Are the Final Odds on McGregor vs. Poirier Where They Should Be?

McGregor Vs Poirier 3

Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier are finally set to meet in their trilogy tonight in Las Vegas, Nevada. The bad blood between them continues to heat up and fans around the world are curious to see who manages to come out on top. Today, we’ll break down the final odds on McGregor vs. Poirier.

This fight may end up being the biggest in UFC history. The entire UFC 264 card is also stacked with exciting bouts. It should be an exciting night for combat sports enthusiasts around the world.

Here’s what you need to know!

UFC 264’s Main Event Fighters Both Make Weight

There has been a tremendous amount of hype surrounding UFC 264 over the past few months. Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier both have history and are set to meet for the third time in the cage in Las Vegas. The war of words between them has been intensifying and the two fighters have nearly come to blows in the lead-up to this bout.

It’s been a major change from the lead into their second fight. These two fighters seemed like almost friends as their bout on Fight Island approached. Things changed once the cage door closed, and Poirier ended up scoring a second-round knockout over Conor.

To the delight of fans everywhere, these two men have officially made weight for their upcoming bout in the Octagon. Both McGregor and Poirier officially weighed in at 156 pounds. As most would expect, they were both intense during their final face off at the ceremonial weigh-ins.

Most of the other fighters on this card also managed to hit their required weight limits. That includes Stephen Thompson and Gilbert Burns, who both hit 170.5 pounds. Some fans believe the winner of this fight will be next in line for a shot at the welterweight title.

Irene Aldana ended up being the only fighter to miss weight in this fight. She hit the scales at 139.5 pounds, several over the 136 pound limit. Fortunately, her highly-anticipated fight against Yana Kunitskaya will still go on as planned.

A huge number of fans are now flocking to various online sports betting sites to make their bets on this matchup. Now might be the perfect time to take a look at the odds for tonight’s huge main event.

Here’s a Look at the Final Odds on McGregor vs. Poirier

There seem to be a million questions surrounding the fight between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier. These two men are both elite lightweights. Both hold knockout wins over each other and fans seem torn on who will come into the cage on Saturday with the better game plan.

A growing number of these fans are now heading over to BetOnline to make their final wagers on this bout. The final odds on McGregor vs. Poirier reflect just how difficult this fight is to predict. Some may be a little surprised to see where both men stand in the eyes of the oddsmakers.

Conor McGregor is currently listed as the +112 underdog in this fight. His days as “champ-champ” have come and gone. He is still just 32 years old, however, and still has the potential to come back and become champion again beginning with a victory over Dustin Poirier this Saturday.

It has been amazing to see how far Dustin Poirier has come since his knockout loss to Conor McGregor in 2014. He is extremely skilled and showed some completely new tools in his knockout win over McGregor last January. That performance seems to be on fan’s minds, as “The Diamond” is listed as the -132 favorite.

This fight is generating a huge amount of fan interest. UFC President Dana White claims that UFC 264 is shaping up to be one of the biggest cards in the promotion’s history. The other fun bouts on this card are also helping to boost fan interest.

There is still time for fans to bet on all of these bouts. Let’s take a close look at the odds for these other fights taking place on Saturday night!

Breaking Down the Other Odds Available for UFC 264 Online

Fight fans understand what a big fight card UFC 264 really is. No fight is as big as the main event between Conor and Dustin. There are a variety of other fun matchups featuring true contenders, though, and the odds for these bouts are offering some massive opportunities to cash out.

BetOnline is also offering some great odds for all of these fights! That includes odds on the aforementioned co-main event between Stephen Thompson (-160) and Gilbert Burns (+140). These two men are on the brink of another title fight and need a win in this fight to get there.

Looking to bet on a couple of heavyweight knockout artists? Consider taking a look at the odds for Greg Hardy (+111) and Tai Tuivasa (-131). Both of these fighters are tipping the scales at heavyweight and are known for their punching power. If you want to bet on any fight ending via knockout, this is probably the best option.

Some may also want to check out the last-minute odds on Irene Aldana (-110) and Yana Kunitskaya (-110). Aldana missed weight for this bout and some feel that signifies she didn’t take training camp seriously. Yana Kuniskaya has won her past two bouts and may earn a shot at the bantamweight title with a win here.

There are plenty of incredible odds available for the big fights tonight. BetOnline is the best site available for fans in the US to bet on all the action. Head to this site today to see all of the amazing odds being provided on UFC 264 here.

Are you surprised to see where the final odds on McGregor vs. Poirier stand? How do you see this fight playing out? Let us know in the comments section below!

Who Might Serve as a Replacement for McGregor vs. Poirier 3?

