Here’s an Update on the Bristol Casino Project

Earlier this year, lawmakers in Virginia approved a measure to allow five new casinos to open throughout the state. Under the current plan, one of these gaming venues will be located in the city of Bristol. This week, airport executives in the city spoke with the media about some of the potential tourism benefits the Bristol casino project could bring the city.Virginia Sign

Many feel that Virginia’s casino will eventually grow to become one of the biggest on the East Coast. The legalization of this industry came at a tough time, though. Now is the perfect time to look at when the new casino in Bristol may open its doors.

Let’s get into it!

Virginia’s Long Road to Casino Legalization

For years, we’ve been covering Virginia’s slowly-changing gambling regulations. For many years, almost all forms of gambling were completely prohibited here. State officials started to realize the massive revenue potential that legal casinos could bring about a decade ago.

In early 2020, an official bill to legalize tribal and commercial casinos made its way through Virginia’s House and Senate. It was pushed through and ultimately approved by Governor Northam. The timing, it would turn out, was not ideal.

The US land-based casino industry is in its toughest position ever. Back in March, all casinos around the country were forced to shut down. States have gradually begun allowing these properties to reopen.

Things are far from normal, though. Intense safety regulations are set in place at all casinos around the United States. Most casinos continue to see monthly massive revenue drops when compared to the same months in 2019.

This isn’t what Virginia’s lawmakers want to see. The state has already invested a large amount of money and time into the legalization of this industry. Some analysts feel it could take years to see a full recovery, if a full recovery is possible at all.

That isn’t stopping officials from pushing ahead with their casino plans. We’re now beginning to hear more about how a casino in Bristol would help the city.

Bristol Casino Project is Expected to Boost Tourism

As of now, three cities have official permission to host one of Virginia’s new casinos. That includes Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Bristol. That latter is continuing to push hard to be one of the first cities in the state with a casino.

Many residents, business owners, and officials here are excited to see this new gaming venue open. This week, several advocates of the project spoke to the media about the benefits this new Bristol casino project will bring the city. That includes a significant increase in air traffic and tourism.

United Company President and Chief Operating Officer Martin Kent feels confident this Hard Rock-run casino will be a huge attraction.

“Hard Rock will operate the hotel and casino. There will be connectivity with their other resorts here in the U.S. and abroad, so we will have truly international reach,” he said. “Bristol will be given the opportunity to draw from a large pool of highly sought after performers. … We expect restaurants and a shopping experience. People are going to come here and stay and play and participate in many attractions as well.”

Casinos are great venues to boost tourism in a city. Many parts of the country rely almost entirely on their casinos to bring in visitors. As you might expect, the casino shutdown back in March proved to be devastating for these cities.

This venue is also expected to bring the city somewhere between $15 and $20 million in tax revenue. At a time when cities and states desperately need money, it’s easy to see why officials are pushing so hard to get the Bristol casino open.

When Will Virginia’s Sports Betting Options Become Available?

Since May of 2018, every state around the country has been given permission to legalize and regulate sports betting. 18 states have already launched their sportsbooks. Six more have approved sports betting bills and will launch their sports betting options in the near future.

As we already mentioned, Virginia has taken a complete 180 when it comes to their stance on the gambling industry. Casinos will soon be operational throughout the state. In July of 2020, Governor Northam also approved a measure to allow both online and land-based sports betting.

Many are surprised at the fact that sports betting has not become available here yet. The longer the state waits, the longer it will take to generate revenue. Ultimately, however, lawmakers here want to ensure this new industry is launched the correct way.

Most analysts predict that Virginia’s sports betting options will launch before the end of the year. It’s expected to immediately begin drawing in large revenue earnings.

If all goes to plan, construction on the Bristol casino project will begin next year. Many analysts seem to feel that it will be a huge benefit to the city. We’ll continue offering updates on this casino and others in the state over the next few weeks.

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Nevada’s Gaming Revenue Increases Again in July

Gaming analysts have been eagerly waiting to see how Nevada’s gambling industry managed to fare during the month of July. It marked the first full month that casinos were open since the shutdowns back in March. New reports on Nevada’s gaming revenue for the month of July have just been released and many are impressed at the results.Atlantic City's revenue

This doesn’t mean the state is back at pre-pandemic levels of revenue earnings. July marked a significant improvement from June, though.

