William Hill Sports Betting App Launched in Washington D.C.

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William Hill launched its sports betting app in the Nation’s capital earlier this week after securing approval from the D.C. Office of Lottery and Gaming. However, there is a catch.

Because William Hill received a Class A sports betting license, it’s mobile app is only allowed to be used within two blocks of the Capital One Arena. That’s because a Class A gaming license is reserved for facilities located inside the city’s four major sports stadiums and arenas.

William Hill is the exclusive sports betting partner of the Washington Wizards, Washington Capitals, and Washington Mystics who all play their home games at the Capital One Arena.

App Not Available Everywhere

The William Hill sports betting app will offer several types of bets including in-play wagering and parlay cards that will link multiple bets. Starting this past Tuesday, it is available for download in any Apple or Google devices. But like D.C. Lottery’s Gamebet DC sports betting app, it isn’t available for use inside federal buildings.

But while the two block radius distance from the Capital One Arena and the prohibition of use inside government buildings is a limitation for the William Hill sports betting app, it’s launch will give DC sports bettors a solid alternative from the existing Gamebet DC sports betting app. William Hill is known to give the best user experience while also offering very competitive odds.

First Sportsbook Inside U.S. Sports Venue

Last July, William Hill also launched a pop-up sportsbook inside the Capital One Arena. It is also awaiting the completion of the construction of a full-service retail sportsbook in the venue. That project is in partnership with Monumental Sports & Entertainment which owns the Wizards franchise.

Once finished in the spring of 2021, the brick and mortar William Hill sportsbook at the former Greene Turtle Bar at the corner of F and Sixth Streets NW at the arena will have a restaurant and it will offer a first-of-its-kind experience for Washington sports fans and bettors. It will also be the first retail sportsbook to operate inside a U.S. sports venue.

William Hill vs Gamebet DC

The arrival of William Hill in D.C. has given Gambet DC stiff competition. William Hill’s pop-up sportsbook took $13.7M worth of bets with a reported $2.73M in gross gaming revenues in November. In contrast, Gamebet DC took in just $3.9M in sports bet during the same month.

The launch of its sports betting app only looks to make William Hill’s D.C. presence even stronger. Aside from D.C., William Hill has offers its mobile sports betting app in seven other states, namely Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Nevada, New Jersey, and West Virginia. It also operates the trading services for the Rhode Island Lottery mobile app.

Sports Betting in Capital One Arena is Almost Here

Lawmakers in Washington DC have officially approved sports gambling. Recently, several groups here have pushed to allow sports betting in Capital One Arena. It’s now looking like this is closer to happening than many expected.

View Inside Capital One Arena

The owner of this famous arena claims to have secured a deal with a major sports betting operator. Let’s take a look at this city’s road to sports betting legalization, and how sports gambling could become available inside the Capital One Arena.

Washington DC’s Road to Sports Betting Legalization

Sports betting has never been more popular in the US than it is right now. For many years, only Nevada was legally allowed to offer sports wagering options. In May of 2018, the Supreme Court struck down PASPA, giving every state in the country the ability to set laws on the sports betting industry.

Almost immediately after PASPA was removed, New Jersey chose to legalize sports gambling. It’s proven to be an extremely lucrative industry for this state. New Jersey’s sports betting market now earns more than Las Vegas.

In 2018, prior to PASPA being removed, lawmakers in Washington DC approved the Sports Wagering Lottery Amendment Act. This Act made it possible for the state to allow sports gambling after the federal ban was removed. In May of 2019, officials in DC put the Act into effect and sports betting was made officially legal.

It’s still unclear when the first legal sports wagers will be made in this state. Many companies are looking to break into this new market. Interestingly, the city’s biggest sports arena is now preparing to offer in-arena sports wagering options.

Owner Confirms Sports Betting in Capital One Arena is Coming

For months, officials at Monumental Sports and Entertainment have discussed plans to open sports betting in Capital One Arena. Ted Leonsis, owner of this sports arena and CEO of MSE, talked about his goal to open sports gambling options here back in April.

“There will be a sportsbook inside the building accessible from the outside and depending on the league and depending on the event, it might be accessible from the inside as well,” he said. 

