One of the Biggest Parties in Las Vegas is Heading to the Virgin Hotel!

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Las Vegas is known as the party capital of the United States. The casino-resorts in this city are known for putting on exciting nightlife events on a regular basis. This week, news broke that one of the biggest parties in Las Vegas will soon be taking place at the Virgin Hotel-Casino.

This venue recently opened its doors where the former Hard Rock Hotel-Casino stood. Its owners are now working hard to boost visitation rates. Now is a great time to talk about the upcoming party taking place here.

Let’s get into it!

More LV Nightlife Options are Becoming Available Every Month

The nightlife options in Las Vegas are legendary. In this small city, more world-class nightclubs and bars are available than anywhere else in the country. Back in March of 2020, the city’s entire nightlife industry was completely shut down.

It took months for anything to change here. Finally, over the summer of 2020, much of Las Vegas began to reopen. Tourism rates began to increase and many of the health regulations set in place here were slowly scrapped.

2021 is proving to be a much better year for Las Vegas. Today, most of the restrictions set in place last year have been removed. Masks are no longer required inside casinos and almost all venues here are able to operate at 100% capacity.

It seems like every month, more nightlife options in Las Vegas are becoming available. Nearly all of the casino-resorts on the Las Vegas Strip have reopened their nightclubs. This is helping to bring in more tourists from around the country.

There are some exciting new clubs opening in the city over the next few months, too. Most are looking at the AYU Dayclub and Zouk Nightclub at Resorts World Las Vegas. Resorts World is opening to the public on June 24 and is expected to be one of the best new properties in the city.

Some incredible parties are taking place in Las Vegas over the next few months. We’re now beginning to hear about one massive party scheduled to take place at the Virgin Hotel.

Virgin Hotel is Set to Host One of the Biggest Parties in Las Vegas

This summer is already shaping up to be one of the most special ones in history for the city of Las Vegas. The tourism situation here has been improving over the entire year. Hotels are now reporting a surge of bookings over June, July, and August.

The Virgin Hotel-Casino opened its doors earlier this year. It’s the first casino that the Virgin Group has opened. As many expected, this has proven to be a hugely popular venue for those looking to stay off the Las Vegas Strip.

This week, news broke that one of the biggest parties in Las Vegas this summer will be taking place at the Virgin Hotel. Richard “Boz” Bosworth, President and CEO of the hotel’s ownership group, discussed the “Unstoppable Weekend” party to the media this week. He believes it will help the hotel bring in a huge number of new guests.

“We wanted vibrancy. We wanted a party, and we wanted it to be safe,” he said. And we felt it would have been irresponsible to have that level of a party when you had to have anywhere from 3 to 6 foot social distancing, or 75% capacity, or no dancing, or some of the very natural restrictions that were needed (to keep) our community healthy and safe.” 

This party will begin on Thursday and concludes on Sunday. Christina Aguilera will be headlining the show. Reports claim that Virgin CEO Richard Branson will also be attending many of the festivities.

The “Unstoppable Weekend” is expected to be one of the biggest parties in Las Vegas this summer. If you’re in the city, head over to the Virgin Hotel to see what all of the hype is about!

Fireworks are Returning to Las Vegas on July 4

The Fourth of July is usually one of the busiest days of the year for Las Vegas. This year’s July 4 falls on a Sunday and the weekend is expected to be one for the ages. To the delight of many people planning a trip here, fireworks will be returning to the city this year!

Historically speaking, Las Vegas hosts some truly remarkable fireworks celebrations every year. The one next month should prove to be one of the best yet. Many of the biggest casino-resorts in the city are already planning to launch massive fireworks shows on July 4.

Some fantastic parties will also be taking place over the Fourth of July weekend. Over at Park MGM, multiple-time Grammy winner Bruno Mars will be performing. He’s become a common face in Las Vegas and should bring the heat over the holiday weekend.

Over at the aforementioned Resorts World Las Vegas, Miley Cyrus will be performing at the AYU Dayclub. The performance will conclude with a fireworks show.

Of course, one of the biggest parties in Las Vegas is taking place this weekend! It seems likely that this party weekend will bring a surge of visitors to the Virgin Hotel-Casino. We’ll be sure to report more on this event once it concludes.