Let’s take a look at how much the state’s casinos managed to bring in last month!

Tourism Rates Remain Low in Las Vegas

Prior to 2020, Las Vegas was one of the most-visited cities in the United States. More than 40 million tourists would flock here every single year to enjoy the gambling, entertainment, and nightlife available. That changed in March, when state leaders ordered all non-essential businesses, including casinos, to shut down.

This took an immediate toll on the state’s tourism industry. Very few tourists were interested in visiting Las Vegas with nearly everything shut down. At one point, two entire concourses of the Las Vegas International Airport were closed.

By June, Governor Sisolak started to allow casinos to reopen. Hope was this would result in a massive flood of excited tourists. That’s not exactly what took place. Overall, tourism into Las Vegas dropped by 70% in June when compared to the same month in 2019.

The goal for casino companies is now boosting tourism rates. Some casino owners are offering discounted room rates and unique package deals. One major casino was even providing free flights into Las Vegas!

Most expected that tourism rates would increase in July. As time goes on, more people around the country are looking for a fun way to escape their regulations at home. With nearly all casinos in Las Vegas now open, the city is as close to normal as we’re going to get right now.

We’re now seeing how much money the casinos throughout Nevada managed to bring in last month.

Breaking Down Nevada’s Gaming Revenue For the Month of July

As we just mentioned, most analysts predicted that tourism rates in Nevada would increase in July. The same can be said for gambling revenue. With more casinos open, it seemed highly likely that revenue reports would improve.

These predictions were correct. According to new reports from the Nevada Gaming Control Board, Nevada managed to bring in $756.8 million during July. That marks a large increase from the $566.8 million earned here in June.

Mike Lawton, an analyst for the Gaming Control Board, offered a statement on the increase to the media this week.

“This month’s numbers, I think, exceeded everyone’s expectations,” Lawton said. “The question now is can we continue to grow off this.” 

Interestingly, revenue from the Las Vegas Strip was much less than many predicted. This area only brought in $330.1 million, marking a 39.2% decrease from July of 2019. Casinos in South Shore Lake Tahoe, another popular gaming area, earned just $21.1 million in July.

Nevada’s gaming revenue during the month of July is an improvement from June. When compared to 2019, however, it’s easy to see that the state still has a long way to go. Revenue earnings in July of 2020 fell by 26.2% million compared to last year.

Nevada Fears More States Regulating Online Gambling

There’s no doubt that Nevada remains the top casino state in the country. Some of the world’s most impressive casino-resorts are located here. Prior to 2020, revenue was surging here and tourism was at an all-time high.

Many people around the country are now choosing to stay home, making their wagers at home. Several states currently regulate their online gambling industries. That includes New Jersey, a state that now earns a huge amount of money from its internet sports betting, poker, and casino options.

More states are beginning to look into the regulation of online gambling. This is worrisome for officials in Nevada, who fear that more online gambling options will result in a tourism drop in cities like Las Vegas. Some now feel that Nevada should get ahead of the game by regulating online casino gambling itself.

Krejcik Gaming Research analyst Chris Grove believes Nevada would benefit greatly by taking this step.

“It’s evident to us that the introduction of online casinos would have an additive impact on the total amount of gambling revenue generated by the Nevada locals market,” Grove said.

It’s great to see that Nevada’s gaming revenue increased from June. Based on the current trend, August will be an even better month.

When do you expect casino revenue in Nevada to return to normal? Let us know in the comments section below!

Spending in Las Vegas Remains Low Throughout 2020

Las Vegas remains one of the biggest tourism cities in the United States. Unfortunately, the tourism industry has been struggling for almost the entire year. Things are improving, yet tourism spending in Las Vegas is considerably lower this year than it was in 2020.Spending Money

It’s not what city and state officials had hoped to hear. Many felt that by late-August, we’d be back to normal. Now is the perfect time to take a look at how much money visitors to Las Vegas are spending right now.

