New Lawsuit Claims Washington’s Gambling Industry is Run by a Monopoly

Washington And Maverick Gaming Sports Betting Background

Washington is known for being one of the largest gambling hubs on the West Coast. It seems that some groups here feel this industry is not being operated on an even playing field. A federal lawsuit has just been filed claiming Washington’s gambling industry is currently being run by a monopoly.

Many new gaming options have become available in this state over the past few years. Now is a great time to look at what this new lawsuit is alleging.

Let’s get into it!

Federal Lawsuit Argues a Monopoly Controls Washington’s Gambling Industry

The United States is home to a somewhat unusual set of laws toward the regulation of gambling. Essentially, each state is able to set its own laws on this industry. These vary greatly with some areas of the country allowing nearly all forms of gambling and others having a blanket ban on even the most simplistic forms of wagering.

Washington is now home to a large number of tribal-run casinos. These were allowed to operate after the federal passing of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988. When sports betting was legalized here in early 2020, lawmakers agreed to give the tribal groups operating casinos exclusive access to run sportsbooks.

Not everyone was pleased with that decision. A federal lawsuit has just been filed, arguing Washington’s gambling industry is operating under a monopoly. The lawsuit was filed by Maverick Gaming LLC, a major card room operator in the state. Maverick official Eric Persson is pushing for sports betting to be allowed outside of just tribal casinos and believes the current laws are unfair to gaming companies like his own.

“I think there’s a big gap between the judiciary and the legislative system,” Persson said. “And I think that as that gets clarified and the legislators understand that IGRA is being applied wrongly in the state of Washington, I think they’re going to engage us. And to me, this is just a logical next step.”

This is the biggest push to change the gambling laws in Washington to date. Will Maverick Gaming’s lawsuit have any effect?

What is This Lawsuit Aiming to Accomplish?

This is not the first major lawsuit to be filed over a state’s gambling regulations. In fact, it’s not the first to focus on how a state is choosing to regulate sports betting. Sports betting is helping to bring in a huge amount of revenue around the country and various groups are doing what they can to enter the market.

Commercial gaming operators are now working to gain a larger foothold in Washington’s gambling industry. At the moment, only tribal groups are legally able to provide sports betting options. If Maverick Gaming is successful, it will be permitted to run sportsbooks, too.

This is a somewhat similar situation to the one Florida finds itself in. The Seminole Tribe was granted the ability to operate sportsbooks fairly early into 2021. Various lawsuits from commercial gaming companies arguing this is unconstitutional have delayed the launch of sports betting in this state.

Maverick Gaming is focusing on more than just sports betting. The group also believes it should have permission to offer the same types of casino games found in tribal casinos inside their card rooms. That includes popular table games such as roulette and craps.

Various individuals, including several tribal leaders in Washington, are already pushing against this lawsuit. It will likely take months to settle. Stay tuned for updates on this situation as the year continues!

How Will Washington’s Gambling Industry Fare in 2022?

The entire US gambling industry surged throughout 2022. Nearly every state with regulated gambling options saw massive revenue surges throughout the year. Washington saw impressive gambling revenue figures throughout the year and most expect that to continue in 2022.

All of Washington’s casinos saw impressive revenue gains when compared to 2020. Certain months proved to be better than others. The summer months were very successful for this state’s casino industry and nearly all others in the United States.

Sports betting continues to grow more popular here, too. Washington only allows bets to be placed inside of tribal casinos. Online sportsbooks are operating, yet they are only accessible while inside these casinos.

It’s unclear if Washington’s gambling industry will be affected in any major way by the lawsuit being filed by Maverick Gaming. If successful, there is reason to believe that gambling revenue will grow. The amount of money being earned by tribal groups will likely decrease.

What do you think of this new federal lawsuit? Should commercial gaming companies be allowed to operate sportsbooks? Let us know in the comments section below.

Kalispel Tribe of Indians Announces New Partnership with USI

The sports betting industry in Washington state is slowly but surely expanding. Washington has some of the most restrictive gambling laws in the US. As a result, it is no surprise that some sportsbooks throughout the state have started to partner with outside firms. This week, the Kalispel Tribe of Indians announced they have a new partnership with US Integrity.

Northern Quest Resort and Casino has been open for two decades but only recently started operating a sportsbook. Washington state has strict gambling laws that only allow wagers to be placed on casino grounds. The casino is looking to operate a mobile betting option starting this spring.

