Japan Continues to Debate Hosting the 2021 Olympic Games

The cancelation of the 2020 Summer Olympic Games was unprecedented. This global sporting event has never been canceled for anything other than a major war. The current plan is to simply push everything back a year. As time goes on, however, more residents and government officials are starting to argue against hosting the 2021 Olympic Games.Olympics 2021 Logo

Interestingly, the Governor of Tokyo feels that this event should take place as a sign of global unity. It would certainly be an accomplishment. Now is the perfect time to look at the complications that go into hosting the world’s largest sporting event.

More than 50% of Tokyo Residents Want to Cancel Next Year’s Olympic Event

For the past few years, there’s been tremendous excitement over the fact that the 2020 Summer Olympics would be held in Tokyo, Japan. It was clear from the start that the government here planned on doing something special. In February, however, health officials began to warn that this event was in jeopardy of being canceled.

A new coronavirus had begun to spread throughout Asia and eventually reached Italy. It didn’t take long for different government bodies to recognize how quickly this new virus could spread. Europe began to lock down and the US quickly followed suit.

Even in March, when much of the world locked down, members of the IOC and leaders in the Japanese government were hesitant to announce the postponement of the Olympics. Things continued to get worse and these groups eventually had no other choice. Government leaders finally announced that this event was being pushed back a year.

Postponing the Olympics comes at a massive price. It’s likely to cost the government billions of dollars. Last month, a poll came out that shows more than 50% of Tokyo residents now feel this event should be canceled entirely.

The cost of pushing it back a year is obviously weighing on people’s minds. Many have also been voicing their concern with allowing so many people from around the world into the country during a pandemic. There’s no easy path forward for event organizers here.

Not everyone feels the Olympics should be canceled, though.

Tokyo Governor Pushes for the 2021 Olympic Games to Take Place

As time goes on, Japan seems to be pushing more for the cancelation of the Olympic Games. More residents here are starting to feel it’s no longer worth it to host this event. Some, however, still believe it can be done safely and without a massive economic blow.

That includes Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike. The two-term Governor and Prime Minister prospect spoke about the situation recently with the media. She still feels that the Olympics can and should be held next year.

“I want to host them as a symbol of the world coming together to overcome this tough situation and of strengthened bonds among humankind,” Koike said. 

It’s somewhat surprising news to hear her say this to the media. Many believe that Koike has an opportunity to become Prime Minister in the future. Pushing to host the 2021 Olympics Games may anger many of her supporters.

For now, the plan is still to put on this event next year. 12 months is a long ways away, however, and there’s no telling how the world will look next July. Make sure to stay tuned for updates throughout the summer.

Japan’s Casino Plans Continue to Be Pushed Back

The Olympics isn’t the only major event on the mind of Japanese lawmakers. Since 2018, government officials here have been preparing to open the country’s first casinos. It’s a huge decision and many analysts believe that Japan will grow to become one of the largest casino hubs in the country. Unsurprisingly, many of the top casino companies in the US are working to enter this new market.

Of course, these plans have been pushed back due to the events unfolding around the world. Not long ago, the government announced it was nearly ready to begin the licensing process for the three casinos set to open here. Unfortunately, it now appears that this process is being delayed.

Kazuyoshi Akaba, Transport and Tourism Minister for Japan, told the media that the travel restrictions set in place are making this process difficult.

“While the new coronavirus is spreading, we are in contact with the local governments that are planning to make bids and endeavoring to confirm whether there will be any problems meeting the application period from January to July next year,” he said. 

We’ll need to wait and see how long it takes for the government to begin offering licenses to casino companies here. We’re also likely to get more information on how the government plans to put on the 2021 Olympic Games.

Make sure to stay tuned for more updates on Japan’s Olympic plans over the next few months!