US Gambling Revenue Broke Records During 2021’s Q3

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The past ten months have been some of the best in history for casino companies around the United States. That is incredible when considering the difficulties these companies faced in 2020. New reports surfaced this week showing that US gambling revenue broke records during this year’s third quarter.

It’s incredible to see just how much money US gaming companies manage to bring in this year. Now is a great time to break down these latest reports. We’ll also talk about which casino operators are faring the best right now.

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AGA Releases Reports on US Gambling Revenue for 2021’s Q3

The American Gaming Association has been reporting on gambling revenue around the country throughout 2021. Early into the year, this group revealed that 2021 would end up becoming the best year in history for the US casino industry. Those predictions have ended up being correct.

The AGA has just released its reports on US gambling revenue for the year’s third quarter. Some were surprised to find that this industry managed to generate $14 billion over the months of July, August, and September. That represents the best quarter in history for this industry.

Certain forms of gambling managed to bring in more money than others. Land-based casino revenue remains on track to break records. Bill Miller, President and CEO of the American Gaming Association, spoke this latest report to the media this week.

“Two straight quarters of record gaming revenue is an incredible accomplishment in any context, let alone after the most challenging year in industry history,” Miller said. “Our recovery is not a flash in the pan, but rather a sustained result of our leadership in responsible reopening, world-class entertainment offerings and widespread favorability.”

Casino companies continue to find success. That includes the ones located in Las Vegas. Let’s take a look at how much money the country’s biggest casino hub managed to bring in during Q3.

Las Vegas’ Casino Revenue Continues to Surge

2020 was the worst year in history for the economy of Las Vegas. When the casinos here were forced to shut down in March, much of the city’s economy came to a screeching halt. Las Vegas then slowly worked to recover leading into 2021.

Things completely turned around this year. Casinos in Las Vegas have been reporting consistent increases in revenue throughout the year. The AGA is now shedding light on how much money was earned here over the year’s third quarter.

The Las Vegas Strip managed to bring in a staggering $2.06 billion over the course of July, August, and September. This is due largely to a major increase in tourism into the city. 9.2 million individuals made the trip to this city over the quarter, representing a massive increase when compared to Q3 of 2020.

Casino revenue remains on track to break a total annual revenue record in 2021. This year is proving to be the best in history for most of the country’s casino operators. Some have been seeing much better revenue figures than others.

A lot has been happening with the country’s top casino companies over the past two years. Below is a quick breakdown of the companies that are struggling and ones that are flourishing.

Breaking Down the Performances of US Casino Companies

Every single US casino operator struggled immensely through 2020. Most have seen major turnarounds in 2021. Unfortunately, not all of these companies are profiting as much this year as others.

MGM Resorts International continues to impress its shareholders. This company has seen consistent revenue increases throughout 2021 and recently purchased The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. MGM Resorts CEO Bill Hornbuckle now supports Nevada legalizing online casino gambling and many feel this could help the company to bring in more revenue in the future.

Wynn Resorts has also been profiting throughout the year. This company has found itself in difficult situations with regard to its change in leadership. Overall, however, 2021 has been a successful year for the Las Vegas-based company.

Las Vegas Sands posted some unfortunate figures over the year’s third quarter. The company’s properties in Macau have struggled to bring in revenue. Despite that fact, LVS executives remain optimistic about the future in Asia’s largest gambling hub.

Are you surprised to see how much US gambling revenue was earned during the year’s Q3? How do you think this industry will fare over Q4? Let us know in the comments section below.