Two Casinos Want in on Boring Company’s Tube System

Las Vegas Convention CenterElon Musk’s innovative Boring Company is developing an underground “people mover” loop system in Las Vegas that’s set to be finished by next January. It will be used to move more than 4,000 people through the tunnels, allowing them to go from venue to venue in a fraction of the walking or driving time.

The idea behind it was to relieve congested convention traffic and provide Las Vegas visitors with a more convenient way to travel between the Convention Center and different resorts.

The $52.5 million-project recently completed its first phase in May, which involved digging a second tunnel underneath the Las Vegas Convention Center, the hub of where the system will live. The first tunnel was dug in February.

The next phase of the first-of-its-kind project will involve completing the above-ground passenger stations on both sides of the tunnel. The loop system is formerly being called the “Convention Center Loop,” and hopes to break ground in time for next year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

It will be Boring Company’s first commercial transportation project. A variety of Tesla vehicles will move people through the tunnels in a matter of minutes, versus them making a cross-campus walk that would take around 15 minutes.

The Loop is mainly meant to serve convention-goers and be a benefit for trade shows, rather than stand as a public transportation system, and it will be a free service.

Wynn Resorts and Resorts World Want in On the Loop System

Both Wynn Resorts and Resorts World, which is still under development, are seeking county approval to get linked up to the Convention Center Loop.

Wynn Resorts and Encore are the closest resorts to the Convention Center, so getting approval to get connected to the station would be ideal. If approved, travelers could get from the Convention Center to Wynn Resorts and Resorts World in just a couple of minutes.

According to Scott Sibella, president of Resorts World Las Vegas, getting linked would remove Convention guests’ worries or making the long walk back to their resort or getting stuck in gridlock traffic.

The transportation system would allow them to easily leave the Convention Center for lunch, meetings, appointments, or sightseeing, and get them back quickly. It’s a win-win on both ends.

Loop Could Possibly Even Link to Allegiant Stadium Next Year, Too

Allegiant Stadium, which is set to be completed by the end of July 2020, could also possibly link to the Loop next year.

According to Steve Hill, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority CEO, the Convention Center and the $2 billion-dollar stadium could be linked as early as the start of the 2021 NFL season.

This would make a be a convenient solution for stadium-goers to make it to and from the stadium, since the stadium is located on the very south end of the Strip, past Mandalay Bay.

There is no estimate on how much it would cost to link the two properties, but passengers riding between these two locations would be charged a fee.

Sisolak Approves LV Casinos to Open on June 4th

Las Vegas is just a little over a week from getting back to some sense of normalcy. Earlier this week, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak approved plans to reopen many of the state’s major casinos. The current plan is for LV casinos to open on June 4th.

Governor Sisolak

Just about everyone in Nevada is anxious to see these gambling venues reopen. As most know, they provide a huge amount of money and jobs to the state. Today, we’re going to discuss which venues plan to reopen, and what this means for Nevada’s economy.

Let’s get into it!

Reopening the Casinos in Nevada Hasn’t Been Easy

Every state in the country has been economically affected by the new coronavirus spreading around the world. Some, obviously, are being hit harder than others. There are some that feel Nevada is being the worst-affected in terms of direct money and job loss.

Casinos in this state were forced to close down back in March. This instantly left hundreds of thousands of individuals without work. Many of the casino companies here also began losing millions of dollars each week.

Nevada’s tourism industry immediately came to a halt. That proved to be devastating for many of the restaurants in this city that rely on outside visitors. It’s easy to see how so many businesses started to suffer due to the shutdown of major casino-resorts.

Carolyn Goodman, the mayor of Las Vegas, controversially called for the city to start opening up weeks ago. Governor Sisolak didn’t budge, and continued to tell the media it was too early. Residents around the city eagerly awaited news on what was to come.

Now, it appears state officials feel things are safe enough to finally open back up. Many of the biggest casino-resorts are expected to open their doors next week. Here’s what we know about this situation.

Governor Sisolak Gives Green Light For LV Casinos to Open

Forcing all of the casinos in Las Vegas to close was completely unprecedented. Never before has this taken place in this city. It’s likely that most felt doing so would be impossible. For the past couple of months, the focus has been on getting back to normal.

