing their efforts and working with law enforcement to stop criminals from money laundering activities.

According to Burnett, the majority of casinos in the US have a quality surveillance program and the state impose requirements to be able to stop such activity from taking place. Due to more casinos being available and these casinos using surveillance and law enforcement adaptation, more individuals are being caught in the act than ever before.