McGregor After Win

On July 10, UFC superstar Conor McGregor will make his highly-anticipated return to the Octagon to take on an old rival, Dustin Poirier. This trilogy fight will likely be one of the biggest in UFC history and should generate some massive Pay-Per-View buys. This week, UFC President Dana White offered some insight into a possible replacement for McGregor vs. Poirier 3.

Hope is that nothing ends up canceling this blockbuster fight. Anything can happen in the fight game, though. Today, we’ll take a close look at who might be willing to step in against either of these fighters.

Here’s what you need to know.

UFC 264 Will be the First Sold-Out Show in Las Vegas Since 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada has been the UFC’s headquarters for years. The promotion has put on some of the best MMA events in history in Sin City. Oftentimes, these events result in a massive surge of tourism for the city.

The last event held in front of a sold-out crowd here took place in March of 2020. Shortly afterward, Las Vegas’ tourism industry came to a screeching halt. Casinos were ordered to shut down and the city’s economy began to tumble.

Things have been improving massively throughout 2021. As infection rates drop, health officials in Nevada are easing back on major health regulations. Not long ago, Governor Sisolak gave the green light for all major casino-resorts in Las Vegas to remove their mask mandate.

City officials have also recently announced that shows will be returning with full crowds. It didn’t take long for the UFC to take advantage of that fact. On Saturday, July 10, the UFC will finally return with a sold-out event here headlined by the trilogy fight between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier.

This event is expected to draw in a huge number of viewers to the city. Many will likely also make the trip to Las Vegas to check out the new Resorts World Las Vegas complex. At $4.2 billion, this is the most expensive casino-resort ever built in the city.

It’s not uncommon to see major fights canceled at the last minute. Injuries, scheduling issues, and illness can scrap even the most highly-anticipated bouts. We’re now hearing more about what the UFC has planned in the event that McGregor vs. Poirier 3 gets scrapped.

Here’s Who Could Act as a Replacement for McGregor vs. Poirier 3

There aren’t many fights in 2021 with as much hype as the third matchup between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier. Back in 2014, Conor scored a quick first-round knockout over Poirier en-route to becoming the UFC’s first double champion. In January of 2021, Poirier returned the favor by stopping the Irishman with strikes in the second round.

There’s some real heat leading into this trilogy fight. Even the top MMA betting experts seem torn as to how the action might unfold. Of course, there’s always the possibility that this fight never ends up coming together for one reason or another.

Dana White is now working on an insurance plan in case either McGregor or Poirier are unable to compete. Interestingly, the UFC President claims there aren’t many fighters jumping at the opportunity to act as a possible replacement. He spoke to Bleacher Report about this situation earlier this week. Check out his comments below,

“I’m actually looking for someone right now to be the backup on that card,” White claimed “Nobody’s jumping out. Nobody’s kicking down my door.”

Justin Gaethje could certainly fit into that spot. He has a history with both fighters and is ranked third in the UFC’s lightweight rankings. Gaethje has repeatedly claimed he does not take short notice fights, however, and may not agree to a massive fight like this one without adequate preparation.

It will be interesting to see how the UFC approaches making a replacement for McGregor vs. Poirier 3. For now, fans will need to hope that nothing ends canceling what will likely be the biggest MMA event in years.

How to Find the Best Odds on McGregor vs. Poirier 3

MMA betting is growing more popular every single year. 2021 is shaping up to be one of the best years in history for the sport and a huge number of fans are now making their predictions on McGregor vs. Poirier 3. Some are also choosing to make their wagers on this exciting bout.

Many are heading over to BetOnline to bet on the McGregor-Poirier trilogy. This site launched nearly a decade ago and has grown to become one of the most popular internet sportsbooks in the world. It’s offering some fantastic odds on the entire UFC 264 card.

At the moment, Conor McGregor is listed as the -122 favorite. He is one of the most skilled strikers in MMA history and claims to have learned from the second bout with Poirier. Many feel he will make adjustments and score a knockout win in this third fight.

Dustin Poirier looked incredible in his second fight with McGregor. If he can utilize the same game plan in this fight, he has a great opportunity to earn another victory. BetOnline lists him as the +102 underdog to get the job done.

This fight will serve as the headliner for UFC 264. It should be an excellent night of fights for fans. Stay tuned for more updates on this event on July 10 as it draws closer!

What do you think could serve as a replacement for McGregor vs. Poirier 3? Let us know in the comments section below!

The UFC 264 Location is Confirmed to be Las Vegas!

T-Mobile Arena

Conor McGregor’s return to the UFC is now set! After months of anxiously waiting, MMA fans around the world have finally received word of where the Irish superstar will be making his comeback. UFC President Dana White has announced that Las Vegas is officially set as the UFC 264 location.