Partnering with USI will help the Kalispel Tribe ensure they take every precaution in following the state’s betting laws. A successful launch last this spring would make the Kalispel Tribe the second Washington tribe to operate a mobile sportsbook.

As part of the deal, US Integrity (USI) will provide its full range of integrity monitoring services at the tribe’s Northern Quest Resort and Casino. USI is a technology company that monitors sports betting operations to prevent fraud and corruption. The Kalispel Tribe of Indians owns multiple casinos in the state, but the partnership with USI only affects their Spokane location. Representatives from both USI and Northern Quest spoke positively about the partnership earlier this week.

What is USI?

USI was founded in 2018 with the aim of making sports, and sports betting, safe and fair for all involved. The technology company partners with different leagues and organizations with the aim of detecting and discouraging fraud. USI also helps prevent game manipulation, fixing of games, and other betting activity that would be illegal and unethical.

The technology offered by USI is especially important in the modern-day as the US sports betting industry continues its rapid growth. Despite being only a few years old, USI has already joined forces with several big names in the sports world.

Some of the leagues that use USI’s services include the NBA, SEC, and PAC 12. Several universities and individual teams are also partnered with USI. Schools such as Pitt and the University of Colorado work with USI. As do sportsbooks such as William Hill and BetFred Sports.

Sportsbooks benefit from using USI’s service to help detect and prevent fraudulent betting. USI analyzes data sts from sportsbooks to look for suspicious wagering and officiating patterns. They also monitor for signs of illegal activity such as insider trading. Using USI’s services allows sports betting operations to ensure bettors have a fair and safe experience.

How Does USI Partnership Affect Northern Quest Casino and Resort?

Northern Quest and Casino Resort launched its sportsbook last month. However, Washington state has very strict gambling laws. For instance, bettors can only place wagers while on casino property. Northern Quest plans to launch its mobile betting app in the spring. The expansion of its sportsbook makes Northern Quest a good partner for USI’s services. The fraud detection company can help the casino prevent problems before they arise.

The sportsbook at Northern Quest Casino and Resort spans over 2,300 square feet. Currently, bettors can only place bets at the retail counters or one of the self-service betting kiosks. It also features multiple televisions that bettors can use to track their bets in real-time. The addition of a mobile betting option will allow players to take advantage of in-play betting options.

When the app launches, bettors will likely place more wagers to take advantage of the additional bets available to them. Unfortunately, the increase in betting could also create new issues for the sportsbook. USI’s technology will allow the casino to identify problems in real-time. Partnering with USI will help Northern Quest ensure that the expansion does not also bring with it an increase in fraud and other unsafe betting activity.

Washington State Gambling Laws

The state of Washington is one of the biggest sports hubs in the Pacific Northwest. Seattle now features sports teams in all four major US sports. So it should come as no surprise that citizens of the Evergreen State are eager to win real money betting on their favorite teams. However, Washington has some of the most restrictive betting laws in the US.

In Washington, bettors can only place wagers while on casino grounds. However, the state only recently legalized sports betting last September. As a result, many casinos have started to partner with outside agencies to begin their sports betting operations.

Sportsbooks may not be able to offer true mobile betting options in Washington, but that does not mean they are not available. Northern Quest became the second casino to launch a mobile betting app for players to use while at the casino. They also became the second casino to partner with USI to assist with managing their sportsbook operation. The Snoqualmie Casino was the first to do both. As more casinos follow suit, Washington legislators may begin to loosen some of their restrictive betting laws.


Sports betting in the US is continuing to grow. Last month, the Kalispel Tribe of Indians became the second tribe in Washington to launch a mobile betting option at its casino. The Kalispel Tribe launched the app at its Northern Quest Resort and Casino. This week, Northern Quest announced it is partnering with US Integrity to help manage its sportsbook.

USI is a technology company focused on reducing fraud and providing safe sports betting for all involved. The company started in 2018 and has quickly made a name for itself in the sports world. USI currently has partnerships with a number of prominent figures including the NBA, SEC, and William Hill sportsbook.

The partnership between USI and Northern Quest is an obvious one. USI already works with the only other casino in Washington state with a mobile sportsbook. They can also provide valuable guidance to the casino as they venture into the mobile sports betting world. Increased betting options will also likely increase the number of bets placed. Technology from USI will help Northern Quest ensure that all the betting action is done in a legal manner.

Wind Creek Hospitality Purchases FlowPlay

The Seattle-based game developer FlowPlay is under new management. FlowPlay is one of the biggest developers in the Pacific Northwest. Business for the company has been booming over the course of the pandemic. Now, FlowPlay will operate under new ownership. Last week, the tech developer announced they were being acquired by Wind Creek Hospitality.

