Tracy’s Stars Casino Moving to New Location at West Valley Mall

Stars Casino in Tracy, California is moving to the West Valley Mall in July, and will occupy the former Famous Dave’s building.

The new site will have a full-service restaurant and a bar for guests. Stars Casino is targeting July 1 as the soft opening date for the new location.

Said Emmanuel Macalino, Chief Operation Officer of Stars Casino in a statement:

“We have been happy here on Clover Road since 2013, we had an opening here in May of 2013 but when we saw the opportunity to acquire the Famous Dave’s building we jumped on it because I think for the business itself we needed something with a better infrastructure, meaning a full bar and a kitchen that’s fabulous. It speaks for itself.”

Winning Hand for Both Company and Local Government

Since last year, Stars Casino and the local government have worked together as partners to update several ordinances like the card room opening 24 hours, increase in the number of gaming tables, and eliminating the signage and advertisement restrictions in the card rooms.The new ordinances were aimed at helping Stars Casino achieve success and bounce back from the pandemic.

Now, the decision to approve Stars Casino’s move to a bigger location is seen as a winning hand, not just for the casino’s business but also to the local government.

For Stars Casino, the additional gaming tables, restaurant, and bar will give them added source of income. Meanwhile, more revenues for the casino also means more tax remittances to the city. The relocation of Stars Casino is also expected to increase its manpower by 50%, which would give additional employment opportunities for locals.

New Site has Smaller Gaming Area

Stars Casino spent a number of years operating at West 11th Street as the Comstack Card Room next to the Shamrock Bar. It then relocated to its current site at 775 W. Clover Road.

The move to Naglee Road site will give Stars Casino a slightly smaller gaming area. However, the space is still more than enough to accommodate their current limit of nine gaming tables.

Stars Casino was closed for several months during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was eventually reopened and according to Macalino, they were the fist casino in California to be allowed to reopen outdoors.