Plaza Las Vegas Officially Opens Wheel of Fortune Slot Area!

Casino Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine

Las Vegas casinos are still in recovery mode. Most of them are working to come up with new ways to increase their visitation numbers. New reports claim that the Plaza Las Vegas has officially opened up a new Wheel of Fortune slot area.

Wheel of Fortune slot games are extremely popular. Many feel they offer the best opportunities to cash out of any slot game available today. Today, we’ll talk about how the Plaza Las Vegas has expanded in recent months.

Let’s get into it!

Las Vegas Casino Revenue Dropped Considerably in November

Over the past ten months, we’ve been reporting on the casino revenue figures in Nevada. For months, casinos here were earning almost nothing. Finally, in June, the casino industry here began operating once again.

Things began to improve over the summer. For a time, it seemed as if the casinos in Las Vegas were on the road to a full recovery. As the colder months approached, however, tourism numbers dropped and gaming revenue plummeted.

We recently heard news on the revenue figures for the month of November. This month proved to be one of the toughest for Las Vegas casinos in recent history. Revenue during November of 2020 dropped by an astounding 32.5% when compared to the same month in 2019.

Each casino is dealing with this situation in its own way. Many have been forced to close down during the weekdays. Others are offering unique deals in an attempt to bring in more visitors. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that things will get back to normal here any time soon.

More games are becoming available in Las Vegas casinos every single month. The casinos here are constantly trying to offer their players more gaming options. That includes the Plaza Las Vegas, one of the most popular gaming venues off the Las Vegas Strip.

The Plaza Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas has been dealing with major issues over the past year. It’s now offering an exciting new gaming area.

Plaza Las Vegas Reveals New Wheel of Fortune Slot Area

Las Vegas is filled with some of the world’s best casino-resorts. Many feel that the best ones are all located on the Las Vegas Strip. Others are adamant that Downtown Las Vegas is home to the best hotels and gambling venues.

The Downtown area has been expanding over the years. It’s here that the Plaza Las Vegas is located. This property is home to an 80,000 square foot gaming floor and a number of world-class restaurants. Like all other casinos, the Plaza has been struggling lately.

The owners of this venue are working to change things around. This week, news broke that the Plaza is set to feature a new Wheel of Fortune-branded slot area. This zone covers 2,900 square feet and is located in the heart of the casino floor.

Casey P. Adras, the Plaza Hotel & Casino Director of Slot Operations, recently spoke about the debut of this new gaming area to the media.

“When Plaza Casino guests enter our new Wheel of Fortune Slots Zone, it is immediately apparent that they’re in Las Vegas’ epicenter of Wheel of Fortune slots fun,” Casey said. “We’ve collaborated with IGT to create a compelling space that delivers an exceptional guest experience, features the most in-demand Wheel of Fortune games and embodies the jackpot-paying legacy of the iconic slots brand.”

The IGT Wheel of Fortune slot game is considered the most successful of all-time. Since the games debuted in casinos around 25 years ago, they have paid over $3 billion in jackpots. The Plaza Hotel-Casino will now be the first to feature an entire area dedicated to this game.

It’s an exciting moment for this property. We’ll be sure to offer more information on this gambling area over the next few months!

Las Vegas CES 2021 is Set to Begin Today

As most are aware, Las Vegas is home to many of the biggest trade shows in the world. One of the most popular ones is CES, hosted in the city every year. Unfortunately, the 2021 CES event in Las Vegas will be unlike any other in the past.

This year’s event is being hosted entirely online. No visitors are allowed at the event in Las Vegas. It’s a major change and one that is already having a major impact. The city has likely lost millions of dollars due to CES being live-streamed online.

The event officially begins today! It will conclude on January 14. Many small businesses are struggling with the lack of visitors surrounding this event. Most are now looking ahead at how things will look at this time next year.

No one really knows when major trade shows and conventions will begin again. Obviously, these are a major part of the Las Vegas economy. The next few months will tell a lot about how things will look over the next few years.

Places like the Plaza Las Vegas are doing everything they can to stay afloat. It will be interesting to see how popular the new Wheel of Fortune slot area becomes. Stay tuned for updates!

Are you excited about the Plaza’s new Wheel of Fortune gaming area? Let us know in the comments section below!

Lucky Slots Player Hits $1.2M Jackpot at the Venetian

Wheel of Fortune Slot MachinesOne lucky slots player turned a mere $5 investment into a cool $1.2 million jackpot at the Venetian on Wednesday night.