Governor Sisolak has been cautious in allowing the state’s casinos to start accepting guests again. That’s perfectly understandable, as these venues are easy places for a contagious respiratory virus to spread. Sisolak seems content with the safety measures set in place and has given the green light for LV casinos to open their doors on June 4th.

Josh Swissman, one of the founders of The Strategy Organization, believes that opening back up will be a learning process for many of the casino companies here.

“Once their doors re-open on the 4th, operators are going to learn so much from those critical first few hours and days,” he said. “There will undoubtedly be tweaks and fine-tuning made to their re-opening procedures as a result of what they will see. Marketers should be watching visitation volume and guest behavior closely, and should look to pivot quickly if changes to their marketing plans need to be made.”

Not all of the casinos in Las Vegas are going to open back up at once. It will be a slow process and companies will look to slowly figure out what works and what doesn’t. The important thing will be to encourage social distancing on the casino floor.

Which Las Vegas Casinos Will Open Up Next Month?

The casino industry in Las Vegas is the biggest in the country. More than 40 million people flock to this city every year to enjoy the entertainment and gambling options available. With Sisolak’s approval for LV casinos to open next month, many of the major casino companies are gearing up to start accepting guests.

Caesars Palace and The Flamingo are scheduled to be the first casino-resorts to reopen. These venues will be accepting guests starting on June 4th. These venues will offer free parking and plan to open many of their restaurants, pools, and casino options.

MGM Resorts International claims that New York-New York and The Bellagio will be their first properties to reopen. A specific opening date for these venues has not been officially revealed.

Wynn Resorts has just recently announced that both of its Las Vegas properties will reopen to the public on June 4th.

“We are ready to provide our guests with a full Las Vegas experience with a collection of luxury amenities and unmatched service,” Wynn Resorts CEO Matt Maddox told the media. “The entire Wynn team is looking forward to welcoming our guests back.”

If all goes according to plan, all of the casinos in Nevada will start accepting guests next month. Hope is that enough tourists begin flocking to Las Vegas to keep these properties profitable.

Stay tuned for more Las Vegas casino news over the next few weeks!

Wynn Resorts to Likely Reopen LV Strip Properties Together

Wynn Las Vegas LogoWynn Resorts, who have their hopeful eye on a Memorial Day Weekend reopening, says they will likely reopen their Strip resorts at the same time once casino restrictions are lifted.

According to Wynn Resorts CEO, Matt Maddox, the reopening of both of its Las Vegas properties will be consciously done at a limited capacity and in response to what looks like a “pent-up demand in the leisure segment.”

“Clearly, we won’t be opening large mass gathering places — nightclubs or convention areas or shows…but we will be opening most of our restaurants, and we’ll be working with our retail partners to try to have an experience that will be safe and fun,” Maddox assured.

Company officials say that the two properties will need to reach an occupancy rate of 50-60% to break even.

Wynn Provides Full-Pay to Employees Through May 31

The company recently announced that they will be extended pay coverage and benefits to all of its salaried, hourly, and part-time employees in Las Vegas through May 31. Wynn Resorts employs nearly 15,000 in Las Vegas.

With the extension of pay coverage, in total, the company will cover a total of 75 days of employee payroll.

Wynn Resorts has also recently partnered with University Medical Center (UMC) in Las Vegas to provide staff with free COVID-19 testing, which will begin next Monday.

Strip Casinos Likely to Have Staggered Re-openings

Even when Strip casinos do get the green light to finally reopen, it’s likely they won’t all reopen at once.

MGM Resorts International executives recently discussed which of their 10 Strip properties they’ll likely reopen first, and believe the Bellagio and New York-New York will be their best bets as they target different traveler’s budgets.

Late May Opening Possible

In the company’s Wednesday earnings call, Maddox said a reopening in May could be a possibility with Nevada’s phases reopening plan. Beginning this Saturday, May 9, Nevada will move into Phase 1 of reopening, which means the reopening of retail stores, restaurants, barbershops, hair salons, and nail salons at 50% occupancy.