Wind Creek Hospitality is the gaming arm of the Poarch Band of Creek Indians. The Alabama tribe is the only federally recognized tribe in the state. By purchasing FlowPlay, Wind Creek Hospitality hopes to expand its market beyond its 10 land-based casinos. Wind Creek Hospitality will look to translate FlowPlay’s history of creating successful online games into the iGaming market.

Full details of the deal have not been announced yet. However, Wind Creek Hospitality has been in talks with FlowPlay about purchasing the startup for years. Early reports indicate that full-time employees, including the co-founders of FlowPlay, will stay on to run the operation. With any luck, Wind Creek Hospitality will be able to enter the realm of real money Alabama casino sites soon.

Wind Creek Hospitality Continues to Expand

Wind Creek Hospitality purchasing FlowPlay is part of their continued expansion into new markets. Currently, they operate a total of three casino resorts in their home state of Alabama. As the only federally recognized tribe, Poarch Band is the only tribe allowed to operate casinos in the state.

The tribe also operates casinos in Nevada, Pennsylvania, Curacao, and Aruba. They also own racetracks in both Alabama and Florida. Wind Creek Hospitality has a casino in development in Illinois. The US sports betting industry has seen record revenue numbers over the past year.

This record growth has been due in part to more states allowing the practice. However, a big part of the growth has been due to online and mobile betting options. Despite having widespread brick-and-mortar operations, Wind Creek Hospitality does not have a large online and mobile presence. The acquisition of FlowPlay gives Wind Creek Hospitality the access they need to the rapidly growing market.

Since 2019, FlowPlay’s revenue has more than doubled. The Poarch Band of Creek Indians will now be able to take advantage of states that allow online gaming as they continue to expand operations. It also allows the company to diversify investments and expand into new markets.

What Does the Future Hold for FlowPlay?

FlowPlay has experienced unprecedented growth since the start of the pandemic. However, the Seattle-based company has been looking for a buyer for some time. After failing to find a buyer in 2020, FlowPlay repurchased shares from previous investors. The tech company became fully owned by its employees and founders. Over the summer, FlowPlay was approached by Wind Creek Hospitality about a growth opportunity for both organizations.

Washington state does not allow for sports betting or other types of gambling outside of its casinos. If FlowPlay was looking to partner with a casino to create mobile gaming options, they would need to look outside of their home state. Teaming up with Wind Creek Hospitality will allow FlowPlay access to several states with friendlier gaming laws.

The acquisition also brings good news for the current employees of FlowPlay. Derrick Morton, one of FlowPlay’s co-founders, will serve as president of the new subsidiary. FlowPlay’s other co-founder, Douglas Pearson, will also stay with the company and continue to serve as the chief technical officer.

FlowPlay is also keeping its operations based in Seattle. A total of 64 full-time employees will be staying with the company through the acquisition. The lack of overlap between the organizations allows for the company to retain all of its employees. FlowPlay will also maintain its brand.


FlowPlay’s quest for new ownership has come to an end. The Seattle startup has been around for 15 years and will now operate as a subsidiary of Wind Creek Hospitality. FlowPlay will continue to operate in Seattle while maintaining its brand and employees.

Wind Creek Hospitality is the gaming branch of the Poarch Band of Creek Indians. The Alabama tribe is the only federally recognized tribe in the state. In total, the tribe owns 10 casino resorts in the US and abroad. They also operate racetracks in Alabama and Florida. By purchasing FlowPlay, they hope to expand into online and mobile markets as well.

The tribe operates several site-based casinos, but they have not yet been able to fully expand into mobile and online markets. FlowPlay on the other hand is adept at creating online gaming software. However, Washington state’s strict gambling laws prevent the company from being able to take full advantage of the iGaming market. Both companies play to the other’s strengths.

The timing of the purchase will allow Wind Creek Hospitality to take advantage of recent growth in the US casino industry. Casinos in the US have seen record revenues in 2021. A large part of the growth has been due to sports betting increasingly becoming legal throughout the states. Online and mobile gaming options have also been major contributors to the record-breaking revenue this year.

Snoqualmie Casino Launches First Mobile Sports Betting App in Washington State

Mobile sports betting is now available in the Evergreen State. A Washington State tribe, the Snoqualmie Tribe, officially became the first casino to offer mobile sports betting at their Snoqualmie Casino. The casino is located near the city of Seattle, a major sports hub in the state.