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The Virgin Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas Opens This Week!

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Las Vegas is in the middle of a comeback right now. Fortunately, some exciting new properties are set to open their doors in this city over the next few months. This week, the Virgin Hotel-Casino will finally open its doors to the public!

The opening of this venue has been highly-anticipated for years. Many gambling fans are excited about what Virgin has to offer with its first casino. Now is the perfect time to talk about what is becoming available here.

Let’s get into it!

Las Vegas Casinos See a Boost in Visitors and Revenue

No city relies on tourism quite as much as Las Vegas. The casino shutdowns in March of 2020 took a devastating toll on the city’s economy. Even today, the effects of those shutdowns are being felt throughout Las Vegas.

Fortunately, there are some improvements being seen here lately. As infection rates drop, casinos are seeing their visitation rates increase. There have been large jumps in tourism numbers here over the past few months.

This, in turn, leads to boosts in gaming revenue. This is exactly what the casino companies operating in Las Vegas need. Many have seen record-low revenue figures for more than a year due to the events that have unfolded around the world.

Of course, some companies were forced to take drastic actions. Las Vegas Sands recently sold The Venetian and plans to focus most of its efforts on Macau. This comes shortly after the death of LVS founder and CEO Sheldon Adelson.

Most of the casinos in Las Vegas have now resumed their 24-hour operations. It’s clear that the city is beginning to recover. Hope is that by the time summer rolls around, tourism rates and revenue will reach pre-pandemic levels.

The opening of brand new casinos in the city are helping to boost tourism rates. This week, one exciting new hotel-casino will finally open its doors here.

Thursday Marks the Opening of the Virgin Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas

There are more world-class casinos in Las Vegas than in any other city in the country. Many of them are located on the Las Vegas Strip. Lately, many popular gambling venues have also opened their doors outside of the Strip, too.

Back in 1995, the Hard Rock Hotel opened to the public. It was a major hit for years but began seeing revenue declines due to the rise in competition around the city. As a result, this venue was forced to permanently close its doors.

The Virgin Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas is now scheduled to take its place. This new property has been under construction for years. On Thursday, this new property will finally open to the public. From what is being said, this should be an incredible venue for guests in the city.

The grand opening of this venue will feature live entertainment such as DJ’s, street performers, etc… Dining reservations can now be booked beginning on March 25. Rooms inside the hotel are quickly filling up, reports indicate.

Venues like this one are expected to help boost the tourism industry in Las Vegas. Many people around the country are excited to see what it has to offer. It is Virgin’s first gambling venue and a huge amount of money was invested to ensure it becomes a hit.

We’ll be sure to offer more updates on this property after it opens its doors. Now, many are looking ahead to the opening of Resorts World Las Vegas.

Resorts World Las Vegas is Only a Few Months From Opening

The Virgin Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas isn’t the only incredible venue scheduled to open its doors in Las Vegas. For years, Resorts World Las Vegas has been under construction. This massive casino-resort is expected to be truly one-of-a-kind.

Resorts World Las Vegas cost an incredible $4.2 billion to construct. That makes it the most expensive gambling property ever built in Las Vegas. It is modern and should help to bring many visitors in Las Vegas to the northern area of the Strip.

An official opening date for this venue still has not yet been established. It is expected to open its doors this summer, though. Rumors point toward an opening in July.

More details about this venue are beginning to come out. Several new restaurants have been revealed to begin operating here. A food hall and hidden speakeasy will also be opening inside Resorts World.

Reports are also surfacing that claim Katy Perry will be performing a residency inside this casino-resort. This will be taking place inside The Theatre, Resorts World’s 5,000-seat entertainment venue.

Are you excited to see the Virgin Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas open its doors? Let us know in the comment section below!

Officials Have Finally Revealed the LV Virgin Hotel’s Opening Date

For months, gambling fans have been eagerly awaiting news on when the new Virgin Hotel-Casino would open its doors in Las Vegas. This property’s opening has already been delayed several times. This week, company officials gave the media more information on the LV Virgin Hotel’s opening date.Virgin Brand Logo

Based on what’s being said, this will be the best new hotel-casino to open in this city for years. It certainly has big shoes to fill inside the former Hard Rock Hotel. Today, we’re going to talk about when this venue is expected to reopen.

