The Game Day Now Offering iGaming News at The Game Day Casino

There is a new player in the world of online casino news. Popular online sports news and entertainment network The Game Day is now offering online casino users insight into the online US casino industry.

The Game Day Casino launched earlier this year following the success of its main site, The Game Day (TGD). TGD originally launched in May 2020 and has quickly gathered an online following across the US. Now with the launch of TGD Casino, the news site hopes to offer readers similar insight into brick-and-mortar and online casino markets.

So far in 2021, the US Casino industry has seen unprecedented revenue. According to the latest reports from the American Gaming Association, US casinos have already set a new record for total annual income. A large part of the growth can be attributed to the expansion of legalized sports betting. As more and more states allow for legal sportsbooks, the gambling industry appears poised for sustained growth for years to come.

What is The Game Day?

So just what is The Game Day? TGD is an online news and entertainment network focused on providing information about US sports and sports betting. The site launched in May of 2020 and has already garnered a following of over 1 million people on Instagram. The digital media company has offices in New York, London, and Malta.

Since launching last May, TGD has aimed to make sports betting more accessible to the general public. The site has also tried to make the experience more entertaining and attract new customers to the industry.

The original TGD site offers readers reviews and up-to-date news about sports and sports betting offers. Through collaboration with athletes, gaming experts, and social media influencers as well as their in-house award-winning production and social media team, TGD has quickly become one of the major players in the online casino news industry. In September, TGD announced that it had reached 100 million monthly impressions.

What The Game Day Casino Offers

The new site, The Game Day Casino, aims to offer players the same level of news and betting information. TGD focuses on sports and sports betting, while TGD Casino will focus on real money casino games in both online and in-person casinos. The news site hopes to help new and experienced players navigate the rapidly growing US casino industry.

TGD Casino also offers readers news and reviews of online casino sweepstakes and other offers. The site claims to be an unbiased source of casino information and does not boast any paid sponsorships from US casinos. They offer reviews of many popular games such as real money table games, poker, and slots.


After only 18-months of operation, sports betting news site The Game Day has made a major expansion. TGD has launched The Game Day Casino, a site dedicated to bringing readers news about the US casino industry. The news site will allow readers access to reviews of online and site-based casinos and casino games. They will also review promotional offers from operators across the US.

After a down year in 2020, the US casino industry has rebounded in a major way in 2021. The AGA has announced that total revenue in 2021 has already surpassed the previous record set in 2019. As a result, it is no surprise that sites such as TGD have decided to expand with a focus on providing better coverage about US casinos.

TGD Casino has the advantage of relying on the TGD main site. TGD launched in May of 2020 and has an award-winning social media and production team. TGD Casino also has the advantage of being able to market directly to readers that already enjoy content from the TGD main site.