Townships Continue To Be Disinterested in Satellite Casinos

Despite their legality, townships in the state of Pennsylvania do not seem to be interested in hosting a satellite gaming venue.

When the gaming package passed by the House and Senate of Pennsylvania was approved by Governor Tom Wolf, many expansions were legalized in the state. Included in the mix was of course online casino and poker gaming, something that is expected to bring about instant revenues to the state. Along with this option, the state can also build as many as ten satellite casinos, with land-based operators having first pick. Despite the potential to earn additional revenues, it seems that townships of the state are continuing to be disinterested in the option.

Blocking Satellite Casino Expansion

Harris TownshipWe have already learned a few days ago that several municipalities in the state are not interested in hosting a satellite casino. Now, it seems the towns are looking to pass measures that would see satellite casinos blocked from their region.

In the law that passed recently, there can be as many as 10 satellite casinos created. These gaming venues must be located at least 25 miles from the land based casinos currently in operation. Reportedly, the Harris Township is ready to hold a meeting next month where they will be considering creating a resolution where the mini casino will not be created in their area. The Harris Township does not seem to be interested in adding Category 4 casino gaming to their region.

Frank Harden is the supervisor of the township who is backing a resolution to suspend the mini-casinos. Opponents of the casinos have spoke out on the negatives that could come about with the gaming venues and stated that gaming does match the character of the community.

Municipalities have until the 31st of December to pass a measure in order to block expansions of gaming, including satellite casinos. Once the measures are imposed they can be revoked. The process for obtaining licensing will begin in 2018.

Discussions Against Satellites Already Begin

This month, discussions against the satellite casinos have already begun. The Patton Township has stated they are willing to see an expansion of gambling in their region and passed a motion to see expansion take place, but they are planning to consider blocking satellite casinos later on in December. So, while the municipality is interested in gambling, they do not seem too keen on the mini casino.

This week, the State College Borough Council and the Ferguson Township Board of Supervisors are to discuss the satellite casinos during meetings. Both are considering prohibiting the option from their region.

Opponents seem to not be interested in being a host as they do not want casino gaming in their area. Once the licensing is made available, the 12 casinos that already operate in the state will be able to apply for licensing, offering smaller gaming venues in areas where gaming is not present, expanding their presence in other areas of the state.

Proponents feel that satellite casinos will bring much-needed revenues to the state and assist municipalities that offer the gaming option. It seems that more information will have to be provided and much persuasion on the part of proponents if any region of the state is going to approve such gaming options that the mini casinos will create. So far, it seems the majority of townships in the state are not interested and will be passing legislation to ensure that satellite casinos will not be hosted in their communities.