Maddox added that casino’s reopening would depend on the state hitting its public health benchmarks as indicated in the Governor’s reopening plan, which was announced April 21.

Stay Tuned

It’s still unsure what the Strip reopening looks like, whether less than 10 properties will open at once to test the waters, or whether they’ll all want to jump back into business. It will really just depend on the state of the outbreak at that time and visitor’s confidence in traveling to Las Vegas.

Be sure to check back for more coronavirus updates in Las Vegas.

Wynn Resorts Extends Full Pay for LV Employees Through May 31

Wynn Resorts in Las VegasWith the state’s casinos still shutdown, Wynn Resorts announced on Thursday that they will be extending pay for all salaried, hourly and part-time employees in Las Vegas through May 31.

That amounts to 15,000 Wynn employees receiving payroll coverage on a total of 75 days of payroll continuance. The coverage also includes eligible employees’ tip compliance rate/distributed tips.

Employee pay coverage during the shutdown is expected to cost the company close to $250 million in payroll expenses.

The company also announced its partnership with University Medical Center (UMC) that allows free testing for COVID-19 for all Wynn employees. The free testing will begin next Monday.

Wynn Eyes Memorial Day Reopening

Although there has been no confirmed reopening date for casinos, on Thursday, Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak announced that Phase One of his four-stage reopening plan will begin this Saturday.

Phase One allows for the reopening of restaurants, retail stores, barbershops, and salons at half capacity. It seems like a promising start on the trajectory to hopefully get casinos opened back up by the end of the month.

Wynn Resorts is hoping their Las Vegas properties will reopen before the month’s end, and have even begun accepting reservations for Memorial Day Weekend.

Wynn Resorts spokesman Michael Weaver says the properties have historically always had heavy bookings around the holiday day weekend, as it’s a time when many visitors from Southern California drive into Las Vegas to celebrate.

With traveler’s confidence in air travel still wary, a Memorial Day Weekend could prove to be promising, as Southern California visitors, who make up a bulk of the holiday weekend guests, will only have to drive to get it into Vegas.

Wynn Prepares for Reopening

As casinos everywhere prepare to open back up, they’ve started implementing a series of safety protocols to ensure their property is safe for returning staff and guests.

Some coronavirus safety measures that the Wynn has put into place is rearranging its casino floors to support social distancing, such as staggering poker tables, sanitizing table game rails and chairs after every guest-use, and disinfecting hard surfaces that are frequently in use.

Thermal scanners to detect employee or guest’s internal temperatures will also be introduced, as well as placing hand sanitizers at all entry points.

Signage will be placed across the property reminding guests and employees to avoid touching their faces, washing their hands, and proper ways to wear and dispose of masks.

They will also be no more than four guests allowed per elevator.

Stay Tuned

With the Governor’s quick announcement of Nevada entering into Phase One, a benchmark that was originally planned to hit May 15, it may only be a matter of weeks until the announcement of casinos reopening happens.

It’s a waiting game until then, but we’re glad to see that Nevada is gaining some momentum.

The Governor has urged Nevadans to continue practicing social distancing as it’s “the best weapon” in helping to keep the disease at bay.

Be sure to stay tuned for more coronavirus coverage in Las Vegas, keep your social distance, and above all stay safe!

Wynn Las Vegas Now Accepting Reservations for Memorial Day Weekend

Wynn Las VegasAlthough the Las Vegas Strip is still shutdown until April 30 (unless a further extension is necessary), some resorts are beginning to book reservations for May, including Wynn Resorts.

Wynn Resorts spokesman Michael Weaver says they’ve begun accepting reservations beginning Memorial Day weekend. It’s a strategic move since Weaver explained that the property has always had heavy bookings around the holiday day weekend.

Namely, he says, it’s a popular time for visitors from Southern California to head into Vegas.

According to Weaver, all protective guest and employee measures will be put into place in time to welcome visitors back to the property by Memorial Day.

Other Las Vegas Casinos Taking Reservations for May

As of this Sunday, Caesars Entertainment Corporation, Boyd Gaming Corporation. and Station Casinos are all accepting reservations beginning May 15.