Washington started allowing legal sports betting in September of this year, and several of the state’s tribal casinos have been quick to capitalize on it. Snoqualmie Casino is the first to allow mobile betting, it is not likely to be the last. As of now, patrons must be in the casino in order to use the app, but that could change with new legislation in the future. For now, the ability to use mobile phones to access the sportsbook is a big step in the right direction.

Mobile Sports Betting at the Snoqualmie Casino

In September of this year, a total of nine Washington state tribes were approved to start sportsbooks at their casinos. This was a major win for proponents of sports betting as Washington has some of the toughest anti-gambling laws in the US. Mobile and online gambling are Class C felonies in the Evergreen State.

To adhere to the strict gambling laws in Washington, bettors have to be on the casino grounds to place their bets. Patrons will also need to be a casino approved by the Washington State Gambling Commission to offer sports betting. The Snoqualmie tribe partnered with International Gaming Technology (IGT) to provide mobile sports betting to casino goers. IGT’s mobile app, PinPoint, uses bettor’s geolocation to ensure they are allowed to place their bets.

The ability for patrons to use their mobile devices to access the Snoqualmie Casino’s sportsbooks will allow more people to partake. Previously, bettors would have to access one of the self-service betting kiosks within the casino to make their bets. Now, everyone can access the sportsbook using their mobile device.

Using mobile devices also allows for the addition of in-play betting. Live sports betting is a major appeal of mobile and online sportsbooks. As the only casino in the state with a mobile option, the Snoqualmie Casino will be the only place bettors can take advantage of it, for now.

Other Washington Tribal Casinos Offering Sports Betting

The Snoqualmie Casino is the first to offer mobile sports betting, but they will likely not be the last. Several other casinos throughout the state of Washington have already partnered with mobile betting companies. There are no legal online casinos within the state, so for now the best bettors can hope for is that more casinos begin offering mobile sports betting options.

Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort is a short ferry ride from Seattle. In September, the Suquamish Tribe announced they were partnering with FanDuel Sportsbook. FanDuel is a popular mobile sportsbook that operates throughout the US where mobile sports betting is allowed. With the Snoqualmie Casino already ahead of the game, it would be no surprise if the Suquamish tribe is close behind them with their own mobile sports betting option.

The Puyallup Tribe also operates casinos in Washington and has two casinos in the Tacoma area. In October, the Puyallup Tribe announced they were partnering with BetMGM to offer sports betting on their property. BetMGM, like FanDuel, is a major proprietor of online and mobile sportsbooks across the US.


The US sports betting industry has exploded over the last several years. With individual states now able to create their own laws regarding sports gambling, sportsbooks are becoming commonplace in many US states. Washington state officially legalized sports betting in September of this year, but only within the state’s casinos.

Now, one of the country’s biggest sports hubs has a casino that offers a mobile sports betting option. The Snoqualmie Tribe is the first casino operating in Washington to offer mobile sports betting at their Snoqualmie Casino near Seattle. Other tribes throughout the state, such as the Puyallup Tribe and Suquamish Tribe already have deals in place with major online and mobile sportsbook providers.

For now, bettors are only allowed to place bets while on casino grounds. However, with no legal online casino options in the state, mobile sports betting at casinos is the closest bettors can get to true mobile betting. Being able to bet using their mobile devices also allows players to access live betting options that were not feasible with betting kiosks. As more casinos begin offering mobile sports betting, it may put more pressure on Washington state legislators to loosen their rigid anti-gambling laws.

Sports Betting at Snoqualmie Casino Finally Goes Live

Washington State And Snoqualmie Tribe Logo Background

It wasn’t easy, yet Washington’s sports betting industry is finally going live. Sportsbooks around the state are beginning to accept wagers. To the delight of many residents, sports betting at Snoqualmie Casino is now available!

These options are launching in time to bet on the 2021/2022 NFL season. Analysts are expecting many of these football wagers to begin flowing in over the next few months.

Here’s what you need to know.

Sports Betting at Snoqualmie Casino is Now Available

Sports betting has grown incredibly popular throughout the United States over the past few years. This is mostly due to the removal of PASPA, allowing each state to legalize and regulate this form of gambling. Many states now have successful sports betting industries set in place.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee approved a final sports betting bill back in March of 2020. Officials within the WA State Gambling Commission have since been coming up with specific regulations for this industry. The goal has been to launch the state’s first sportsbooks by the start of the 2021/2022 NFL regular season.

