Thousands Volunteer to be Banned from MA’s Popular Casinos

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Massachusetts is home to several popular casinos. It seems that many individuals in this state feel it’s no longer smart for them to test their luck inside these properties. Reports have just surfaced claiming that thousands have volunteered to self-ban themselves from MA’s popular casinos.

A lot is happening with the gambling industry in Massachusetts. Now is a great time to talk about some of the changes taking place here.

Let’s get into it!

Many Choose to Self-Ban Themselves From MA’s Popular Casinos

Until fairly recently, Massachusetts was known for having tough laws toward the gambling industry. About a decade ago, casinos were given permission to begin operating in the state. There are now three casinos here, all of which help to generate major tax revenue every single month.

The Encore Boston Harbor has proven to be the most successful casino here for years. MGM Springfield struggled in the past, yet has been posting solid revenue figures lately. Plainridge Park is the worst-performing casino in the state, yet still has a passionate fan base.

A huge number of individuals visit these casinos every month. It now seems that many are choosing to self-ban themselves from these properties. Reports have just surfaced claiming that more than a thousand individuals have volunteered to be prohibited from visiting MA’s popular casinos.

Massachusetts has what is called a Volunteer Self-Exclusion program set in place. This allows certain individuals that believe they have a gambling addiction to self-ban themselves from the casinos in the state. 1,020 individuals are signed up to this program and the median age of these individuals is 46.

It will be interesting to see if more individuals choose to volunteer for this program in 2022. We’ll be sure to offer more information as the months go on.

Sports Betting is Expected to Become Available in Massachusetts Next Year

The US sports betting industry is growing at an unprecedented rate. More states are choosing to bet on sports every year since PASPA was struck down. 2022 is about to begin and most analysts expect to see several more states legalizing sports gambling next year.

Massachusetts is one of the states that seems almost guaranteed to do so. Lawmakers here nearly approved a measure to legalize and regulate sports gambling in 2021. The Senate was unable to approve the bill before its legislative session ended, pushing it into next year.

All signs point to this happening in 2022. There is now bipartisan support for the legalization of sports gambling in Massachusetts. Lawmakers are looking at other nearby states including New Jersey and Pennsylvania, recognizing how much revenue these states are generating every month.

The Northeastern United States is turning into one of the country’s true gambling hubs. A huge number of world-class casinos and sportsbooks are up and running here. Massachusetts wants to begin competing with these states by launching sportsbooks of its own. Expect to see these launching inside MA’s popular casinos before the end of next year.

More states in this region of the country are expanding their gaming industries right now. Let’s take a quick look at some of the new gambling options set to become available in various Northeastern states.

More Gambling Expansion Plans are Revealed

The US gambling industry has never been in a better position than it is in right now. 2020 was a devastating year for this entire industry due to mass casino closures and sports league shutdowns. Things have completely turned around.

Many new gambling revenue records have been broken in 2021. That includes casino revenue. As the AGA predicted at the start of the year, casino revenue set new all-time records already this year and many predict this to continue in 2022.

States around the Northeastern US are set to expand their gambling industries. New York lawmakers are considering allowing a major new casino-resort in New York City. This could help to drive tourism and bring in a huge amount of revenue.

Maryland is considering allowing new casinos next year. Pennsylvania is also expected to allow new casinos to begin operating in 2022, as well. A new bill is being considered in New Jersey that would help to lower the tax rate for Atlantic City’s casinos.

It’s an exciting time for the US gaming industry. Stay tuned for more information on MA’s popular casinos as the months go on!