To make things even more exciting, McGregor vs. Poirier 3 will be taking place inside the T-Mobile Arena in front of a sold-out crowd! Now is a great time to talk about what has led to the UFC booking this mega-fight in Las Vegas.

Here’s what you need to know!

More Restrictions are Being Lifted in Las Vegas

Many individuals in the city of Las Vegas are celebrating right now. For more than a year, intense health regulations have been set in place here. These have ended up taking a devastating toll on many of the city’s businesses.

The global health crisis that unfolded last year impacted Las Vegas more than any other US city. The tourism industry was completely shut down here for months. As a result, a massive number of individuals here lost their jobs and gaming revenue in the city reached new lows.

Nevada’s health situation has improved in recent months and tourism numbers are up considerably. As a result, Governor Steve Sisolak has begun slowly lifting many of the restrictions set in place here. This week, he made a huge announcement that has many individuals excited.

Sisolak claims that by June 1, he believes each of the state’s counties will be able to operate at 100% capacity.

“It’s what we do now that will allow us to return to more normal Nevada on June 1 and focus on a strong economic recovery — remaining vigilant, wearing a mask, and most importantly, getting vaccinated as soon as possible,” Sisolak said. “I’m not interested in who gets credit. This is the first piece of good news that I’m able to deliver in a long time.”

Some have expressed concern that this could end up reversing much of the progress the state has made here. Others believe Las Vegas needs to fully open in order to survive. It’s a complicated issue and one that continues to be debated.

This news has clearly reached officials within the UFC. We’re now hearing more about the promotion’s big plans to hold events here this summer.

Las Vegas is Set as the UFC 264 Location

The UFC was the first major sports league to resume its operations after the mass shutdowns back in March of 2020. Initially, the promotion faced a huge amount of criticism for holding events. As time went on, many of the country’s biggest sports leagues followed their model.

The UFC hasn’t slowed since. Over the past year, it’s held events throughout the US and in Abu Dhabi. There have been some major hiccups along the way. Overall, however, the UFC has succeeded and is more popular now than ever before.

Many fans have been eagerly waiting on news of Conor McGregor’s return. The Irish star was knocked out by Dustin Poirier in January and has been preparing for another fight against him. This week, UFC President Dana White revealed the UFC 264 location to his followers on social media. The big fight will be taking place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on July 10.

Check out the big announcement below!


This news comes shortly after Governor Sisolak’s reveal that Las Vegas will soon be fully reopening. Dana White has been asserting that he would begin holding events again as soon as possible. It now appears he is finally ready to pull the trigger here.

UFC 264 is likely to be the biggest MMA event of 2021. It’s set to be headlined by the trilogy between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier. The undercard is likely stacked as well with exciting matchups.

Tickets for this event are set to go on sale this week. Most expect them to completely sell out within just a few days. We’ll be sure to offer more information on this massive bout over the next few weeks!

Atlantic City is Set to Host MMA Events Soon

Las Vegas is far from the only city to struggle economically since last year. This major casino hub saw record-low revenue figures over the course of 2020. Like Las Vegas, it also seemed to be recovering right now.

Tourism numbers here are beginning to increase. The casinos here are expanding their operating hours and capacity limits are expanding. Many expect a successful summer for the East Coast’s biggest gaming hub.

In July, Atlantic City will be the host city for the upcoming PFL season. The Professional Fighters League has grown to become one of the biggest MMA promotions in the US. Its 2021 season is shaping up to be its biggest in history.

This entire season will be held at the Ocean Casino Resort. This is one of the biggest and most popular gaming venues in the city. Not long ago, news broke that the Ilitch family had agreed to purchase a major stake in this property.

There is a lot happening in Atlantic City right now. It wouldn’t be a shock to see similar measures here to what is being implemented in Las Vegas. We’ll be sure to offer more information on the revenue figures here as the year goes on.

Are you excited to hear about the UFC 264 location? Do you plan on seeing this fight card live? Let us know in the comments section below!

Breaking: McGregor vs. Poirier 3 is Official for July 10

McGregor Vs Poirier 3

It’s finally official. On July 10, two of the best and most exciting lightweight fighters in MMA will meet in the Octagon for the third time. The contracts for McGregor vs. Poirier 3 have now been signed and the fight is on!

This will likely be one of the biggest fights in UFC history. Both of these men hold a knockout win over the other and it’s anyone’s guess how the trilogy will play out. Today, we’ll break down the details of this upcoming clash.

Let’s get into it!

UFC Events Will Soon be Held in Front of Sold-Out Crowds

The last UFC event to be held in front of a major audience took place all the way back in March of 2020. For months, all of the promotion’s events have been closed to the public. Only a few have allowed in a limited number of spectators.

