Could We See New Richmond Casino Plans Introduced Soon?

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For more than a year, several groups have been working hard to get a major casino complex built in the Central-Virginia city of Richmond. Attempts to get construction on this project in 2021 ultimately failed. Some experts now believe that new Richmond casino plans will be introduced in the next few months.

Several things got in the way of a casino being approved here last year. Today, we’ll talk about what needs to be done for one to gain approval in 2022.

Let’s get into it!

Expect to See New Richmond Casino Plans Introduced this Year

Virginia has been slowly expanding its gambling industry over the last few years. Back in early 2020, members of the House and Senate approved a new bill allowing for casinos to open in five different cities. It was the first time that state leaders allowed for legal, Class III gambling venues to begin operating here.

Richmond quickly became a focal point for many gambling groups. Plans to open a massive casino complex were quickly introduced and proponents touted the benefits this property would bring to the city. Anti-gambling groups were quick to push against these plans, arguing most residents do not want a casino to begin operating here. That proved to be true, as voters shot down these casino plans during a November 2021 vote.

Richmond City Councilwoman Reva Trammell revealed she plans to introduce new Richmond casino plans soon. The councilwoman has already begun collecting signatures for a new referendum allowing for a casino to open in the city. It remains unclear if Urban ONE, which originally planned to open a casino here, would be willing to make another push this year.

Many steps will need to be taken in order for any casino plans to be approved in Richmond. Voters made their decision last year and the anti-casino push here is likely to ramp up. Analysts are interested to see if anything changes in the coming months.

Many East Coast gambling hubs are working to expand in the coming months. Let’s look at which states could soon open new casinos.

East Coast States Look to Expand Their Casino Industries

Virginia is one of the newest states to formally legalize casino gambling. No casinos have yet gone live in this state. Many groups are working to change that and new Richmond casino plans are likely to appear in the next couple of months.

Several other East Coast states plan to open new casinos. These states are recognizing how much money can be earned from this industry. 2022 is expected to be a massive year for the gaming industry and state leaders are working to generate as much tax revenue from this industry as possible.

New York is one state that many expect to open new casinos this year. Some even feel that construction could begin on a Class III casino in New York City. This would be the first casino in the city and is almost guaranteed to be a massive revenue generator.

Maryland and Massachusetts could soon decide to open new casinos, too. Both have embraced gambling in recent years and have seen impressive revenue figures coming in over the last few months. Most analysts also expect to see Massachusetts legalizing sports betting this year.

No casino hub is as successful as the one in Nevada. 2021 was a huge year for this state’s gambling industry and 2022 could be even better. Here’s a look at what is in store for Sin City this year.

Experts Predict Nevada Casino Revenue Growth in 2022

Nevada found itself in a very unenviable position in March of 2020. Casinos around the state, which help to drive tourism and revenue, were all forced to shut down for months. Gambling revenue in the state came to a screeching halt and some worried the city faced irreversible damage.

2021 proved to be an incredible comeback for one of the country’s top entertainment hubs. Tourism rates surged and the casinos here reported several record-breaking months for GGR. Most analysts predict the state’s casino industry will continue to thrive in 2022.

Several new casinos are expected to open in Las Vegas soon. That includes several of the ones being planned by Station Casinos. Casino ownership is changing in the city and that could lead to some major renovations, as well.

Lawmakers in the state could decide to allow online casino gambling soon, too. Casino executives have pushed against these plans in recent years. Some, including MGM Resorts CEO Bill Hornbuckle, are beginning to change their stance.

Do you expect new Richmond casino plans to be introduced anytime soon? Will residents in the city decide to allow a casino to open? Tell us what you think in the comments section below!