Toby: The Secret Mine

Toby The Secret Mine

Toby The Secret MineToby: The Secret Mine takes players to a small village in the mountains where life was once peaceful and quiet. However, now this town is in a state of disarray and disorder. Most of the residents have been kidnapped and are now missing. This has caused a state of chaos throughout the entire village. There were a couple of brave residents who set out in an attempt to rescue the missing people, but they have now gone missing as well.

Little Toby found himself in the position of wanting to do more than simply sit and wait for something to maybe be done, so he took it upon himself to go out in search of the missing parties. He soon found himself at the beginning of the forest and realized that there is much more to it than he had originally thought. The game has a darkness designed into it that works well when it comes to creating that scary atmosphere one can imagine poor brave Toby having to endure along the way.

Players are invited to join Toby on his mission where he will take them into a very creepy environment that’s full of enemies and danger, as well as puzzles that can be quite challenging. Toby will make his way through the game’s different levels while he attempts to solve those difficult puzzles in an attempt to rescue his missing friends and acquaintances. The bulk of this game will have Toby going from puzzle to puzzle as he makes his way through the various levels. While there are a lot of elements to the game, they are all presented in a way that still offers players a very straight forward player friendly gaming environment. This makes the Toby: The Secret Mine game a good choice for players with all different levels of video gaming experience.

This is a good game of choice for players who are looking for an exciting game they can make their way through while using more of their problem solving skills than their hand to hand combat skills. Something else players will like about this game is the fact that they will get to enjoy plenty of variety with regards to the backdrops of the different levels they will find themselves making their way through. While some games can take a very, very long time to get through, this video game can be completed in a relatively short amount of time. This can definitely be a benefit for those players who are looking for more of an instant gratification type of game. However, all players will find that this game is one they can enjoy playing over and over again as well.

The Graphics

The graphics in Toby: The Secret Mine help to bring the story together nicely. There is a real sense of urgency and danger with the overall look and vibe of the game. While there are some puzzles that will need to be completed in a daylight setting, there are also those that bring the darkness of nighttime with them. Once night falls in this game, players will get a real sense of the true creepiness that Toby faces as he tries to find those he is in search of. Extra touches like leaves blowing around to set the stage of a windy atmosphere help give players a real sense of what Toby is encountering along the way.

The Sound Effects

The sound effects in the game go right along with the graphics to create a solid gaming experience. Along with a soundtrack that works well for the storyline, there are also a lot of other great little sound bites that help to bring the game to life. Players will hear the howl of the wind, the stirring of the leaves, the slight crunching of the ground with each footstep and more.

The Conclusion

Toby: The Secret Mine is an entertaining video game with a fun storyline players will find easy to get into. The character of Toby is unique and adds another enjoyable touch to the game. Players will find this game simple enough for even the newest of gamers, yet involved enough for even the more experienced players.

I had a very fun time playing the Toby: The Secret Mine video game and I do plan on playing a lot more of it in the future. I liked Toby and I found the graphics to work well with the story. It was an easy game to get the hang of but also offered me the right amount of excitement.