Let’s get into it!

Looking Back at How Virgin Hotels Moved Into Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the world’s biggest and most popular gambling destinations. Over the past few years, this city has seen its casino revenue increase quickly. Many exciting new casino-resorts were being constructed around the city.

Back in 1995, the Hard Rock Hotel opened its doors near the Las Vegas Strip. It quickly became one of the most popular venues in the city. As the years went on, however, it began seeing a major drop in earnings. Eventually, this venue was forced to close its doors.

The newly-formed Virgin Hotels brand saw an opportunity. It agreed to purchase this property for $500 million and immediately began the renovation and rebranding process. Hope was that this venue would be available to open in the fall of this year.

In August, reports began to surface that fall no longer seemed like a realistic possibility. Things have been delayed here several times already. Many analysts began questioning whether or not this new property would manage to open in 2020.

It’s clear that the owners of the Las Vegas Virgin Hotel are taking their time making the venue as good as they possibly can. We’re now finally beginning to hear about when this hotel-casino is expected to open its doors.

Here’s what we know about this situation.

The LV Virgin Hotel’s Opening Date is Set for January 15th, 2021

It’s no surprise that so many people are excited to see Virgin’s latest move into the casino industry in Las Vegas. This company is known for taking things to a whole new level. Many believe that this will grow to become one of the best new gaming properties in the city.

The renovation efforts on this venue were halted for a time. This caused the LV Virgin Hotel’s opening date to be pushed back once again. Some then felt that this property would open its doors in winter.

That no longer seems to be the case. Company officials recently held a major press conference to announce this venue’s official grand opening date. It’s now been confirmed that this hotel-casino will open to the public on January 15th, 2021.

“We have worked with amazing partners to combine Virgin Hotels’ signature amenities and our new property design to make Virgin Hotels Las Vegas a one-of-a-kind destination,” said Richard “Boz” Bosworth, President and CEO of JC Hospitality, owner of Virgin Hotels Las Vegas.

It’s exciting to finally have a date in mind. This venue’s opening has already been pushed back several times. It’s Virgin’s first major hotel-casino ever built, though, and many are cutting the company some slack for taking its time with the events unfolding around the world.

How are some of the other casino-resorts being built in this city faring right now?

Resorts World Las Vegas is Opening in Summer of 2021

The Las Vegas Virgin-Hotel isn’t the only new casino scheduled to open in Las Vegas next year. For years, construction has been taking place on Resorts World Las Vegas. This is expected to become the biggest and most impressive casino ever built in the city.

At more than $4 billion, this is also the most expensive casino-resort ever built in Las Vegas. Many expect it to become the most impressive gambling venue in the United States. Much like the Virgin Hotel, this one has seen its opening date delayed for years.

Fortunately, it seems that this casino-resort will finally open its doors in summer of 2021. It will have a unique Asian theme with over 115,000 feet of gaming space. Not long ago, the owners of this property recently revealed some of the incredible new luxury suites the hotel is offering.

The opening of this venue certainly didn’t come at the most ideal time, though. Las Vegas has been struggling immensely over the past seven months. Some analysts feel it could take years for this city to get back to pre-pandemic levels of tourism and revenue.

There are a number of exciting new gambling venues opening their doors in Las Vegas. The LV Virgin Hotel’s opening date has just officially been revealed. It will be interesting to see how successful this venue becomes.

Are you excited to hear that the Virgin Hotel is opening its doors next year? Let us know in the comments section below!

Las Vegas Virgin Hotel is Still On Track For Fall Opening

We’re now in mid-April, and every casino-resort in Las Vegas remains shut down. It’s been a tough month for land-based casino operators, many of whom are looking for an update on when they’ll be allowed to open once again. According to new reports, the Las Vegas Virgin Hotel is still preparing for a Fall opening date.Virgin Brand Logo

That’s great news for officials at Virgin. A significant amount of money has been invested into this property and hope was that it would be an immediate success. Now is the perfect time to give an update on this new casino-resort.

Let’s get into it!

Casino Companies in Las Vegas Are Still Closed Down

When the coronavirus first touched down in the United States, it was unclear how big of an issue this would become. Today, however, it’s clear that this new virus is taking an incredible toll on many different industries.

