Officials Express Excitement Over Proposed Vegas Loop Tunnels

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Las Vegas is one of the most visited cities in the United States. Lately, officials within the city have looked at ways to make transportation easier and more efficient. Many are now showing real excitement over the proposed Vegas Loop tunnels being discussed.

There has been a huge amount of attention placed on these types of underground tunnel systems recently. Many believe they will be the future of transport.

Here’s what we know about this situation.

More Information on the Vegas Loop Tunnels is Starting to Come Out

Under normal circumstances, more than 40 million individuals make the journey to Las Vegas every single year. Many of these tourists choose to stay on the Las Vegas Strip. It’s here that some of the best casinos in the world are currently based.

Lately, many have been complaining about the lack of effective transportation in the city. Taxis are abundant, yet the city’s public transport options are notoriously lacking. As a way to fix this issue, certain officials have proposed what are being called Vegas Loop tunnels.

The current plan is to extend these tunnels by 29 miles. They would serve to connect the Las Vegas Aiport to the Las Vegas Strip, Downtown Las Vegas, and UNLV. Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority CEO Steve Hill expressed his excitement about these plans in a statement to the media this week.

“This project is going to be a game-changer for the city,” Hill said. “It allows our visitors, our customers to experience everything we have here. In a fun and convenient way.”

Many feel this expanded tunnel system could help to fuel more tourism into the city. That would bode well for the casino companies here. Here’s a look at which companies would benefit the most from this new system.

Las Vegas Casinos are Bracing for an Outstanding 2022

The casinos in Las Vegas have been on a wild ride over the past two years. For nearly all of 2020, gambling revenue figures remained extremely low. Things bounced back almost immediately in 2021 and many of the casinos here have set monthly revenue records throughout the year.

Casino executives in Las Vegas are now expecting a tremendous year in 2022. The pandemic appears to be getting under control and many are beginning to plan upcoming trips. There is a good chance that tourism rates to Las Vegas will break records in 2022.

As tourism increases, casinos here bring in more revenue. Companies like MGM Resorts International will almost certainly benefit. This company has been working hard to expand in Las Vegas recently and even is beginning to support Nevada legalizing and regulating online casino gambling.

Caesars Entertainment is working toward growing its presence in Las Vegas, too. This company already owns several properties on the Las Vegas Strip. It may look to add several new venues to its portfolio over the next few months.

The entire US gambling industry is set to expand in the coming years. Many more states are preparing to embrace sports betting in 2021. Here’s a look at some of the states currently preparing to do.

Which States Will Legalize Sports Betting in 2022?

The US sports betting industry has expanded rapidly over the past few years. More than half the United States now has a legal sports betting industry set in place. All signs point to several more states launching their first regulated sports betting options in 2022.

California is one such state. Lawmakers here have been presenting several bills to legalize sports betting over the past few years. State leaders are also working to come up with agreements with tribal groups in the state who will likely offer sports betting. Expect to see a public vote to legalize sports betting appear on the ballots here in November.

Massachusetts is another state expected to legalize sports gambling next year. Millions of residents have been calling on lawmakers to embrace this industry. Several state bodies have been set up to review a process to formally launch sportsbooks.

Oklahoma and Florida are expected to launch their sportsbooks soon. In fact, Florida’s sports gambling industry could go live this fall. We’ll be sure to offer updates on the expanding US sports betting industry as time goes on.

Are you excited to hear more about the Vegas Loop tunnels? Will these help to boost tourism in Las Vegas? Let us know in the comments section below.