This was only going to last for so long. UFC President Dana White has been adamant that returning to normalcy was the promotion’s top goal. He continued to tell the media it was only a matter of time before an event was held in front of a live, sold-out audience. In the meantime, most events have been held at the Apex Center, not far from the Las Vegas Strip.

It now seems that time has come. Not long ago, White revealed that UFC 261 would be held at the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida at full capacity. Today, news broke that tickets for this event sold out within minutes.

This is something of an experiment for the promotion. Obviously, White and other officials within the UFC are already receiving serious backlash. It may not be long before other major sports leagues begin following suit, though.

It’s an interesting time for the sport. The UFC has been growing in popularity lately and has been announcing massive fights to take place over the next few months. That includes the rematch between Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal taking place on April 24 at UFC 261.

A huge number of fans have been asking about the trilogy fight between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier. This week, we finally heard more about when this matchup will be taking place!

McGregor vs. Poirier 3 is Now Official for July 10

Conor McGregor’s rise up the UFC between 2013 and 2016 was nothing short of legendary. The young Irish striker came into the promotion relatively unknown amongst most fans and quickly became one of the most popular sports figures on the planet. Inactivity cost him, though, and he’s only fought three times since 2018.

Dustin Poirier’s journey in the UFC hasn’t been quite as flashy. Rather than a quick move up the rankings, the Louisiana native put his head down and took on every single challenger that came his way. He faced some tough losses but continued to press forward and eventually captured the interim lightweight championship of the world.

McGregor and Poirier were booked to compete for the first time back in 2014. Conor went on to win via knockout in the first round in a fight that many believe catapulted him into superstar status. They fought again this past January and Poirier got revenge with a second-round knockout victory.

The trilogy fight was almost immediately agreed to. Negotiations between all parties have been ongoing for months. Today, news finally broke that McGregor vs. Poirier 3 will officially take place on July 10! ESPN’s Ariel Helwani broke the news. Feel free to check out his Tweet below.


This is the fight that everyone wanted to see. The next UFC lightweight title bout has already been booked. It would make sense to see the winner of this contest fighting the winner of the title fight later this year.

The location for McGregor vs. Poirier 3 has not yet been revealed. It seems highly likely that it will take place in front of a sold-out arena, though. A stadium in Texas isn’t out of the question considering the magnitude of this bout.

Now is the perfect time to break down the odds for this incredible matchup.

Here’s How to Find the Best Odds on the McGregor-Poirier Trilogy

As the popularity of MMA grows, the popularity of betting on this incredible sport does, as well. There are now a huge number of fantastic online sportsbooks offering odds on the UFC. Perhaps the best is BetOnline.

This site has been operating in the US for years and is known for offering a wide range of odds for MMA events taking place around the world. Incredibly, this site is already offering odds for McGregor vs. Poirier 3. Many are surprised to see where these two lightweights stand with the oddsmakers.

Despite the results of their last bout, Conor McGregor comes into this fight as the -140 favorite. He is an expert striker and claims to have learned a lot in the second fight with Poirier. If he can make a few adjustments, this is a fight he can walk away from as the victor.

Many fans were writing Dustin Poirier off prior to his rematch with McGregor in January. He didn’t let the underdog status get to him, though, and handed McGregor the first KO loss of his MMA career. He’s listed as the +120 underdog to win the trilogy fight on July 10.

The UFC will likely stack this entire event with exciting matchups. All eyes will be on McGregor and Poirier leading into fight night. This is one of the biggest bouts in UFC history and it will be fascinating to see how they stack up against one another. Stay tuned for more news on this bout over the next few months.

Are you excited to see McGregor vs. Poirier 3? How do you see this trilogy fight playing out? Let us know in the comments section below!

Conor McGregor’s Fight Prediction May End Up Coming True

Conor McGregor

In just a few days, Conor McGregor will make his highly-anticipated return to the cage against his old rival, Dustin Poirier. It’s one of the biggest MMA fights in recent memory and has massive implications for the lightweight division. Some fans now believe that Conor McGregor’s fight prediction will end up coming true.

Conor is known for calling his shot inside the cage. He’s certainly facing a difficult task in this bout. Today, we’re going to talk about how Conor expects this main event fight to play out.

Let’s get into it!

UFC 257 is Taking Place in Less Than One Week!

On January 16, the UFC held its first event of 2021. This show reminded fans why mixed martial arts is one of the most exciting sports in the world. It was an incredible fight card featuring one of the best main event fights in recent history.

The UFC isn’t slowing down anytime soon. This Wednesday, the promotion is putting on another exciting event featuring a main event between two of the best welterweights in the sport. On Saturday, January 23, UFC 257 is set to finally go down. It’s not taking place in Las Vegas, though. This card is set for “Fight Island” in Abu Dhabi.