The anonymous winner got the win of a lifetime while playing the Wheel of Fortune Wild Red Sevens slot. The player won $1,264,574, to be exact.

Other Recent Wheel of Fortune Winners in the Valley

This major win makes the third big win for Wheel of Fortune players in the Las Vegas valley over the last few months alone.

Earlier this month, a player won $1.7 million off a $10 wager while playing the Wheel of Fortune slot machine at the Wynn Las Vegas. In January, a gambler won over double that amount, $5.4 million, while playing its machine at the Excalibur. And last November, a player won $2.2 million trying their hand at the machine at the Mirage.

Other Big Wins This Week

  • A video keno player’s two seven-spot cards earned him a $14,000 win at Fiesta Rancho.
  • A Hot Stuff slots player won over $10,000 from a $3.20 bet at Golden Nugget.
  • A South Carolina visitor won 50-Hand video game poker with a clubs royal flush for $10,000 at Four Queens.
  • A Double Diamonds player won $8,000 at Fremont.
  • A Binion’s employee hit a royal flush on a $1 video poker machine for $4,000, right before starting his shirt.

About Slot Machines at the Venetian

The Venetian Resort & Casino in Las Vegas features over 1,000 slot games, with an extensive selection to delight players of all different preferences and gaming tastes. The Venetian also includes a high-limit slots salon, with games that allow bets up to $5,000 a spin. From their official website:

The Venetian and The Palazzo are well known for having the most extensive selection of slots and video poker machines in the city. All your favorites are here on our two elegant casino floors. Experience the excitement as the reels spin and the bells ring, and earn generous rewards for your play when you join Grazie, the Strip’s premier loyalty program.

There’s only one place to play Las Vegas slots, and that’s The Venetian and The Palazzo. With more than 1,000 slot games at The Venetian and over 900 slot games at The Palazzo, you’re sure to find your favorite game or find a new great game to enjoy. Regular updates bring the latest slot machines, such as Ghost Busters 4D, Game of Thrones: Fire & Blood and Lord of the Rings – Rule Them All.

A Massive Pai Gow Jackpot Was Just Hit in Las Vegas

The popularity of Pai Gow poker is growing rapidly in Las Vegas. Part of the reason for this is due to the massive jackpots that this game offers players. This week, another huge Pai Gow jackpot was hit!Hundred Dollar Bills

We hear about these massive jackpot wins every few days in Las Vegas. Over the past couple of months, there have been some absolutely enormous ones. Today, we’re going to check out how much the lucky Pai Gow winner earned and look back at some of the other major jackpots wins in this city.

Lucky Gambler Wins Pai Gow Jackpot at Main Street Casino

As we just mentioned, the popularity of Pai Gow poker is growing quickly. In case you’re unaware, this is a form of poker that was created in 1985. Its played with cards, rather than dominoes, like traditional Pai Gow.

The goal of this game is to create the best possible five-card hand and seven-card hand to beat both of the dealer’s hands. If both hands beat the dealer, you win. If only one hand wins, it’s a push.

This game isn’t on the same level of popularity as games like blackjack or Texas Hold’em. Recently, however, it’s begun appearing in many casinos around Las Vegas. Even major casinos like Caesars and the Venetian now offer this game.

This week, a Hawaiian gambler won an incredible $420,000 playing this game. The Pai Gow jackpot was earned at the Main Street Casino, in Downtown Las Vegas. The unidentified gambler won with a seven-card straight flush and bonus bet.

That’s a significant amount of money. Incredibly, it’s not the biggest win of the month.

Wynn Las Vegas Pays $1.7 to Wheel of Fortune Gambler

The Wynn Resort & Casino in Las Vegas is one of the best gambling venues in the city. Last week, one gambler took home $1.7 million playing the Wheel of Fortune slot inside this casino. As of now, this is the biggest jackpot win in Las Vegas this month.

You may have heard of the Wheel of Fortune slot before. This game is often responsible for handing out massive jackpot wins. In November, for example, another gambler won $2.2 million playing this game inside the Mirage Hotel & Casino.

This game first started appearing on casino floors in 1995. It’s modeled after the popular game show and now comes in several different forms. Since first reaching casinos, this game has reported payouts of more than $2.9 billion.

