Trump Administration Goes Against NJ in Sports Betting Case


The Trump administration has decided to throw their support in with the NFL in regards to the sports betting case of New Jersey.

For years now, the state of New Jersey has been trying to gain access to legalized sports betting. The state wants to be able to offer players the option to wager on sports games and even passed legislation to be able to do so. However, a federal law stands in their way. The state is hoping to see the US Supreme Court rule in their favor in just a few weeks when their case is heard. However, there are opponents in the mix, including the NFL. Now it seems the Trump administration is on board, showing support for the NFL as this case unfolds.

Understanding the Sports Betting Case

NFLOver the past few weeks, the NFL and Donald Trump have not seen eye to eye. The president has stated that he feels NFL players who do not stand for the National Anthem should be fired. After much discussion, the NFL has decided that they will not be taking any action against a player who wants to kneel during the anthem in protest. Despite the major feud, it seems the Trump administration is still willing to work with the NFL, this time jumping on the bandwagon of opposition to New Jersey being allowed to offer sports betting.

Just recently, the Solicitor General’s office filed a brief within the United States Supreme Court to show their support of those in opposition of the case. Along with the NFL, the NBA, MLB, NHL and NCAA are all opposed to such betting options being allowed in the state or any other state for that matter, aside from those that can already offer sports wagering.

New Jersey has not seen success when it comes to their plight to offer sports betting options. The leagues have continually been able to argue their point and courts have ruled in their favor. In December, the Supreme Court will hear the case and the state is hoping that the highest court will be in agreement with their stance.

The Solicitor General’s Opinion

The Solicitor General has stated his opinion on the issue and stated that the Supreme Court should uphold the findings of the lower courts, not allowing New Jersey to offer sports betting based on the PASPA. The leagues argue that the law created in New Jersey involving sports betting would license casinos and horse race tracks to offer sports betting which would be in violation of PASPA.

Officials in New Jersey argue that the PASPA law is unconstitutional as it commandeers to keep its own laws on the books in regard to not allowing sports wagering to take place. The leagues argue that the law is within the bounds of the supremacy of the federal government over state laws.

By December, the court will begin to hear the case, with sports bettors as well as those involved in the gaming industry hoping for a ruling in New Jersey’s favor. Other states in the US have begun to prepare in case the US Supreme Court decides to agree with New Jersey. If PASPA is ruled unconstitutional, then New Jersey as well as other states with legislation in place will be able to start offering sports betting for gamblers.

The entire nation is waiting to see what will happen in this case and if sports betting will remain as is or if the industry will grow considerably, starting with New Jersey.