Let’s get into it!

Casino Revenue is Slowly Increasing in Nevada

In early June, after months of deliberation between state leaders and gaming officials, casinos in the state of Nevada were finally given permission to reopen. At first, only a few of the major casino-resorts in Las Vegas began to open back up. As time went on, more of these massive gambling venues started to reopen.

In 2020’s second quarter, casino revenue was almost non-existent. Wynn Resorts saw its revenue during this time fall by 95% when compared to 2019. Las Vegas Sands was even worse with an astounding 97% drop in its Q2 revenue.

This wasn’t surprising, though. In April, and May, and June, most casinos in the state of Nevada were completely shut down. The only money these properties were making came from their online operations. Things immediately began to improve in quarter three of 2020.

July was certainly a better month than June. August is likely to be an even better month than that. Unfortunately, the revenue that casinos in Las Vegas and the rest of Nevada are earning is still considerably lower than what was being made in 2019.

It’s now becoming clear that tourism is down, as well. Reports are beginning to come out that show how many visitors are heading to Las Vegas, and how much they are spending. Things are a little worse than many had hoped.

Here’s where things stand.

Tourism Spending in Las Vegas is Still Down Heading into September

A huge number of employees in the city of Las Vegas rely on tourists. The closure of casinos has resulted in a major dip in tourism and things have still not completely recovered. It now appears that many visitors here are still unwilling to spend as much as they would have prior to March.

Jeremy Aguero, principal for Applied Analysis, claims the state is getting a different kind of tourism and, as a result, spending is down.

“While there’s no doubt that some high-valued consumers have found their way back to Las Vegas … there’s a broad mix of consumers that are ultimately coming back,” he said. “You’re getting a lot of drive-in traffic … (which) is going to be a bit different in terms of spend profile than what you would normally see.”

Macquarie Research just released a report that details how much spending in Las Vegas has dropped in 2020. The report shows that 40% of Las Vegas visitors would spend less money than they would have in 2019. 50% of visitors claim they would spend the same amount of money.

Interestingly, 37% of the people surveyed claim they would spend less time in Las Vegas amid the pandemic. 60% claim the pandemic would have no impact on the amount of time they spend in the city.

This is a tough blow for the employees that rely on tips and generous spending. Hope is that rates of tourism and spending begin to increase as the year goes on.

Casino Worker Layoffs Are Still Taking Place Around the US

Individual employees aren’t the only ones being affected by the drop in spending in Las Vegas. Major casino companies are feeling the dip in revenue, as well. This is leading to many companies being forced to lay off large numbers of workers.

We’ve been seeing this since March. That month, a huge number of workers were informed their jobs would be lost. Many of these jobs returned in June, only to be taken away as revenue earnings failed to bounce back.

Many of the top casino companies in Nevada are doing everything they can to avoid these layoffs, though. In late July, Las Vegas Sands announced a new plan to pay their workers. The Sheldon Adelson-run company claims it will continue paying all employees until at least October 31st.

Hopefully, things have improved in a major way by then. The trend seems to be heading that way. Several states have begun seeing large casino revenue increases. No one can really say how things will look by the end of 2020.

It may take years before spending in Las Vegas is back to the way it was in 2019. We’ll continue to offer updates on tourism rates and revenue here over the next few months.

Are you surprised to hear that spending is down in Las Vegas? When do you expect things will return to normal? Let us know in the comments section below!

Events at the HyperX Esports Arena Are Set to Resume

As the weeks go on, more venues in Las Vegas open up. Most major properties here are starting to accept guests again in hopes that it helps to boost tourism into the city. This week, news surfaced that events at the HyperX Esports Arena are about to resume.HyperX Esports Arena

This is the largest Esports venue in the city of Las Vegas. We’re likely to see several major gaming tournaments take place here over the next few weeks. Today, we’re going to talk about how the opening of this major arena will affect Las Vegas moving forward.

Let’s get into it!

Esports Betting is More Popular Than Ever Before

When all major sports leagues shut down in March, no one could accurately say how long this would last for. As the weeks dragged on, it became clear that the professional sports industry was in trouble. It wasn’t until May that some of the country’s leagues began to resume their operations.