The Wheel of Fortune slot has made many gamblers rich. We’re likely to see some more huge jackpots come from this game over the next few months. Perhaps we’ll even see another Pai Gow jackpot win!

Gambling revenue in Las Vegas continues to surge. 2020 is expected to be a huge year for this city, with several new establishments opening to the public. Here are some of the ones that both locals and tourists are most excited about.

What’s Coming to Las Vegas in 2020?

Las Vegas is the gambling hub of the world. This is especially true right now, as Macau struggles to deal with a slowing Chinese economy and the quick-spreading coronavirus. Things don’t appear to be slowing down in Vegas anytime soon.

Before the end of the year, Resorts World Las Vegas will officially open its doors to the public. This massive casino-resort has taken several years and cost billions of dollars to construct. Based on the reports that we’ve heard, it will be the most impressive venue ever built in the city.

Sports fans also have a lot to look forward to. In July of this year, Raiders Stadium is opening up. The Raiders are the second major professional sports team to come to this city. Most agree this will help to significantly increase tourism here.

Some exciting new properties are opening up in Downtown Las Vegas, as well. Perhaps the most exciting is Circa Las Vegas, which will feature the largest swimming pool in the city.

Casinos here are happy to see things going so well. Several are expanding and adding new gambling options. This gives gamblers more opportunities to win Pai Gow jackpots and massive slot wins.

This is an exciting time in Las Vegas’ history. Stay tuned for more news here over the next few months!

Lucky Gambler Wins Massive Slot Jackpot in Las Vegas

Most visitors to Sin City hope they manage to win big inside the casinos. Sometimes, this dream becomes a reality. This week, one lucky gambler managed to win a massive slot jackpot in Las Vegas.

Wheel Of Fortune Slot

These huge jackpots are more common than you might think. Today, we’re going to look at how much the gambler won. We’ll also look back at a few more recent big winners in this city.

Let’s get into it!

Slots Player Wins $2.2 Million This Week

Some gamblers love playing slots. Others feel table games offer the best way to win big. Regardless of how you feel, it’s hard to deny that sometimes, slot machines can offer absolutely massive payouts.

On Friday, one slot player won an incredible $2.2 million playing the Wheel of Fortune Triple Red Hot Bells game inside the Mirage Hotel & Casino. This massive slot jackpot in Las Vegas was won on just a $5 wager. The winning spin came at exactly 8:10 am.

It’s great news for this gambler. $2.2 million is one of the biggest slot jackpots in recent memory. Fortunately, this isn’t the first huge slot win and won’t be the last.

Let’s take a look at some other jackpot winners in recent memory.

Another Huge Slot Jackpot in Las Vegas Was Won This Month

The Wheel of Fortune slot machine is well-known for offering some of the biggest prizes in Las Vegas. It seems like every few months, a lucky player wins huge on one of these games. Earlier this month, one gambler took home several hundred thousand dollars playing Wheel of Fortune.

News broke on November 5th that a slots player connected on a 25-cent Wheel of Fortune Triple Double Emeralds for an incredible jackpot of $257,221.73. Just eight days earlier, another player won $492,743.64 on the same game!

Also in late October, a Pennsylvania native took home an astounding $64,829.61 on a 1-cent Tarzan slot machine at the STRAT.

It’s a great time to be a gambling fan in Las Vegas. There are more affordable slot machines now than ever before. There are also some exciting new gambling venues set to open here over the next few years.

New Hotel-Casinos Scheduled to Open in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is home to many of the very best hotel-casinos in the world. Recently, several major casino companies here have begun selling their biggest properties. Many new companies are also constructing new gambling venues here.

Earlier this year, news broke that the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas was sold to Virgin Hotels. Soon, Virgin will begin the renovation of this gambling venue. It’s scheduled to close for eight months while construction is taking place and will open before the end of 2020.

Another exciting casino-resort set to open here is Resorts World, located near the top of the Las Vegas Strip. It’s owned by the Genting Group and is one of the most expensive venues ever built in Las Vegas. As of now, the plan is for this venue to open in December of 2020.

With the Eldorado Resorts-Caesars Entertainment merger almost complete, it’s possible that even more hotel-casinos could be sold here. We’ll need to wait and see which properties Eldorado feels it can benefit without.

One lucky gambler won an absolutely massive slot jackpot in Las Vegas this week. Make sure to stay tuned for more news on these jackpot wins over the next few months!