This is one of the biggest UFC events in months. Just about all fans are excited to see how Conor McGregor looks in his return. It will have been more than a year since his last bout and he’s facing an extremely difficult test in Dustin Poirier.

Most eyes are obviously on the main event. The co-main event is also set to be incredible. This will feature Dan Hooker and Michael Chandler. Many fans and analysts are excited to see how Chandler fares against the best fighters in the UFC.

The undercard is exciting, too. Many are extremely excited to see the fight between Nasrat Haqparast and Arman Tsarukyan. These are two extremely talented young lightweight fighters with devastating striking skills.

It’s going to be a wild night for MMA fans around the world. Conor McGregor is promising a masterpiece. Will his bold fight prediction end up coming true?

Taking a Close Look at Conor McGregor’s Fight Prediction

One of the reasons for Conor McGregor’s success is his unwavering confidence. Prior to his fights, “Notorious” calls his shot and is oftentimes correct. Back in 2014, he told everyone that would listen that he would knock Dustin Poirier out in the first round. That ended up being correct.

Conor anticipates an even more impressive performance this time around. Last week, he told the media he would finish Dustin within 60 seconds. It’s an extremely bold prediction to make against one of the best lightweights in the sport.

“He’s a good fighter, even a great fighter, but great is still levels below me. I’ll knock Dustin out inside 60 seconds,” McGregor said. 

There’s reason to believe that Conor McGregor’s fight prediction might end up coming true, though. The last time he stepped into the cage, McGregor defeated Donald Cerrone via knockout in just 47 seconds. He has the opportunity to earn another sub-minute knockout against “The Diamond” this Saturday.

Poirier recognizes that Conor will be coming out of the gate firing. He is taking a different approach to this bout and wants to drag the Irishman into the later rounds. Here, he believes, is where the fighter with more grit and determination will shine.

Many analysts feel the first minute of this bout will tell a lot. If Conor is able to establish his range early without much resistance, he is likely to earn another knockout in the first round. If Poirier mixes up his striking and grappling to push Conor into the late rounds, he might be able to get a stoppage before the final bell.

This is an incredible matchup. Fans around the world will be tuning in to see how Conor looks in his return. Many are also choosing to bet on how this fight plays out!

There’s Still Time to Bet on McGregor vs. Poirier 2 Online!

MMA betting is growing more popular every single month. 2020 ended up being one of the biggest years in the sport’s history. As more fans began watching major UFC events, more wagers began flowing in on the big fights.

UFC 257 is set to be one of the biggest fight cards in recent history. Will Conor McGregor’s fight prediction end up coming true? Can Dustin withstand the early onslaught from McGregor? There are a huge number of questions surrounding this contest.

Bovada, one of the best online sportsbooks in the US, is now offering odds on this bout. Many are astounded to see where each man stands with the oddsmakers. These odds are offering some fantastic opportunities to win big.

Conor McGregor comes into this bout as the -300 favorite. He seems extremely motivated for this fight and appears to be in tremendous shape. Many fans believe that “Notorious” will end up earning the knockout before the end of the first round.

Dustin Poirier is not the same fighter that faced Conor McGregor back in 2014. He has improved massively since that time and seems to be in his prime. At +230, Dustin might be well-worth a wager on to earn some big bucks.

Do you plan to bet on this fight? Who do you think ends up winning? Let us know in the comments section below!

Fans Can Already Bet on Diaz vs. Masvidal 2 Online!

The UFC is in the business of putting on fights that the fans want to see. With that in mind, the world’s biggest MMA promotion has just revealed that it’s interested in booking the rematch between Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal. Fans in the US can now bet on Diaz vs. Masvidal 2 online.UFC logo

It didn’t take long for oddsmakers to set lines for this fight. Many questions surround how each man will approach the rematch. Today, we’re going to take a look at where both Diaz and Masvidal stand in the eyes of the oddsmakers.

Let’s get into it!

The UFC’s Welterweight Division is At its All-Time Best Right Now

Each weight class in the UFC has a storied history. Many feel that the welterweight division has been the most competitive over the years. Since the reigns of Matt Hughes and George St. Pierre, there has been a special allure to being the champion at 170 pounds.

The belt has changed hands several times over the years. In March of 2019, Kamaru Usman captured the belt with a dominant decision win over Tyron Woodley in Las Vegas, Nevada. Since that time, he’s defended the belt twice.

Each man in the top-10 at welterweight has the skills to become champion. It’s really anyone’s guess who will sit on top by this time next year. There’s no denying the champion’s skillset, yet anyone can be beaten on any given day.

One man that some felt would give Kamaru trouble was Jorge “Gamebred” Masvidal. The Miami native made history by accepting a title shot on just 6-days notice this past July. The champion proved to be too much and defeated Jorge via unanimous decision.

