Tropicana Installs Skill Video Gaming Machines Today

Tropicana Atlantic City

The Tropicana now joins a handful of casinos in Nevada offering skill game machines.

Skill gaming is easily becoming a new popular gaming choice for casinos across the United States, particularly in New Jersey and Nevada. Today’s gamblers are looking for something different and skill games provided an added element that cannot be found in standard casino games such as blackjack or craps. Skill games are based on video games which are often what the millennial generation would rather play than the average casino game.

Casinos have found that millennials basically have little to no interest in the standard casino games that reigned supreme for decades. Due to technology constantly changing, players have found that they need more excitement or more technological aspects that are not found at the gaming tables. Millennials tend to have smartphones and mobile devices that they use on a regular basis plus playing video games so they want something more than the average game. This has spurred gaming creators to bring about a change in casino games including offering skill based options.

GameCo Installs Video Gaming Machines at the Tropicana

At the top of the skill-based game creation list is GameCo. The company has been a pioneer in creating skill-based options and recently signed with the Tropicana of Atlantic City to install their Video Gaming Machines. The Tropicana is now home to nine gaming positions from GameCo which includes three triple-unit carousels that are placed in prominent locations to appeal to high traffic numbers on the casino floor.

Tropicana Atlantic CityTropicana Atlantic City General Manager, Steve Callender, stated that the casino is thrilled to bring players more existing experiences with the addition of GameCo. The company provides the first gambling experience that appeals to video gamers and the new game will bring a new level of fun and entertainment to the venue, providing a perfect addition to the Slots In The Quarter gaming area.

Players who visit the Tropicana will now be able to enjoy the skill-based games as an alternative to standard casino options. With the new gaming machines, players will be using skills that are similar to video gaming to determine the payout and winning produced by the game. The same casino economics as slot machines are used to provide the casino gaming quality.

Adding to the Installations

GameCo has been quite busy with their skill-based options, installing machines in several venues in Atlantic City. Just last month, the Video Gaming Machines were installed by GameCo at three Caesars Entertainment properties located in Atlantic City. This included Bally’s Wild Wild West, Harrah’s Resort and Caesars. The company was the first of the video game gambling variety to install such machines on a casino gaming floor. After the machines have been added to the Tropicana, the company will have 30 machines operating in Atlantic City, spread across four casinos.

GameCo Co-Founder and CEO Blaine Graboyes commented on the expansion via the Tropicana by stating that the company is excited to be expanding deployment of the Video Gaming Machines in Atlantic City with the Tropicana. As someone who spent his childhood summers enjoying the Boardwalk of Atlantic City, it is exciting and humbling to be the leader in bringing video game gambling to casinos in the area.

Graboyes believes that gamers deserve to enjoy a VIP Experience and casinos including the Tropicana are the perfect place to provide an entertainment program as well as unique destination.

Players will now be able to enjoy the games at the Tropicana as well as the Caesars properties when visiting Atlantic City. It will be interesting to see which venue GameCo tackles next and if it will be outside Atlantic City or perhaps other operators in the area.