There’s Been Another Shooting in Las Vegas This Week

Magnifying Glass With Las Vegas Strip in BackgroundCasinos around Las Vegas are working extremely hard to boost tourism rates. Unfortunately, there’s been a rise in violent crimes taking place around the city’s most popular areas. This week, another shooting in Las Vegas was recorded on the Strip.

It’s concerning news for tourists and residents here. It’s also difficult for casinos here, all of which are still struggling to bring in new players. Today, we’re going to talk about what this rise in crime means for the city moving forward.

Let’s get into it!

Gambling Revenue is Still Fluctuating Throughout Nevada

It’s been fascinating to watch the gambling revenue figures being released in Nevada. For months, casinos here were earning almost nothing. All gambling venues in the state were shut down for months and the only money coming in was from online operations.

In June, Governor Sisolak finally gave permission to the casinos here to reopen. Some of them opened their doors as quickly as possible. Others took their time and only recently decided to open their doors.

Park MGM falls into the latter category. This is one of the most popular hotel-casinos in Las Vegas, yet its owners wanted to wait to reopen. It wasn’t until this week that this property opened its doors as the first non-smoking hotel-casino on the Strip.

Revenue figures continue to come out each month. All casinos here are seeing significantly lower revenue earnings than they experienced the same months last year. Fortunately, revenue is increasing as the months go on. That wasn’t the case in August, though.

News recently broke that Nevada’s gambling revenue dropped by 22% this August when compared to August of 2019. The revenue also dipped slightly when compared to July. Many credit a rise in Covid-19 cases for this drop in earnings.

The fact that violent incidents in major tourist destinations seem to be increasing won’t help anything.

Here’s What We Know About the Recent Shooting in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, like all big cities, sees crime pop up now and again. Historically speaking, most of the serious violent incidents take place away from the Las Vegas Strip. For the past couple of months, however, we’ve seen a significant rise in these incidents occurring near the city’s most luxurious area.

News has just surfaced that another shooting in Las Vegas took place early Friday morning. It appears to have stemmed from an argument between two individuals. Fortunately, no one was injured in the shooting.

This latest incident occurred in the MGM Grand Hotel-Casino, one of the most popular venues in the city. Casino officials have not yet commented on this latest incident. Security officials are reviewing footage of the shooting to try to identify those involved.

This is just one of many recent shootings around the Strip. Last weekend, a man was shot and paralyzed on while walking near The Linq and Flamingo. The suspects have been identified and arrested.

Casino companies are obviously disappointed to see this rise in crime. Some analysts feel that it will result in a significant dip in tourism. With the crime and increasing rates of Covid-19 in certain parts of the country, Las Vegas may have a difficult next few months.

Not every major US gambling destination is hurting right now, though.

Sports Betting Revenue is Still Increasing in New Jersey

New Jersey was one of the first states to legalize and regulate sports betting after PASPA was struck down in 2018. It’s now the largest sports betting market in the country. A huge amount of revenue was being earned here every month since this industry opened up.

Not long ago, New Jersey set a new all-time record for sports betting revenue. The sports gambling platforms here managed to bring in an astounding $667 million over the month of August. Many feel this will be surpassed in September.

Casino revenue is also increasing here. Atlantic City was given permission to reopen casinos back in July. Today, all of the casino-resorts in this city have reopened and tourism rates are slowly increasing.

It’s great news for other casino companies around the country. Many state leaders are now interested in legalizing this industry, as well. The potential for massive revenue earnings is now clear.

Hopefully, things begin to improve around Nevada. It’s certainly disappointing to hear about another shooting in Las Vegas. It will be interesting to see how this affects the city moving forward.

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