Leonsis owns the Washington Wizards and Washington Capitals, who both play inside this arena. He believes that offering sports betting options inside the arena would help to bring in more visitors and generate massive revenue earnings. This week, Leonsis confirmed that sports betting in Capital One Arena is one its way.

In an official press release, the owner revealed this his company had partnered with William Hill to open a sportsbook inside the arena. William Hill is one of the top gambling companies based in the UK. It’s focused on expanding into the US market and is now operating in 10 different states.

William Hill will soon begin construction on a multi-level sportsbook inside this sports arena. It will be open seven days a week, even when no sporting events are taking place. Leonsis recently commented on this company’s role moving forward.

“William Hill will manage and be solely responsible for the business of the sportsbook and ensure that we as the team franchises never touch the money. We are always pushing the limits on what’s possible in sports. Monumental has led the way on sports gaming and is among the first in sports to integrate real-time data into the live game experience.”

When Will Sports Betting Become Available Here?

Washington DC’s City Council voted to legalize sports betting late last year. Unfortunately, there have been several legal hurdles that have prevented any sports betting options to open up here. There is currently an injunction in place that’s making it impossible for any sportsbooks to start operating here.

It’s beginning to look like this injunction will soon be resolved. Several officials in this city have stated that the first sports betting options will become available here before the end of 2019.

According to signs posted inside the arena, sports betting in Capital One Arena will be available in 2020. Only those above the age of 21 will be able to place sports wagers here. This is an extremely exciting time for sports fans inside this city.

It’s still unclear exactly what forms of sports gambling will become available here. It’s likely that visitors will have the ability to place wagers on live sporting events taking place inside the arena.

Make sure to stay tuned for more US sports betting news over the next new months!

These States Likely to Propose Sports Betting Legislation

The news about sports betting being legalized all over the US is being spread all around the world. Some states have acted immediately after the federal ban was lifted and introduced this type of gambling activity to their casinos.

However, other states recognize the potential of sports betting, and many of them are working hard to make this activity available for their sports betting aficionados. Let’s take a look at some of the states that are most likely to introduce this activity next.

Washington DC

The capital of the USA will soon make it possible to bet on the Capitals and the Nationals, and the Redskins and the Wizards as well. As a matter of fact, sports betting is likely to be completely legalized in this state by September 1.

They are currently having trouble sorting out who the sports betting provider would be, as Intralot—the provider initially selected—is already the lottery provider for this state. The regular voting process was bypassed, and Intralot was awarded a license that is now under a 60-day review.

IowaSports Betting

A bill to legalize sports betting was introduced recently in Iowa, and it seems that the residents of this state will have an opportunity to place bets on sports very soon as the bill has been gaining a lot of momentum.

A total of 19 casinos, as well as some other gambling-related facilities such as horse tracks, would be able to open sportsbooks sections. They will be able to create online apps, but people who want to bet on sports would have to be physically present at the betting site to register for an app and place bets via their mobile devices.


Indiana is very close to legalizing sports betting as Senate Bill 522 has passed through the first Senate committee. This bill is filled with various changes that are related to the gaming laws that exist in this state. Apart from allowing sports betting activities in Indiana, this bill also proposes the construction of two casinos and relocating the existing ones. The bill was created as a response to declining revenues in the gambling industry in this state. In other words, the officials of Indiana want to improve gaming in their state as they fear people might lose interest over time.


The state of Kentucky has proposed a betting bill that will not only allow sports betting, but also pave the way for online poker and even fantasy sports. The racetracks in Kentucky that want to obtain sports betting fees would have to pay $500,000 to obtain a license and then pay a $50,000 annual renewal. The bill allows using apps for betting, but only if you are on site. According to some estimates, sports betting would bring up to $48 million annually for the budget of this state.


Minnesota is still in the process of consideration when it comes to a sports betting bill. They have an act called the Safe and Regulated Sports Gambling Act of 2019,  and its one goal is to establish the so-called “sports pools.”

Just like in Mississippi, this bill would allow sports betting at 18 tribal casinos. However, the 11 federally recognized tribes must play their part, which means that the success of this deal depends heavily on them. If they reach an agreement, there will be plenty of room to explore all the possible option and eventually introduce sports betting to Minnesota.