Esports, however, never truly shut down. Unlike traditional sports, these events can easily be played with social distancing measures set in place. For a time, major Esports tournaments were the only form of live entertainment out there.

Video game fans began tuning into the different events taking place around the country. Many of these fans began to realize that different online sportsbooks such as Bovada offer betting odds for these tournaments. In some cases, the odds for Esports tournaments are better than what you’ll find for a traditional sporting event.

We’re now in August, and many of the country’s professional sports leagues have resumed. Some are finding more success safely putting on their seasons than others. Incredibly, the popularity of Esports betting has not dropped significantly even as more sports get back on track.

Gaming fans have several exciting events to look forward to over the next few weeks. That includes the Call Of Duty League tournament scheduled to begin on August 19th. A full set of odds are now available for this tournament.

It’s now beginning to look like we’ll soon see major in-person Esports events taking place in Las Vegas again.

AEE is Already Booking Events at the HyperX Esports Arena

The professional sports industry is far from being the only one being hit hard this year. As more are aware of, the land-based casino industry has been devastated over the past six months. Most casinos around the country have started operating again, yet gambling revenue remains far lower than what it was in 2019.

This has obviously taken a major toll on Las Vegas. In June, many of the casinos here began accepting guests again. Today, nearly all major casinos in the city have started operating again and revenue is slowly beginning to increase.

With many restrictions now lifted, more venues in the city are looking to reopen, as well. News has just surfaced that events at the HyperX Esports Arena are set to resume soon. Allied Esports Entertainment, owners of this major venue located inside the Luxor Hotel-Casino, have confirmed that they’ve already begun booking events.

Hope is that the resumption of events here will boost the company’s revenue earnings. In 2020’s second-quarter, AEE saw its revenue drop by an astounding 78%. Company officials attribute this drop to the closure of the HyperX Arena. As events resume here, earnings should quickly increase. CFO Tony Hung gave his take on the situation to the media this week.

“I definitely feel that we’ve kind of reached the bottom and that we’re starting to trend back up again,” Hung said.

AEE claims to have events booked months in advance. The first major Esports events should resume here within the next couple of weeks. Odds for these events are likely to become available online as soon as they are announced.

What else is expected to open in Las Vegas?

Health Officials Continue to Keep an Eye on Nevada

Nevada has been working hard to revamp its tourism industry. Of course, this comes with an added health risk to residents in the state. With casinos now open, many fear that rates of Covid-19 will continue to increase in the state.

That isn’t stopping casino companies from opening more of their venues. As we already mentioned, nearly all of the major casino-resorts on the Las Vegas Strip are open again. Casino construction projects have resumed, as well.

For years, Resorts World Las Vegas has been under construction. It’s the most expensive casino-resort ever built in the city. Despite the numerous complications stemming from the global pandemic, the plan to open this new property in summer of 2021 remains in place.

Another exciting new venue being constructed here is the MSP Sphere. It’s a massive new entertainment venue located just off the Strip. An official opening date for this venue has not been announced.

Soon, events at the HyperX Esports Arena will resume. Hopefully, this helps to boost tourism into Las Vegas while bringing Allied Esports Entertainment some much-needed revenue.

Stay tuned for more Las Vegas news over the next few weeks!

Workers Request Temperature Checks at Casinos

Casinos have been up and running around the US for more months. Unfortunately, many employees inside these venues continue to complain that working conditions are unsafe. Recently, workers began requesting temperature checks at casinos to better identify those with Covid-19.Temperature Check

This won’t eliminate the possibility of infection spread. It may help to make things safer, though. Now is the perfect time to look at some of the safety measures different US casinos are taking to protect their patrons and employees.

Let’s get into it!

Tourism Rates in Nevada and Atlantic City Remain Low as Covid-19 Cases Increase

Nevada is a state that relies on tourism. It’s home to cities like Las Vegas and under normal circumstances, the tourism industry here is booming. 2020 is no normal year and over the past six months, Nevada has seen the lowest rates of visitors in modern history.

