Tests Must Be Passed Before MGM National Harbor Can Open

MGM National Harbor

MGM National HarborCertain tests must be passed before the MGM National Harbor will be allowed to open for operation.

When a casino is under construction, the facility must meet many requirements before being able to open and be fully operational. Requirements are set by the state as well as by the federal government along with the given county or jurisdiction. Testing is also a part of the steps that must be taken before a venue can open. One of the newest venues set to open next week is the MGM Grand National Harbor. Located in Maryland, the casino must complete several testing phases before the venue will be allowed to open to patrons.

Testing In a Controlled Environment

The MGM Grand National Harbor Casino has cost several billion dollars to construct and now the testing phase is set to begin. Two controlled demonstration tests are set to take place before the 8th of this month which is the scheduled date to open. The first test is supposed to take place today from noon to 8pm, which is an eight hour time frame. The Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency is conducting the test and released the information which included the records of the testing.

Gaming officials spoke to a local news agency, News4, who stated that the integrity of the slot games will be tested along with table games that are located on the MGM National Harbor Casino gaming floor. These tests will make sure that the games are operating accurately with payouts and the games must be compatible with the casino monitoring systems of the state.

A spokesman for the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency stated that the controlled demonstrations are live gaming just as what would be found at an operational casino in the state. The agency will have staff at the venue to be able to perform the audits as well as reviews at the gaming venue.

The second testing phase will take place on the 5th of December and will run from 2pm until 10pm. Once both tests have been completed successfully, the MGM National Harbor should receive approval to open on the 8th by the agency. A memo provided by State Gaming Officials stated that the approval of the venue’s license to begin gaming operations is contingent on the completion of the controlled demonstrations, with both being successful.

Common Testing

The testing phases are nothing new to the casino industry, especially Maryland. The other five casinos of the state conducted similar tests before being allowed to offer their gaming options. The tests were able to show no failures with the gaming systems or large scale issues of the venues. At the other venues, testing did reveal issues with procedures via staff and this allowed the gaming venues to make changes in regards to training and how employees were to be on the gaming floor.

If the testing phases of MGM National Harbor prove to have problems, additional controlled testing may be required before the operational license will be issued. If the tests are successful, the licensing should be approved on the 6th of December, just two days before the scheduled opening date.

It will be interesting to see if the testing goes well and if the MGM casino will open on time. Players have been waiting some time to be able to enjoy the new gaming venue. The opening day is set to be a big one so we shall see if the venue is a success and opening day runs smooth once the testing phase is complete.