Tribes Continue to Fight Over New Barstow, California Casino

California is home to the most Native American tribal casinos in the United States. Recently, two tribes have been competing for their right to open a gambling venue in Barstow, a small town in San Bernardino, California. One of these tribes believes the new Barstow casino will open its doors within the next few years.

State Flag Of CaliforniaThere are still a number of steps that need to be taken before construction on this casino can begin. Now is the perfect time to look at the debate brewing between the two tribes. We’ll also look at the state of California’s land-based and online gambling industry.

Two Native American Tribes Argue Over Right to Open new Barstow Casino

Under the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988, Native American tribes can open and operate casino establishments. Over the past few decades, a huge number of casinos have opened in California. Recently, two tribes located in Southern California have been fighting over the right to open a new casino in Barstow.

The Chemehuevi and Los Coyotes Band of Cahuilla are both trying to gain approval for this gambling venue. Charles Jones, chairman of the Chemehuevi Tribe, believes his tribe is the only one with a legal right to open this casino. He states that the Chemehuevi traces back to this area for hundreds of years, while the Los Coyotes tribe have no historical link to this area.

Officials in the Los Coyotes Band have worked to open a gambling establishment here for decades. Almost immediately after the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act was passed, members of this tribe began preparing to open a casino here. As of 2019, these efforts have been unsuccessful.

Los Coyotes have proposed plans for a $160 million casino in Barstow. It will feature 57,000 square feet of gaming space with 1,325 slot machines, 57 table games, and more than 100 rooms inside the casino’s hotel. Heads of the Chemehuevi Tribe are confident they will receive approval for the New Barstow casino, likely in the next few years.

California’s Casino Industry is More Competitive than Ever

As we mentioned earlier, California is home to more casinos than any other state. These casinos (and Native American tribes) are competing with each other more than ever before. There are plans for more casinos to open in this state in the near future.

Last week, Hard Rock International gained approval to open a brand new casino in Kern County. The Tejon Tribe will operate this casino. It’s expected to cost more than $600 million to construct and will include more than 165,000 square feet of gambling space, a 400-room hotel, and a massive entertainment center.

Lawmakers in California are also considering opening up the state’s sports betting industry. In 2017, Assemblymember Adam Gray proposed a state amendment to allow sports betting. With PASPA now struck down, it seems very likely that sports betting will become legal here within just a few years.

We’ll need to wait and see which tribe gains approval to open the new Barstow casino. Both tribes believe they have the right to operate a gambling venue here.

Online Casino Gambling Growing More Popular in California

It’s not hard to find a great land-based casino in California. There are 175 casinos in this state, all of which are operated by Native American tribes. Unsurprisingly, many individuals are beginning to move from brick-and-mortar gambling to online gambling.

Today, there are many amazing online casinos in California. Lawmakers here have not yet taken steps to regulate the internet gambling industry. The casino sites operating here are based in other countries.

Most of these online casinos take strict measures to protect their players. The good ones offer a wide range of different payment options to deposit and withdraw your winnings. Oftentimes, these websites provide even more gambling options than the top casinos in Las Vegas!

You can find online slots, blackjack, and poker gambling options in California. Before you join one of these gambling sites, make sure that it provides you with safe payment options and a clean, modern design.

There’s clearly a lot happening in California’s gambling industry. If officials within the Chemehuevi tribe are correct, the new Barstow casino will be open within the next three to five years. Make sure to stay tuned for updates on this story!