It was a tough defeat for the UFC’s “BMF.” Fortunately, his stock didn’t drop considerably after the loss. Most agree he’s still one of the biggest stars in the sport and has several big fight options ahead of him.

The UFC appears to already have Masvidal’s next opponent lined up.

You Can Now Bet on Diaz vs. Masvidal 2 Online

In November of last year, the UFC put together a blockbuster fight between Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz. The two men fought for what was called the “BMF” title in front of thousands at Madison Square Garden. In the end, Jorge was declared the winner via TKO from cuts.

It was an anticlimactic way for the fight to conclude. Fans of Diaz claim he was just beginning to gain momentum as the fight was stopped. Many felt that an immediate rematch was the best course of action.

The UFC had other plans and booked Jorge into a title fight. Diaz has been sitting on the sidelines ever since. This week, news broke that the UFC was finally interesting in putting on the rematch between these two men.

It didn’t take long for the oddsmakers to take notice., one of the best online sportsbooks in the US, is now offering odds on this bout. Fans around the country now have the option to bet on Diaz vs. Masvidal 2 before it’s been formally announced!

At the moment, Masvidal is listed as the -325 favorite. He was winning the first fight fairly easily and dropped Diaz with punches and kicks on several occasions. Diaz is listed as the +275 underdog. He’ll need to make some major adjustments in order to get the win.

It’s still unclear when and where this fight will take place. Rumors are pointing towards the card on December 12th. It would make sense, as another high-profile welterweight clash is scheduled to take place on that event.

Odds on Usman vs. Burns Are Now Available Online, As Well

The UFC has been making a number of announcements lately. One of the biggest was that Kamaru Usman is defending his belt on December 12th against number-one contender, Gilbert Burns. It’s an exciting matchup between two elite mixed martial artists.

BetOnline is now offering odds on this bout as well. Many are surprised to see where each of these fighters stand in the eyes of the oddsmakers.

For now, Kamaru Usman is listed as the -240 favorite. He’s gone undefeated in the UFC and has never really found himself in any trouble inside the cage. With powerful wrestling and a much-improved kickboxing game, Usman is an incredibly difficult test for any man.

Gilbert Burns is no pushover, though. Since moving to the welterweight division in August of 2019, he’s gone 4-0. Most recently, he dominated Tyron Woodley over five rounds to earn this crack at the belt. He enters this one as the +205 underdog.

It’s a fun time to be an MMA fan. You can now bet on Diaz vs. Masvidal 2 online and place wagers on the upcoming welterweight title fight in December! Both of these fights should be extremely exciting.

Are you excited to see Jorge and Nate compete again? Who gets their hand raised? Let us know in the comments section below!

Dana White Confirms Date For Miocic vs. DC 3!

The UFC continues to make major announcements! MMA fans around the world have been eagerly awaiting news on what will come next for the heavyweight division. Today, Dana White revealed that Miocic vs. DC 3 will take place in August.Miocic Punches Cormier

This is likely the biggest heavyweight fight the UFC could put together right now. Fans around the US are already placing their bets on the potential outcome. Today, we’re going to check out what to expect from this slugfest.

With Gym Reopen, Stipe Miocic is Ready to Fight

Stipe Miocic is undoubtedly one of the greatest heavyweight MMA fighters of all time. He’s 19-3 as a professional and is the only man to ever defend the UFC heavyweight title three-straight times. The Cleveland native has found his toughest test to be Daniel Cormier.

That’s not entirely surprising. Cormier himself is a once-in-a-generation mixed martial artist. The former Olympian has only lost twice during his MMA career. Cormier and Stipe have fought on two occasions and both hold a win over the other.

Everyone felt the trilogy bout was inevitable. Unfortunately, Miocic has been sitting on the sidelines, waiting for his training facility to reopen. Prior to this, the champion was dealing with a major retina injury.

Many states around the country are starting to allow businesses to reopen. Not long ago, news broke that Ohio had lifted much of its restrictions, and Miocic’s MMA gym was back open. Daniel Cormier then told the media he was in the training room, as well. It seemed like just a matter of time before this trilogy fight was announced.

This is probably the most important heavyweight fight in the history of MMA. The winner will likely go down as one of the division’s GOAT’s. Fortunately, fans now know when to expect this important fight.

UFC President Dana White Sets Date for Miocic vs. DC 3

There have been times when the heavyweight division was a little stagnant. Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier have reinvigorated the weight class. Their trilogy will likely be one of the biggest MMA bouts in recent history.