The land-based casino industry is being hit very hard. All land-based gambling venues across the country are officially closed down. This includes ones in Las Vegas, where many of the most expensive casino-resorts are currently located.

This shutdown is costing many of these companies a huge amount of money. According to some reports, several Las Vegas casino operators are losing millions of dollars every single day. The worst thing is that no one can really say when the city’s casinos will be given permission to open to the public.

Tourism into Las Vegas is also very low right now. So few people are flying into McCarran Airport, that officials decided to close down two of its concourses. The low number of tourists is hurting many of the city’s non-gaming businesses.

At the moment, several new casino-resorts are being constructed in Las Vegas. One new venue set to open there later this year is owned by Virgin Hotels. Here’s an update on this new property.

Las Vegas Virgin Hotel is Still Set to Open This Year

As we just mentioned, all land-based casinos in Las Vegas are completely closed down. Interestingly, the construction of new casino-resorts has continued here. This includes renovations on the Las Vegas Virgin Hotel.

Last year, Virgin Hotels announced it had purchased the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas for $500 million. The company then stated it planned to renovate the property and convert it into a Virgin-branded casino-resort. Renovations have been taking place for months.

Company officials told the media that this new casino-resort is still on-track for a Fall opening. Richard Bosworth, president of Virgin Hotels, spoke about the construction progress with the Las Vegas Review-Journal this week.

When asked if construction had stalled, Bosworth gave an encouraging answer.

“We consider ourselves very fortunate that to date, and I do want to emphasize to date, we have had no disruption to our construction project or our schedule… I want to emphasize that while we certainly feel blessed that we, to date, have not had a disruption to our scheduling, it’s very difficult to feel happy or excited about that when it’s such a devastation to an industry.” 

He went on to claim that the renovations would end up costing around $200 million. Hopefully, things in Las Vegas are back to normal by the time this venue opens.

Atlantic City is Also Seeing a Major Drop in Revenue

At the moment, the two major casino destinations in the United States are Las Vegas and Atlantic City. It’s been incredible to watch Atlantic City grow so quickly. A little over a decade ago, this city was on the brink of collapse.

Things began improving over the past few years and many casino companies here began earning serious revenue every month. This has now come to a stop. The coronavirus has forced all casinos in this city to shut down.

This has been very damaging to the city. Some reports claim that the casino industry here is losing up to $500 million every single month right now. The fact that New Jersey has the second-highest infection count in the country doesn’t help things.

Land-based casino companies around the country are suffering right now. On a good note, some states are seeing their cases flatten out and officials are beginning to discuss getting things back to normal.

It appears that the Las Vegas Virgin Hotel will open later this year. We’ll need to wait and see whether or not other major casino-resorts will manage to stay on schedule to open, as well.

Stay tuned for more Las Vegas casino news over the next few months!

The LV Virgin Hotel Announces New Casino Partner

In 2019, officials within the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas announced they were selling the venue to Virgin Hotels. It was a huge decision, as the Hard Rock had been operating in Las Vegas since 1995. This week, owners of the LV Virgin Hotel announced they’re teaming up with OH Partners to help with marketing. Virgin Brand Logo

This venue is officially scheduled to open up in 2020. Many believe it will be one of the coolest new hotel-casinos in the city. Today, we’re going to give an update on this new hotel.

Let’s get into it!

Construction Continues on LV Virgin Hotel

For years, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino was one of the most popular venues located off the Las Vegas Strip. It was opened in the mid-90s as the world’s first rock and roll-themed hotel. Interestingly, this property is not affiliated with the Seminole Tribe, which currently controls the Hard Rock brand.

Since first opening, ownership of this venue changed hands several times. In 1997, Peter Morton purchased the entirety of the venue from Harvey’s Hotel & Casino. In 2000, the property underwent a massive $8 million renovation.

In 2006, Morton announced that he was selling the Hard Rock Hotel to Morgans Hotel Group. The longtime owner commented on this sale, stating “I just sort of felt there came a point in my life where I wanted to do more with my life and re-evaluate things. I want to do some different things.” This was finalized in 2007.