According to Caesars spokesman Richard Broome, they want to secure reservations by the time their properties open their doors. But, even if a website has open booking dates, it’s not a guarantee that the property will reopen at that time.

The final reopening decision will rest with Nevada Governor Sisolak, who detailed the state’s phased reopening plan last week.

Broome explained that the company will wait for the Governor’s green light to reopen casinos on the Las Vegas Strip, and will make adjustments to their sites booking dates based on what’s decided in the coming weeks.

Las Vegas Casinos Who Are Cancelling May Reservations

Other mega-properties on the Strip took the opposite approach, by canceling their May reservations until a more promising date is given.

Last week, the Venetian canceled all their reservations through May 31, although they’re extending employee pay through May 17 at the least.

On Friday, MGM Resorts International also canceled their reservations from May 1 through May 21. The next available booking date on MGM’s website isn’t until June 1.

However, many of these casinos are frequently updating their booking dates to reflect the COVID-19 situation, so what’s available today might change next week.

Casinos who have canceled reservations have notified guests that their bookings were canceled.

Wynn Resort’s Protective Casino Measures

On Sunday, Wynn Resorts released updated guidelines on how they plan to implement coronavirus safety measures upon reopening. There are a variety of different precautions in place to ensure guests and staff feel safe upon returning.

Those precautions include staggering poker tables so that every other table is in use. Maximum seating at individual tables will be determined based on expert guidance. Rather than “tapping out,” dealers will verbally state when they are leaving to go on breaks.

Guests will be reminded and constantly encouraged to clean their hands before and after playing,

Supervisors will also be tasked with sanitizing table game rails and chairs once every guest leaves, as well as sanitizing the outside of shufflers every hour.

They’re also being asked to sanitize podiums, phones, computers, and all other hard surfaces.

Slot machines, race, and sportsbooks will all be reconfigured to support social distancing guidelines.

Stay Tuned

A lot can change for Vegas within the next week, should the shutdown measure be lifted.

We’ll just have to stay tuned for what Gov. Sisolak announces in the coming days or weeks.

What do you think about the casino’s preventative reopening measures? Do you think people will rush back to the casinos, or test the waters out first?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. And stay safe and healthy out there!


Matt Maddox Comments on the Reopening of Las Vegas

We’re nearly three weeks into April and Las Vegas remains shut down. Gambling analysts are still trying to predict when Nevada’s casinos will be given permission to open again. This weekend, Wynn Resorts CEO Matt Maddox released a statement asking for the reopening of Las Vegas.CEO Matt Maddox

Wynn Resorts is one of many casino companies that’s suffering due to this casino shutdown. Unfortunately, it may be some time before any gambling venues open their doors here again. Today, we’re going to look at what exactly Matt Maddox wants to see happen.

Let’s get into it!

Governor Steve Sisolak Extends Casino Closures

Back in early March, officials within Las Vegas began to discuss the possibility of shutting down the city. The new coronavirus had begun to spread in Clark County and many experts feared that casinos were the perfect venues for further infections. Eventually, news broke that all of the city’s casinos were closing to the public.

This wasn’t an easy decision to make. Las Vegas, as most are well-aware of, relies heavily on its gambling and tourism industries. Forcing casinos to shut down has ended up costing many companies millions of dollars every single day.

One of the main issues is that no one knows when this lockdown will end. Governor Sisolak claims he will not bend to the request of Las Vegas officials. This past week, he decided to extend the casino shutdown.

The Mayor of Las Vegas has already voiced her disapproval with this strategy. She claims many businesses will be unable to survive under the current situation. Sisolak isn’t budging and told the media these measures need to be taken in order to save lives.

Casino companies in Las Vegas are getting restless. This includes Wynn Resorts, one of the first companies to voluntarily close down last month. Here’s what the CEO of Wynn Resorts is now asking for.

CEO of Wynn Resorts Calls for the Reopening of Las Vegas

It seems like everyone has an opinion on how to handle this virus outbreak. Some feel that states need to remain locked down to prevent the healthcare system from becoming overwhelmed. Others think it’s time to lift restrictions in order to get the economy back up and running.