This week, Dana White told the media that Miocic vs. DC 3 would officially take place on August 15th. He did not reveal a specific location for this event. At the moment, the most logical option is for this bout to take place at the UFCs own arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

What’s important is that the UFC has gotten both men to sign the fight contract. Fans are now busy speculating how this fight will end up playing out. Some feel Miocic will capitalize on the body shots he found success with during his second fight with DC.

Others think Daniel Cormier will go back to his wrestling to get the win over Stipe. He’s one of the best grapplers at heavyweight and likely has the advantage here. What most agree on is this will be an incredible fight.

Miocic vs. DC 3 is just one of many exciting bouts scheduled to take place this summer. We just recently got confirmation of where the UFC’s “Fight Island” is located. Officials within the UFC also revealed several important bouts scheduled to take place on this island event.

The First “Fight Island” Event Will Feature Three Title Fights

The news that the UFC had booked its own private island to hold fight cards spread like wildfire. Fans imagined this island being located somewhere in the pacific ocean surrounded by a dense tropical rainforest. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Company officials have just announced that “Fight Island” is actually Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. For months, the UFC has been building infrastructure to host events here. The first card is scheduled here for July 11th.

We already know which fighters will headline this event. Check out the three main bouts below.

  • Kamaru Usman vs. Gilbert Burns
  • Alexander Volkanovski vs. Max Holloway
  • Jose Aldo vs. Petr Yan

Each of these bouts is for a world championship. Many feel this is one of the best line up of title fights the UFC has ever put together. It won’t be long before sites like Bovada begin offering odds on the entire “Fight Island” card.

It’s an exciting time to be an MMA fan. We now know when Miocic vs. DC 3 will take place. Soon, we’ll know where to.

Let us know who you think wins this heavyweight trilogy fight in the comments section below!

UFC Simulation Betting is Now Available Online!

It’s been more than a month since most sports leagues around the country shut down. Many individuals around the country have been looking for new forms of sporting entertainment. Recently, UFC simulation betting became available online and fans are now flocking to internet sportsbooks to place their wagers on the outcomes.

Simulated UFC Fight

The UFC is likely to be the first major sports league to resume operations. Until that happens, however, betting on simulated UFC fights is the next best thing. Today, we’re going to look at this new form of sports betting and discuss when the MMA powerhouse will be back up and running.

Let’s get into it!

Dana White is Determined to Host Events Next Month

The UFC has always done things its own way. Its owners have taken some very drastic steps over the years to make it a major sports leader. With that in mind, it’s not very surprising to see the UFC working hard to get back on track.

It hasn’t been easy, though. Sports leagues around the country are completely shut down at the moment. There are now heavy restrictions now set around the country that are preventing any of these sports from running.

Owners of the UFC are determined to host events. For weeks, Dana White was adamant that UFC 249 would take place on April 18th. It was set to take place in California, yet a call from the state leader finally forced officials within the UFC to pull the plug.

White conceded that things would be temporarily shut down. That doesn’t mean the UFC is shutting down, though. Just a few days after UFC 249 was canceled, Dana White announced that the next event would be held on May 9th, likely at the UFC Apex Center in Las Vegas.

Anything can happen, though. It’s possible that heavy restrictions will remain in place through next month. This may force the UFC to rethink its strategy. Due to the current situation, more unique forms of sports wagering are growing more popular right now.

UFC Simulation Betting is Growing More Popular Every Day

MMA fans have been eagerly awaiting for the next event to take place. We came very close to seeing one of the biggest fights of the year with Justin Gaethje and Tony Ferguson. Unfortunately, no fight cards will be held for at least a few weeks.

That doesn’t mean all MMA action is shut down. Recently, some of the top online sportsbooks in the country have begun offering UFC simulation betting. Unsurprisingly, this has grown very popular with fans who aren’t able to watch the real games.

One site that’s offering a huge number of different simulated UFC betting options is This site is known for its safe payment options and wide range of different betting odds. The UFC wagering options here are some of the best that you’ll find.

Some of these simulated fights are very entertaining. It features some matchups that we may never see in real life. Nothing is as exciting as watching a real event live, yet this is probably the next best thing.

Hope is that the UFC can start hosting fight cards again next month. Exactly where this will happen is still unknown. For now, betting on virtual UFC fights is the best option available for fans around the country.

What Simulated Fights Are Available to Bet On Right Now?

Many online sportsbooks recognize that MMA fans are looking to bet on some fights. As a result, there are now UFC simulation betting options available all day, every day. Some of these bouts are offering some fantastic opportunities to win big.

One fight is between Ronda Rousey and Cat Zingano. Rousey was one of the UFC’s dominant champions at one point. She defeated Zingano back in February of 2015 and is coming in as the favorite in this virtual fight with odds of -250.

Cat Zingano has some great stats in this virtual UFC world. She’s a strong grappler with dangerous muay thai skills. She’s still listed as the +170 in this virtual fight against Ronda Rousey.