This goal has been reached. Sports betting at Snoqualmie Casino is now available. This marks the first sportsbook in the state of Washington to go live. The casino’s CEO, Stanford Le, spoke about this launch to the media earlier today.

“Obviously, there’s revenue implications to that [launching a sportsbook],” Le said. “But more importantly, the timing was just right, the fervor for football season. This is making history. So having a natural time frame, the kickoff of the NFL season and the kickoff of our sportsbook and being the first in Washington all just made a lot of sense.”

Six sports betting kiosks will be available throughout the Snoqualmie Casino floor. Another more official sportsbook is also now operational here. Some are now beginning to wonder when exactly the state’s first online sportsbooks will launch.

Washington’s Online Sportsbooks Will Take Weeks to Launch

The past few weeks have demonstrated how difficult it is to launch a legal sports betting industry. Many states planned to launch their first sportsbooks by the NFL’s season-opening game. Not all of these states managed to do so.

Washington’s sports betting laws are a little different than in other areas of the country. Here, online sports betting is set to become legal, yet only inside licensed casinos. Statewide online sports betting will not become available here.

It appears that the first online sportsbooks in Washington will not be going live for at least a few weeks. Officials at the Snoqualmie Casino have confirmed this is the case. First, the casino needs to conduct tests on the geo-perimeter to ensure all online sports bets are placed on casino grounds.

Still, residents are excited to hear that sports betting is now available in the state. A huge number of individuals will be excited to take part in sports betting at Snoqualmie Casino. It will be interesting to see how much revenue is earned from this state’s entire sports gambling industry over the next four months.

There is still time for sports fans around the country to make their football bets online. Here’s a quick look at some of the odds being offered on tonight’s opening game.

Here’s How to Find Odds on the Cowboys vs. Buccaneers Online

This NFL season is expected to be an exciting one. More than 45 million Americans are now expected to wager on football over the next five months. Many are already heading over to sites like BetOnline to make their bets on tonight’s game between the Cowboys and Buccaneers.

BetOnline lists the Cowboys as the +375 underdogs in this matchup. Dak Prescott is one of the top quarterbacks in the league, yet many are questioning how the rest of the Cowboys’ roster will perform this season. A win for Dallas could earn bettors some serious cash.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers come into this game as the -465 favorites. They are the defending Super Bowl champions and have an elite stable of players. Of course, Tom Brady is now 44-years-old and fans are left wondering when time will eventually catch up to him.

There are many exciting football betting options available through BetOnline right now. Members here can also bet on the future Super Bowl winners, and more. Feel free to check out all of these options today!

Are you excited to see sports betting at Snoqualmie Casino become available? Which team do you think wins tonight’s game? Let us know in the comments section below.

Tulalip Tribes Reach Sports Betting Agreement With State Commission


Almost one year after the Washington Legislature voted to legalize sports betting in the state, the terms for the opening of the first sportsbook in Washington has been agreed upon.

Last Friday, the Tulalip Tribes and the Washington State Gambling Commission reached a temporary agreement that will allow legal Washington sports betting sites at two Tulalip Reservation resorts, per an announcement by the state agency.

The 35-page regulations, limits, and controls will now go through a state and federal approval process before the first ever sports bet can be wagered in the state of Washington. The Committee of state legislature and the Gambling Commission will hold hearings and take public comments this spring. After that, the governor and the tribes will sign off the agreement before it is sent to the U.S. Interior Department for Consideration.

National Sports Betting Brands Are Interested

Under the agreement legal Wasington sports betting will include wagers on the top professional sports leagues, the Olympic games, and other international sporting events. College sports bets will also be allowed except for in-state school games. Unlike neighboring Oregon, no online or mobile gaming options will be allowed outside the walls of the authorized tribal casinos.

National sports betting brands like DraftKings, FanDuel, and William Hill have shown interest in competing for the licenses to operate the sportsbooks at the tribal casinos. This was evident during the hearings, and in their public comments to the state Gambling Commission.

Not the Last Agreement

The Tulalip Tribes own the Tulalip Resort Casino and Quil Ceda Creek Casino, both near I-5 on the reservation. The agreement between the Tulalip Tribes is the first between the state gambling commission and a tribal government but it will most certainly be not the last one.

According to the Gambling Commission, 13 to 14 tribes have expressed their interest in offering legal Washington sports betting at their resorts. According to Legal and Legislative manager Brian Considine of the Washington State Gambling Commission, the announcement of the first ever leal Washington sports betting agreement with the Tulalips would launch a cascade of negotiating rounds with the other tribes who now have a concrete agreement to work from.