The Cosmopolitan to Host Interpol in October

One of the most popular rock bands from New Your, Interpol, will perform in The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas at The Chelsea Stage on October 4. Everyone interested to see this event is able to buy tickets which have been available for sale since April 26, 10 am PT. The tickets are available online, as well as at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. You can also order tickets via Ticketmaster at 800.745.3000. The basic price of tickets is $39 per ticket in addition to all applicable taxes and fees. Furthermore, if you want to reserve a seat, you will have to pay a starting ticket price at $59 plus all taxes and fees that are applicable.

If you like modern rock music, you probably know about Interpol, as they are currently one of the biggest live acts not only in New York but also all over the globe. Let’s take a closer look at who Interpol really are and how they become one of the most significant bands in the American rock scene.

Who Are Interpol?

If you type ‘Interpol’ into Google, you will get results related to the International Criminal Police Organization. While this international police shares the same name with the band, it seems that it is the only thing that these two entities have in common.

The band Interpol was created by Greg Drudy and Daniel Kessler after Kessler looked for a perfect band mate for a very long time. The two band members were joined by Paul Banks and started performing together in New York City. After managing to gain initial fans, the band had to come up with a name, with Interpol being the most captivating option.

The band released their first EP in 2000 when Drudy left the group and was replaced by Sam Fogarino on drums. Soon, the band signed a contract with Matador Records, which was a Beggars Group member. Their next EP was also named Interpol, and eventually their released their first studio album in 2002 named Turn On the Bright Lights which was recorded in Bridgeport, Connecticut, in a studio called Tarquin Studios. Their debut album started as an incognito release, but the band eventually managed to sell over 300,000 copies in less than two years. By 2004, they were already big among rock music lovers, especially those who enjoyed post-punk bands, Joy Division being one of them.

Soon after that, the band got together once again to record their second album called Antics, which was released in 2004 and was even more popular than the first one, being sold in more than 350,000 copies. Needless to say, the band became extremely popular in the UK as their music was heavily influenced by genres such as Britpop and post-punk. In fact, their second album reached the golden status in the UK way before it did in the US.

The rest of the band’s history has been filled with a lot of great music and tours all over the world. They managed to record four more studio albums: Our Love to Admire (2007), Interpol (2010), El Pintor (2014), and Marauder (2018). Marauder was their latest album, which they are currently promoting.

Interpol’s importance for the American rock culture is huge, as they are perhaps one of the most popular Indie rock bands of all time. Therefore, if you enjoy listening to alternative rock and enjoy exploring new music, make sure to give Interpol a try. Furthermore, if you happen to be in Las Vegas in October, make sure not to miss out on their live performance as they are currently one of the best live acts in New York.