Tourism Figures in Las Vegas are Increasing Once Again

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Las Vegas is slowly but surely returning to a sense of normalcy. Lately, the city has been experiencing a steady increase in visitors. New reports on the tourism figures in Las Vegas are now coming out and point to some major improvements.

There are some interesting trends that Las Vegas is beginning to experience. Now is a great time to talk about how things are changing here. We’ll also look at how the city may fare for the rest of 2021.

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Casino Destinations Prepare for a Successful Summer

Casino hubs have been struggling tremendously over the past few months. Prior to 2020, places like Atlantic City and Las Vegas were thriving. Since March of last year, however, the entire casino industry has been hurting.

Over the summer of 2020, US casino hubs began to experience a rebound. Travel started to increase and gaming revenue began to ramp up. This didn’t last for long, though, and by August these cities were hurting badly once again.

Fortunately, it appears that this summer will be a good one for US casino companies. Vaccine distribution continues to ramp up around the country. As a result, travel is beginning to surge around the United States, as well.

Many analysts now believe that this summer will be a special one for places like Las Vegas. There are several new casino-resorts opening here that are expected to boost tourism rates. That includes Resorts World Las Vegas, the most expensive gambling property ever built here.

It now seems that the tourism situation in Las Vegas is already beginning to improve in a big way. We’re seeing major boosts in the number of people coming here and casinos are seeing revenue increases, as a result. More reports on tourism here are now coming out every week.

There are some interesting things that we are beginning to see in Las Vegas. Here’s what you need to know about the evolving tourism situation in the city.

Tourism Figures in Las Vegas are Jumping Once Again

No city in the United States relies on tourism quite like Las Vegas does. A massive number of the businesses here need tourists to survive. The events that unfolded last year took a massive toll on these businesses.

Just about everyone has been wondering when tourism figures in Las Vegas will reach pre-pandemic levels. It’s clear that this could take years. It is also clear that things are improving here and this summer should be a successful one for the city.

New reports show that older Americans are now making the journey to Las Vegas. Casino companies in the city have been reporting major increases in older visitors lately. This seems due to the increase in vaccine distribution around the country.

Gaming consultant Josh Swissman spoke about this situation to the media this week. He directly credits the increase in vaccines for the recovery of Las Vegas.

“As more of the older end of the customer spectrum receives vaccines and becomes more comfortable with leaving their houses… That for sure means they’ll start to step out and go back to their favorite casinos again,” he said. 

An increase in older visitors is proof that Las Vegas is slowly returning to normal. The tourism numbers here are expected to continue surging over the next few months. If all goes according to plan, this summer will be one of the most successful months for the gaming industry here in years. Stay tuned for updates on this situation!

Gaming Revenue is Still Fluctuating Around the US

Las Vegas is far from the only city in the country to experience dips in its gambling revenue lately. All of the country’s major gambling destinations have seen massive revenue declines since March of 2020. Even today, there are major fluctuations in revenue figures from different casino hubs.

New Jersey has been expanding its gambling industry for years. This past February, revenue here from the land-based casino industry dropped by 32%. It’s a significant drop from what the state was seeing a little more than a year ago.

Louisiana is home to one of the largest casino industries in the southern United States. Interestingly, this state experienced a 28.9% dip in gaming revenue when compared to February of 2020. Most expect this trend will change as the warmer months approach.

Even the US sports betting industry experienced a slowdown in February. States around the country reported significant drops in their sports gambling revenue figures. Much of that is due to players winning their Super Bowl wagers.

It’s an interesting time for the country’s gaming industry. There seem to be some major improvements with casino hubs around the country. We’ll continue offering updates here as the months go on.

When do you expect tourism figures in Las Vegas to reach pre-pandemic levels? Let us know in the comments section below!