The land-based casino industry is one of the hardest-hit during this pandemic. All casinos across the country are currently shut down. Now, some of the biggest casino operators feel that something needs to change.

Matt Maddox released an opinion piece to the Nevada Independent this week. The CEO offered his own plans to allow casino-resorts in Las Vegas to start operating again.

“Begin with reduced occupancy, physical distancing measures in place, temperature checks and no large gatherings,” he said. “We all need to wear a mask.”

That’s easier said than done. No one can accurately say how a casino would operate with physical distancing measures in place. Some have claimed that slots would be further spaced apart and tables would reduce their number of seats.

It’s an extremely difficult situation. Governor Sisolak has extended the casino shutdown for a couple more weeks. We’ll need to see whether or not he listens to Maddox’s plans for the reopening of Las Vegas.

Masks Present Security Concerns for Las Vegas Casinos

When the coronavirus first began spreading around the United States, health officials dismissed the efficacy of traditional face masks. Many were quick to point out that these masks would not prevent individuals from becoming infected. Things have now taken a complete 180.

In many parts of the country, masks are now required when in public. Health experts now claim these help to prevent those who may already be infected from spreading the virus to others.

Matt Maddox believes that masks will be an important part of reopening Las Vegas. He’s suggested that all dealers wear these masks inside casinos. Some feel this will make security inside Las Vegas casinos very difficult to manage.

Casinos are known to rely on facial recognition technology. This helps to catch cheaters and spot individuals who have been banned from gambling in the past. Masks will make this technology virtually useless.

There’s also the fear of traditional robberies. Those wearing masks will be difficult to identify. It’s likely that casino officials are already looking at new ways to get around these possible issues. Governor Sisolak is likely to address these concerns, as well.

Reopening Las Vegas won’t be easy. It may be a long time before things truly get back to normal here. In the meantime, casino officials are presenting ideas on how to get the city up and running again in the best possible way.

Stay tuned for more Las Vegas casino news over the next few weeks!

Wynn and Encore Display Positive Messages Amid Casino Closures

Encore Las VegasWhile Wynn Resorts in Las Vegas have their doors closed in compliance with a mandatory statewide casino closure order, which is set to be lifted April 30, they’re doing their part to spread light on the Strip with positive messages displayed brightly on the properties’ building.

On Sunday, the Encore lit up a huge, filled-in heart, while the Wynn Las Vegas has an inspiring message that reads “HOPE SHINES BRIGHT.”

They posted the teaser on their Twitter page Saturday, with a message saying their “heart is full” and that they look forward to welcoming guests back to their property safely and soundly once the closures are lifted.

It’s so great to see the city supporting one another and lifting each other up during this time of need and uncertainty. Let’s take a look at the positive ways the Las Vegas gaming industry is helping out their community and beyond during the coronavirus pandemic.

Las Vegas Sands Donated Two Million Pieces of PPE

The Las Vegas Sands company, which owns and operates the Venetian, Palazzo, and Sands Expo & Convention Center, made a generous donation of over two million pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE) earlier this month.

The company donated one million medical masks and 20,000 protective suits to Nevada’s health care industry. They also donated one million medical masks to New York City, the country’s coronavirus epicenter.

Besides helping provide those incredibly important and highly-requested medical supplies, the Sands also pledges to contribute $250,000 to local organizations providing food and water to those in the Las Vegas area.

Vegas Headliners Help MGM Resorts’ Emergency Employee Fund Reach $11M

MGM Resorts recently reached $11 million on their Employee Emergency Grant Fund, with the help of generous contributions from Vegas headliners and notable figures, like Kirk Kerkorian.

That celebrity contributors list includes popular Vegas headliners David Copperfield, the Jabbawockeez, Shin Lim, Carrot Top, and Terry Fator.

Singer-songwriter Bruno Mars, who was in the middle of his Las Vegas 2020 residency at Park MGM when the outbreak hit, donated $1 million to the fund himself.

Other stars who donated to the fund include David Spade, Bill Mahar, Ray Romano and more.