Since that time, the property has struggled to generate revenue. Things were particularly down during the recession of 2008-2009. Ownership of the venue was changed once more in 2011. Seven years later, news broke that the new hotel-casino operators were selling the venue to Virgin Hotels.

This is Virgin’s first move into the Las Vegas market. It’s also the first time this company is running a casino. This week, Virgin announced it was teaming up with a well-respected marketing company to help with brand strategy.

Virgin Hotels Partners Up With OH Partners

Opening a major new venue in Las Vegas isn’t easy. The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino was beloved by many, and both locals and tourists expect big things from the Virgin Hotel.

News is coming out that the LV Virgin Hotel is hiring OH Partners to help with marketing efforts.

The marketing will focus on the entertainment aspect of this new property. It will also work to offer guests more transparent information on resort fees. Scott Harkey, founder and managing partner at OH Partners, spoke about this strategy to the media this week.

“Nowadays, Las Vegas is as much about entertainment as it is about gambling, especially with millennial consumers. Entertainment is the fabric of the brand, that is what is cool about them being in Vegas,” he said. “A couple of interesting things we found are that consumers are frustrated with resort fees,” Harkey added. “You are getting booking fees, guest fees, early check-in fees. Then you go to the minibar and prices are outrageous.”

Things are looking good here. People around the country are excited to see what the new Virgin Hotel & Casino has to offer.

More Details of the Virgin Hotel in Las Vegas Emerge

It’s clear that Virgin Hotels is working to make this new property extremely popular. Back in September, the company announced that it had partnered with several brands to help with the design of this venue. More details have continued to be released about what this new hotel has to offer.

The LV Virgin Hotel and Casino will feature 1,504 suites, a 60,000 square-foot casino floor, and more than five acres of poolside space. It will also have a unique desert theme. Officials believe it will be “unlike anything else in Las Vegas.”

This venue certainly has big shoes to fill. For now, the new owners are doing all the right things. Teaming up with OH Partners will certainly help with promotion.

Construction on the new hotel-casino is currently underway. Reports indicate that it will open to the public towards the end of the year. Hopefully, it becomes a successful property for Virgin.

More details about this new venue are likely to be released over the next few months. Stay tuned for updates!

Say Goodbye to Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas, Hello to Virgin Hotels Las Vegas

Hard Rock Hotel & Cafe in Las VegasThe new year is ushering in another major change, as the iconic Hard Rock Hotel will be closing its doors Monday, Feb 3, to make way for Virgin Hotels Las Vegas. Hard Rock Hotel originally opened its doors on March 9, 1995. The $100 million property included a 28,000 square foot casino and an 11-story hotel with 339 rooms.

The café portion of the hotel was demolished a couple of months ago, and the hotel will officially be making its major renovations to the hotel portion next Monday. The new Virgin Hotels Las Vegas is scheduled to open its doors this fall.

Virgin Hotels Las Vegas will include 60,000 square feet of fully-renovated casinos, over five acres of luxe upgraded outdoor space and pools, new world-class restaurants, lounges and bars, as well as 130,000 square feet of remodeled meeting, event and convention spaces.

The renovation includes a huge design shift from the current rock vibe with what’s being described as a “desert cool design.”

Wayne Klesmer, a Las Vegas local, says this of the city bidding farewells to historic properties and making way for new ones:

“They come and they go. I think we get something better. Like when they tore down Desert Inn, unfortunately I never saw Desert Inn, but now they got the Wynn and they got the Encore.”

Tribal Casino Management: A Las Vegas First

In a first for the Las Vegas gaming corridor, a Native American gaming enterprise will manage a casino when the Hard Rock Hotel transitions into Virgin Hotels Las Vegas this fall.

“It’s historic, the first time a tribal gaming operator will be managing a casino in Las Vegas,” said David G. Schwartz, gaming historian at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. “This speaks to the growing economic power of the tribes, as well as their increasing expertise in gaming management.”

The Mohegan Tribe owns MGE, which opened its first casino, the Mohegan Sun, in Connecticut in 1996. MGE also has locations in Washington state, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Louisiana. MGE is owner and operator of the WNBA’s Connecticut Sun.

“The timing was right (to enter the Las Vegas market),” Maria Kontomerkos, MGE’s CEO, said. “MGE’s portfolio of major strategic partners such as Live Nation and Paramount Pictures combined with our international reach ideally position us to drive business to the Las Vegas market.”

“Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment, as an extension of the Mohegan Tribe, pride themselves on traditional principles, in sync with modern values. We are excited that Virgin Hotels Las Vegas will be their first entry in the Las Vegas market,” said Richard “Boz” Bosworth, president and CEO of JC Hospitality, owner of Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. “MGE further expands on our commitment to partner with best-in-class operators for the Virgin Hotels Las Vegas transformation.”

Final Farewell

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino will have its final rock with a couple of events starting Thursday. They’ll commemorate the casino’s 25-year history in town, with a final toast on Saturday.

Every day, guests will have the chance to win memorabilia pieces, such as signed guitars and gold records. There’s still a Hard Rock Cafe on the Las Vegas Strip in front of Park MGM and T-Mobile Arena. That location is expected to stay open.

Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas is Being Demolished Next Week

Not long ago, the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas was officially sold to Virgin Hotels. It was a surprise for many who’d enjoyed staying in and gambling at this venue. Reports are now surfacing that the Hard Rock Cafe on the corner of Paradise Road and Harmon Avenue is set to be demolished on Monday.

Hard Rock Cafe In Las Vegas

Soon, Virgin Hotels will officially begin working to renovate the former Hard Rock Hotel. Now is the perfect time to look at why this sale took place, and what to expect from the new venue moving forward.

Virgin Hotel Purchases the LV Hard Rock Hotel

The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas officially opened its doors to the public in 1995. Interestingly, this gambling establishment was not associated with the Seminole Tribe, who currently own Hard Rock International. Instead, this venue was operated by Brookfield Asset Management.

For years, this hotel struggled to generate revenue. Its location just off the Strip was slightly undesirable, yet it was the increased presence of new, trendy venues that really took away from the Hard Rock’s bottom line. Ultimately, the owners decided it was time to sell.

Before long, Virgin Hotels agreed to purchase the property. Virgin brand has just recently entered into the hotel-casino business. This Las Vegas property is the first on the company’s portfolio.

Initially, Virgin Hotels announced that the venue would close for four months while renovations took place. In August, company officials changed their tune, confirming that the hotel would be closed for eight months. This closure is expected to begin in February of 2020.

It seems that Hard Rock’s presence in Las Vegas is disappearing. The Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas is set to be demolished in just a few days.

Officials Confirm the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas is Being Demolished

It’s been three years since the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas closed its doors to the public. Next week, this iconic restaurant is being removed from the city forever. The Hard Rock Hotel will officially demolish this property on Monday morning.

Interestingly, this restaurant has an even longer history in Las Vegas than the hotel. It first opened in 1990 and became a popular eatery for tourists visiting from around the country. Unfortunately, it was forced to shut down at the same time as the Hard Rock hotel.

The massive 82-foot-tall neon guitar decoration featured at this restaurant was moved to the Neon Museum earlier this year.

This doesn’t mean that all of the Hard Rock’s restaurants are closing for good. MB Steak, Pizza Forte, and Nobu are all scheduled to return here when the Virgin Hotel opens its doors. Additional restaurants opening here will be announced over the next several months.

Fans of the Hard Rock Cafe may be sad to see it finally close down. Hopefully, we get something great to replace it.

What to Expect From the Las Vegas Virgin Hotel

There’s a reason to be excited about Virgin entering into the Hotel business. This company is known for its opulence and is likely to pour major resources into opening the best possible hotel-casino in Las Vegas. A few details are beginning to emerge about this new establishment.

Not long ago, Virgin teamed up with several companies experienced in the hotel industry to help with this transformation. According to officials in Virgin Hotels, the design process is “nearing completion,” and construction is just around the corner.

We now know that this hotel will feature 1,504 suites, a 60,000 square-foot casino floor, and over five acres of space for the pool and surrounding amenities. The entire hotel will have a desert theme reflecting the city’s unique surroundings. The design director of the hotel claims it will be “unlike other offers one can find in Las Vegas.”

The location of this venue will still make it tough to compete with some of the others in the city. If it’s impressive enough, however, this venue could do what the Hard Rock Hotel never did.

The Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas is leaving us all on Monday. Let’s hope something even better takes its place.