Trump Bets Taking Center Stage in the Sports Betting World

Donald Trump

Donald TrumpThe decisions and tweeting of President Donald Trump have created a firestorm for sports books across the globe.

Last November, most of the world was shocked to find that Donald Trump earned the spot as the next president of the United States. For many, the nightmare became a reality when Trump was sworn in as the president last month. Having only been in office a few weeks, Trump is already making headlines almost hourly, instead of daily. Trump has caused such a stir that sports books are taking advantage and offering many bets based on what Trump has done or what he will do next.

A Bookies Dream

While many live in fear of what Trump will do next, bookies are making a sweet payday on the moves made by the new president. The chaotic approach by the new president and decisions made have left much up in the air and bookies are setting odds on what will happen next. Bets can be placed on whether or not Trump will be impeached or if he will remain in office. Only two presidents in US history have been impeached successfully and bookies have odds set that Trump will be the next.

Trump is surrounded by so much controversy, such as possibly being involved with Russia to imposing a travel ban without thinking about the consequences such as how green card holders would be affected. His rash decision making and constant barrages on Twitter have many in the nation wondering if he will be impeached or if efforts will begin to start the impeachment process.

Currently, Paddy Power has Trump as an 80% chance that he will be impeached before his first year in office is complete. These odds are not for an entire term but just a year! Ladbrokes has gotten in on the action as well as listed the president at odds of 11/10 that he will be removed or leave his post before the first term is ended.

Ties with Russia?

Also being considered is whether or not Trump has ties with Russia. During the election, it was rumored that Trump had connections with Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin and yet the president denies that he has a connection. It was recently announced that information regarding Trumps connection to Russia has been confirmed but what actual connection he has to the country has yet to be revealed. So bookies are taking bets on if Trump has ties to Russia with odds of 7 to 1 that he does.

Does Trump Support Sports Betting?

It’s all fun and games considering what to wager on about Trump, but what does the president have to say about sports betting in the United States? Several states are currently battling to see a federal ban on sports betting lifted so all states can take part. Trump was interviewed just before the Super Bowl by Jim Gray and actually spoke about sports betting.

Gray asked Trump what his position was and thoughts are on the sports betting industry and making it legal nationwide. Trump stated that he would have to sit down with commissioners and talk to them, see how they felt about it. Some would want to see it happen and some would not. But the president would want to get their input as well as talk to leagues to see how they feel about it.

Trump also stated he would want to talk to law enforcement officials and would not make the change lightly as he would study the industry very carefully.

So for now, bettors can place their wagers against Trump and possibly in the future be able to move on to actual sports betting options!