The Venetian Las Vegas Prepares to Celebrate Its 20th Anniversary

The Venetian Las Vegas is already making huge plans for the celebration of its 20th anniversary, which is planned for May 3. The celebration will start with an act of honoring the 650 ‘founders’ of this legendary facility. The ‘founders’ are actually all team members to have ever worked for this company ever since it was founded back in 1999.

There will be plenty of other interesting and exciting activities that the visitors of this celebration will have an opportunity to enjoy. First of all, a huge exhibition of a sort is planned which will be featured on exterior marquees of the facility. This will actually be a tribute to all the founders of the company who were active during the last two decades. Their photos will be displayed here and everyone visiting the celebration will be able to walk past their photos.

Furthermore, the team also plans to take a group photo in the Waterfall Atrium. There is a wonderful LOVE installation that is a perfect place for a photograph. Therefore, the plan is to take the photo in that area.

Finally, the organizers also planned a gala event which is called ‘Founders Ball.’ It will be a ball held in the founders’ honor, but it will take place later this summer.

In addition to the official events that are listed above, there will be a couple of things guests should pay attention to as well since they will receive special treats.

In fact, guests who take a ride with The Venetian Gondola indoors or outdoors will have an opportunity to receive a special Venetian Rose on May 3. This special type of rose was actually introduced to the floral community back in 2015, and it was bred exclusively for the resort located in Las Vegas. In other words, if you want to have a flower which is unique to this resort, make sure to take a Gondola ride on its anniversary.

Furthermore, guests who pass by the check-in point on May 3 will be surprised by team members of The Venetian who have prepared some really special treats that will commemorate the occasion.

The resort in Las Vegas will actually start its ‘Year of Celebrations’ by celebrating its 20th anniversary. In other words, they will offer groups of visitors a special way to celebrate. Everyone who decides to visit The Venetian will have an opportunity to enjoy its beauty and events. They even have a special team which is responsible for planning celebrations in The Venetian, and they can adapt their offer to any type of celebration, including small-group and intimate celebrations, or even huge bachelorette parties and similar events.

A Short History of The Venetian

The original idea to build The Venetian came up in 1996 when Sheldon Adelson announced his plans about this resort. It was completed by 1999 and opened officially on May 3, 1999. The resort features a total of 120,000 sq ft of gaming space, and the Grand Canal Shoppes Sands Expo is one of its signature attractions. At the moment, the number of rooms in its hotel is 4,049 which means that it is one of the largest resorts in Las Vegas at the moment. Needless to say, it is designed to resemble the Renaissance period in Venice which was one of the most culturally advanced cities in European history not only during the Renaissance but also during the entire human civilization, with brilliant minds such as Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci being its part.