MGM Resorts has also donated at least 454,000 meals across local food banks and food banks across the country.

Their marquee sign also includes the uplifting message “We don’t have to be together to stand together.”

Ahern Hotel Providing First Responders with Communal Space and Discounted Meals

The Ahern Hotel in Las Vegas, formerly known as the Lucky Dragon, has been providing first responders with a free meeting space that offers complimentary coffee and discounted meals.

The company wanted to give first responders a better space to meet up and grab a bite during their workday, instead of the workers resorting to eating in their vehicles in between calls or on their lunch break.

Discounted meals are being offered daily, between the hours of noon through 9 p.m.

Stay Tuned

Now, this is the good news we love to see.

Even though the Las Vegas economy has been rocked harder than ever with the coronavirus crises and its casinos being shut down for the first time in history, the city continues to stand up and fight together.

We have no doubt that once the dust settles, Vegas will come back even stronger. What good news have you been hearing about in your local community? We’d love for you to share your story below.

Stay safe and healthy, everyone!

Hotels Start to Prepare for LV Coronavirus Outbreak

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases has just exceeded 115,000. Several countries are now experiencing rapidly growing infection rates. In the United States alone, over 1,000 people have now tested positive for Covid-19. This week, hotels began taking new measures to better prepare for a LV coronavirus outbreak.

Image Of Coronavirus

It’s concerning news for those in Clark County (where a case has already been confirmed) and anyone interested in visiting Las Vegas. Today, we’re going to discuss some of the updates to this virus. We’ll also look at how Covid-19 may end up affecting the US gambling industry.

Let’s get into it!

Covid-19 Officially Named a Pandemic By the WHO

When the new coronavirus first began appearing in Wuhan, no one really knew how serious it would become. It wasn’t the first time a virus emerged in China. SARS, for example, was eventually killed off and many expected a similar scenario here.

Within a couple of weeks, it became clear that this was a virus unlike any other that we’ve seen. It has a unique ability to spread. Part of the reason for this is the ability for transmission between people before any symptoms have shown. It quickly began spreading to every single province in China and several nearby countries.

By early February, the virus was also present in many western countries. As the weeks progressed, more and more nations began announcing new cases of the virus. Experts began warning this could become a global pandemic.

About two weeks ago, Italy had three confirmed cases. Today, more than 12,000 individuals have tested positive and the entire country is under lockdown. This goes to show how devastating Covid-19 can be.

Today, the WHO has officially declared this virus a global pandemic. Some experts claim that in time, between 50-70% of the world’s population will become infected with the virus.

Officials in Las Vegas have feared growing infection rates in the city. This week, several major hotels began taking steps to prepare for a major LV coronavirus outbreak.

Is a LV Coronavirus Outbreak Inevitable?

Las Vegas is one of the most-visited cities in America. Millions of people fly in and out every single month and for that reason, some have expressed fears that it’s prime for coronavirus transmission. As of now, however, there have not been any major outbreaks seen in the city.

Some feel that it’s only a matter of time before many new cases are confirmed here. If that happens, it would be devastating to the city’s gambling industry.

If a real LV coronavirus outbreak takes place, all of the city’s major casino-resorts may be forced to temporarily shut down. That would cost the city’s casino companies millions of dollars every single day. We saw something similar take place in Macau.

The fact that thousands of people are crammed into such a small area on the Las Vegas Strip makes this city very likely for an outbreak. After new reports that the virus can be spread simply through breathing makes this even more likely. Health officials across the city have already begun preparing for a rise in infections.

It does seem that an outbreak is inevitable in Las Vegas. In reality, every city across the country is likely to see new infections in the coming months. How the country’s health services respond to the rise in cases is yet to be seen.

Las Vegas Hotels Began Covid-19 Preparations

This week, both Wynn Resorts and Caesars Entertainment announced new measures to deal with Covid-19. Caesars has taken several measures, including monitoring their employees’ health and better disinfectant measures for public areas. CEO Tony Rodio spoke to the media about these preparations to the media this week.