An exciting virtual fight between Dominick Cruz and TJ Dillashaw is also available to bet on. Cruz comes in as the +150 underdog. Dillashaw is listed as the -200 favorite. This is a fight that fans may see in real life if both men are able to get back to the top of the bantamweight division.

There are a huge number of great simulated fights available to bet on right now. In some cases, the odds here are better than what you would find during actual events.

Make sure to check out today for a full list of UFC simulation betting options. Let us know what fight you plan to bet on in the comments section below!

The Odds on Adesanya vs. Romero Are a Little Surprising

Back in October, Israel Adesanya captured the undisputed middleweight championship of the world with a KO victory over Robert Whittaker. He’s now scheduled to take on Yoel Romero in the first defense of his title. Odds on Adesanya vs. Romero are now available and many have already placed wagers on the outcome.

Israel Adesanya

It’s an extremely exciting bout. Both of these men have recorded devastating knockout victories in their careers. Today, we’re going to talk about what has led to this matchup. We’ll also check out the current betting odds available for this bout.

Let’s get into it!

Israel Adesanya Proves He’s the Top Middleweight in the World

The UFC’s middleweight division has gone through waves of prestige and insignificance over the past few years. Back when Anderson Silva was the sport’s pound-for-pound king, the 185-pound division was one of the most exciting. After Silva’s dropoff, things began to slow down and the belt changed hands several times.

In July of 2017, Robert Whittaker captured the interim middleweight title with a hard-fought victory over Yoel Romero. A few months later, he was promoted to the undisputed champion after George St. Pierre vacated his belt. Whittaker once again took on Yoel Romero in one of the best fights of the decade.

The two wars with Romero took their toll on the champ. He took time off to heal his injuries and in the meantime, an exciting young striker named Israel Adesanya was moving his way up the rankings.

Adesanya was unknown to the common fan prior to his entrance into the UFC. After just two fights, however, he was promoted to the main event of a Las Vegas card. It took five fights in total before Israel received his first shot at the interim belt against Kelvin Gastelum. He won that fight via unanimous decision, showing incredible grit and determination in the process.

Finally, Adesanya took on Robert Whittaker to unify the two middleweight belts. The odds from different betting sites were split on who should be listed as the favorite. Ultimately, Israel won the fight via 2nd-round KO.

Now, the champ is scheduled to take on Yoel Romero in his first title defense.

Odds on Adesanya vs. Romero Are Now Available Online

Fans have been calling for this fight ever since Adesanya won the belt. There’s some real intrigue over how a wrestler like Romero can fare against the elite striking of Israel. It might not make the most sense right now, but Yoel has officially gotten the shot at this title.

Some are quick to point out the fact that Yoel has lost three of his past four bouts. When you look at those fights, however, you see just how close they really were. If judges looked at these bouts a little differently, there’s an argument that Romero could be the champion right now.

Bovada, one of the best online sportsbooks in the US, is now offering odds for this blockbuster fight. Some are a little surprised to see where the odds on Adesanya vs. Romero stand.

At the moment, Israel Adesanya comes in as the -235 betting favorite. Some are a little surprised to see him enter as such a large favorite. He’s an incredible striker, yet questions remain over his ability to compete against an elite wrestler.

Romero comes in as the +185 favorite. He very nearly became champion after his second fight with Robert Whittaker and recently lost an extremely close decision against Paulo Costa. If he can switch up his striking and grappling, he can win this fight.

The odds on Adesanya vs. Romero are available right now for fans around the country. If you’re interested, place your bets today!

More MMA Betting Options Available in January

The fight between Israel Adesanya and Yoel Romero won’t take place for months. Fortunately, we’ve got some fantastic fights scheduled to take place over the next couple of weeks. This Saturday, for example, we’re getting a massive heavyweight main event that takes place in Raleigh, North Carolina.

This card is headlined by Curtis Blaydes and Junior Dos Santos. Both of these men have aspirations to capture the UFC’s heavyweight title. A win will certainly help both get closer to reaching that goal. Blaydes comes in as the -250 favorite, while Dos Santos enters as the +195 underdog.

In the co-main event, former lightweight champion Rafael Dos Anjos takes on Michael Chiesa at 170-pounds. This is an extremely important bout for both men and the winner may find himself just a few fights away from a shot at the belt.

Dos Anjos comes in as the -275 favorite here. Chiesa is listed as a +215 underdog. The odds might not reflect just how competitive this fight is likely to be.

February is going to be a fantastic month for MMA fans, as well. We’ll get treated to another Jon Jones fight and the contest between Paul Felder and Dan Hooker. Stay tuned for breakdowns on both of these bouts over the next few weeks!