The Encore Requiring Masks Upon Reopening – Will This be the New Norm for Casinos?

These are strange times we are living in.

As the entire world is still working on recovering, casino owners are shaking with anticipation of when they can reopen.

Well, we’re getting closer.

The shutdown is ending in some states, and casinos are gearing for the grand reopening of their businesses.

But, there will, of course, be some strings attached. What are the strings? Let’s get into that now.

Gotta Wear Your Mask, Everybody

The Encore Boston Harbor doesn’t have a set date of when they will be able to reopen, but that’s not stopping them from getting ready.

However, to get the all-clear, there are some new rules the casino must abide by. All employees and patrons of the casino must wear a facemask at all times.

Looking to play some craps? Maybe some roulette even? Good luck.

These games will not be allowed to be played at first until there is a way to offer these games with proper social distancing.

Get Ready to Have Your Temperature Taken

Another thing Encore is implementing is having to take temperatures of employees, and also guests. So, you’ll be sitting at a slot machine, and then you’ll just get stopped to have your temperature taken like your at the doctors.

Not only that, but you will also be separated from other patrons by a pane of plexiglass. I say again, weird times we’re living in.

The Encore in Boston is not the only place though, Vegas casinos such as The Venetian and Palazzo will also be taking your temperature when they reopen.

Is This the New Normal for Casinos?

The question has to be asked, “Is this the new normal?”

It certainly isn’t something that will be going away any time soon, that’s for sure. Basically, every casino and even every company will have to follow guidelines similar to this.

Casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and around the globe are working to be ready for this transition. Many states are in multiple step plans for their businesses to reopen.

People Wearing Mask Inside of a Casino

So, when you are finally able to go into your local casino again, be prepared to see a sea of facemasks being worn.

Welcome to 2020.

Rise of Online Casinos

With all of this going on, it’s no surprise that people are divided on how to handle the situation. You have people that are buying 12-year supplies of toilet paper, so they never have to leave their homes. On the flip side, you have people already running around without masks on basically asking to get the virus.

People that are staying home will be looking for other methods of real money casino games. That’s where online casinos come in. Now more than ever, people are seeing the importance of having virtual options for things.

There are plenty of real money games to choose from, all of which the team here at has reviewed. I’ve reviewed some myself, some of them our team members have helped with.

The Wrap Up

That does it for today. We have facemasks, temperatures, and online casinos all on the table right now. Remember, stay inside until you’re cleared, now more than ever. The murder hornets might get you. Let’s hope we all make it through level six of Jumanji.