“We are committed to implementing recommendations from the health authorities to give you peace of mind as you visit our properties now and in the future,” he said. “The health and safety of our guests and employees will always be our most important consideration, especially in these challenging circumstances.”

Wynn Resorts has placed hand sanitizers throughout their Las Vegas hotels and now encourages any guests to self-quarantine in their room and call for support from the hotel desk, who will assess the situation. Any employees with symptoms of the coronavirus will immediately be placed on medical leave.

Matt Maddox released a statement, telling guests he wants Wynn Resorts’ hotels to be as safe as possible for guests.

“We are committed to doing everything we can to make Wynn and Encore a respite when you visit one of our resorts,” he said. “We’ve decided to raise our usual standards of cleanliness and health safety even higher … you can count on us to be a travel leader in meeting the challenge of the coronavirus. We assure you we will be attentive and vigilant so you can enjoy your vacation.”

It’s a very troubling time in the country. With the WHO’s decision to label the virus a pandemic, hope is that more countries begin taking more preventative steps to lower infection rates.

Stay tuned for more news on the situation over the next few months!

Slots at Encore Boston Harbor Briefly Shut Down

Massachusetts is now home to a large and successful casino industry. One of the best is Encore Boston Harbor, owned and operated by Wynn Resorts. This week, the slots at Encore Boston Harbor were briefly shut down due to a computer issue.Encore Boston Harbor Hotel-Casino

It’s always scary when a casino suffers some type of issue with its computer system. Today, we’re going to look at what caused the slots to shut down. We’ll also look at how the Encore is performing against some of the other casinos in Massachusetts.

Let’s get into it!

History of Massachusetts’ Casino Industry

Just a decade ago, almost no legal gambling options were available in Massachusetts. Lawmakers in this state worked hard to actively ban most forms of wagering. In 2012, residents here decided to officially legalize land-based casinos.

Over the next few years, lawmakers here began coming up with specific regulations for this new industry. The state’s gambling commission was tasked with issuing gaming licenses. In 2018, MGM Resorts International opened the first casino here.

This venue, called MGM Springfield, was expected to be hugely successful. Unfortunately, this has not necessarily been the case. In 2019, Wynn Resorts opened Encore Boston Harbor in the city of Everett, near Boston.

Massachusetts’ casino market is still growing. As of now, only three gaming venues are operating in the state. It’s likely that more will begin opening here over the next couple of years.

Encore Boston Harbor is without a doubt the most popular casino in the state right now. Unfortunately, it suffered a computer issue this week that affected players.

Slots at Encore Boston Harbor Fail Due to Computer Issue

There are nearly 3,000 different slot machines inside Encore Boston Harbor. These games help to bring the casino millions of dollars in revenue every single month. An issue popped up this week, causing these machines to temporarily shut down.

According to Boston 25 News, a system outage this week caused the slots at Encore Boston Harbor to fail. This left hundreds of gamblers without money after depositing cash into the slot machines. Obviously, it caused an uproar inside the venue.

Officials within Encore Boston Harbor commented on the news to the media late Friday night.

“We experienced a brief system outage with our slot ticketing system in which we reverted to hand-paid jackpots. The issue has been resolved and we are paying all winners,” the statement said. 

Customers claim that the casinos began operating again at around 9:30 pm.

This is the last thing this casino needed right now. Recently, revenue at this gaming venue began to drop. Is this a sign that MGM Springfield is beginning to take over?

MA Casino Revenue Begins to Fluctuate

Not long after Encore Boston Harbor opened to the public, it became the most popular venue in the state. It captured a huge share of the state’s gambling market and earned significantly more revenue than any other casino.

In January, things took a slight turn. That month, it was the only casino in the state to experience a revenue drop. The Encore earned $6 million less than what it brought in the month before.

Interestingly, MGM Springfield’s revenue surged. Reports indicate that the Springfield casino earned $21 million in January, up $2 million from December. For many, it was surprising to see revenue here begin to increase.

MGM Springfield has been a major disappointment for MGM Resorts over the past couple of years. The casino has generated significantly less money than initially expected. MGM continues to invest money here, though, and it now appears that the company’s hard work is paying off.

The slots at Encore Boston Harbor are back up and running. Officials at Wynn Resorts will want to ensure this does not happen again.

Stay tuned for more Massachusetts casino news over the next few months!

Wynn’s New Convention Center is Finally Open

In 2018, Wynn Resorts has discussed plans to open a brand new convention center and meeting space. This week, Wynn’s new convention center officially opened to the public. Today, we’re going to talk about what this new center has to offer.Wynn Las Vegas Casino Logo

Wynn Resorts is working on several new projects right now. 2019 wasn’t great for the company and as of now, things don’t seem to be improving. This is the perfect time to check out where the company is headed this year.

Let’s get into it!

2019 Wasn’t Great for Wynn Resorts

For decades, Wynn Resorts has been considered one of the best casino companies in the world. It was founded back in 2002 by Steve Wynn, who served as CEO until very recently. Things starting going downhill in early 2018, when allegations of sexual abuse against Steve Wynn began to surface.

Several women came forward with stories of misconduct by the powerful CEO. At first, he vehemently denied the allegations. Eventually, he stepped down and sold all of his shares from the company. He then tried to stay out of the public spotlight.

These allegations hurt Wynn Resorts’ reputation. The company eventually filed a lawsuit against Mr. Wynn and ultimately received $20 million from the former CEO. Wynn Resorts eventually decided to name Matt Maddox as the company’s new leader.

Maddox had served as president of the company since 2013. He was promoted to CEO in a position that was expected to last until February of 2021. In December, the company decided to extend his role until 2022. He seems to be doing a good job.

Wynn Resorts has also struggled with some of its overseas properties. Macau, in particular, has been a tough market for the Las Vegas-based casino company. This doesn’t mean things are slowing down, though.

As we mentioned earlier, this company just finally opened its new convention space. Here’s what it has to offer.

Wynn’s New Convention Center Has Bookings Through 2028

Las Vegas is one of the country’s top convention destinations. There are a huge number of major conventions here that draw in thousands of visitors every single month. Since 2019, construction has been underway on Wynn’s new convention center.

This massive property has now officially opened to the public. It’s one of the most impressive convention centers in the city, with two stories and 430,000 square feet of space. It’s actually an extension of the current Wynn Meeting and Convention Space and features an 83,000 square-foot ballroom.

According to company officials, this is already a major success. This new convention center already has bookings lined up until 2028. The new setting of this venue, located directly next to the Wynn Golf Club, is also exciting for many convention-goers.

Chris Flatt, executive vice president of hotel sales and marketing, commented on the opening of this venue to the media this week.

“We were scheduled to open in March and we have a very high percentage of repeat business here and had several customers of ours that literally wanted to be the first groups in the hotels,” he said. “We actually opened about three weeks earlier than anticipated.”

Wynn’s new convention center is open to the public and is already hugely successful. Several other major Las Vegas companies are scheduled to open new convention space, as well. Unfortunately, Wynn’s operations in Macau don’t seem to be improving.

Macau’s Casino Closures Costing Wynn Resorts Millions Every Day

Wynn Resorts operates a huge number of major casino-resorts all across the country. It also runs several major resorts in Macau. This city struggled to attract gamblers in 2019 and things don’t seem to be improving thus far into 2020.

Last year, Macau was hurting due to the US-China trade war and protests in Hong Kong. Now, the Wuhan coronavirus is taking a toll on the city. As a way to prevent infection, leaders in Macau decided to close down all of the territory’s casinos.

This is taking a serious toll on gambling operators here. Wynn Resorts claims that it’s losing between $2.4-$2.6 million every day due to these closures. CEO Matt Maddox isn’t concerned, claiming the company can withstand the losses.

It’s unclear how long this will last for. Death tolls due to the coronavirus are increasing, yet infection rates seem to be dropping. Hope is that officials in Macau manage to stop the spread of this deadly virus before it hits even more countries.

Things aren’t all bad. Wynn’s new convention center is up and running and will likely earn the company serious revenue. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see Macau reclaim its spot as the world’s most profitable gambling hub before long, too.

Stay tuned for more Las Vegas casino news over the next few months!