It’s not for a lack of trying. Governor Steve Sisolak gave casinos in the state the green light to reopen in June of this year. Initially, only a few major gambling venues in the state opened up. Today, nearly all casinos in Las Vegas are operational again.

Hope was that the reopening of the state’s casinos would help to boost tourism rates. In some ways, this was successful. As the state’s casinos open up, more visitors are making the trip to Nevada. Unfortunately, tourism rates remain significantly lower than they were in 2019.

The same can be said for Atlantic City.

Rates of Covid-19 continue to increase. As more cases come up, less people around the country want to visit and play inside a crowded casino.

Workers are feeling the effects of this situation. Many rely on casinos for a paycheck, yet are being put at risk of catching Covid-19. Calls to increase safety measures have been increasing as of late.

Many now feel that all casinos should begin taking the temperature of all their patrons.

Employees Start Calling for Temperature Checks at Casinos

As most already know, regulations towards Covid-19 vary from state to state. Nearly all casinos across the US are taking similar measures, though. That includes plexiglass barriers at table games, separating slot players, and limiting occupancy.

Some feel this still isn’t enough.

Over the past few months, we’ve seen a number of workers inside casinos come up positive for Covid-19. Some have even died from the new virus. Obviously, it seems as if casinos are not doing enough to prevent infection spread.

There have been many attempts to increase safety measures inside casinos. Not long ago, the Nevada Culinary Union sued several major Las Vegas Strip casinos for their lack of health protocols. Earlier this week, the Sahara Las Vegas was hit with a health complaint from the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

Something needs to change, yet no one seems to have the best idea on how to do so. There’s now a push for temperature checks at casinos in Atlantic City. Members of the Local 54 Unite-Here union started demanding the change during an online press conference on Thursday.

Steve Callender, regional president of Caesars Entertainment, claims the company’s venues in Atlantic City are doing everything they can to keep things safe for workers.

“Caesars Entertainment’s Atlantic City health and safety plan fully complies with all governmental directives,” he said. “In addition to our enhanced cleaning protocols and other requirements that apply to our valued team members, all of our guests must pass a screening process before being allowed into our properties and must wear face masks in compliance with the governor’s orders.”

Temperature checks at casinos won’t eliminate the possibility of Covid-19’s spread. It could help casinos identify those with clear symptoms, however, and that’s a step in the right direction.

More Gambling Revenue Reports Are Starting to Surface

In 2020’s second quarter, casinos experienced some of the lowest revenue figures they’d ever seen. All casinos were closed in April and May, and many remained shut down through the month of June.

As time goes on, more companies are revealing how much they made in quarter two.

Las Vegas Sands saw its revenue earnings drop by 97% during these three months. Sheldon Adelson released a report detailing exactly how much money the company’s casinos managed to bring in. One company official told the media that Las Vegas was “in a world of hurt.”

Earlier today, Wynn Resorts revealed its second-quarter revenue reports, as well. Things aren’t much better. This Nevada-based gaming company saw a massive 95% dip in revenue over April, May, and June.

More of these reports will become available over the next week. Most analysts predict similar figures for companies such as MGM Resorts International and Eldorado Resorts.

No one knows when things will start getting back to normal. Some feel that taking steps such as temperature checks at casinos will boost public confidence in the safety of these venues. Stay tuned for more updates on the health protocols casinos take over the next few weeks.

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The Self-Service Options in Las Vegas Are Expanding

Las Vegas has been reopened to the public since June. Unfortunately, the city is still struggling to attract tourists and many businesses are suffering. As concerns over Covid-19 increase, analysts predict that self-service options in Las Vegas will become more popular.

Self-Service Machines

Casinos recognize that these automated services provide another layer of safety. Of course, some feel they take away from the atmosphere that makes Las Vegas so popular. Today, we’re going to look at when and where these new machines may be added.

Let’s get into it!

Nevada’s Tourism Rates Are Dropping

Between the months of March and June, tourism into Las Vegas was virtually non-existent. All of the casinos in the city were shut down. Flights here were few and far between and a major concourse of the Las Vegas airport even closed.

State leaders knew that something needed to change. Together with casino company officials, they began working to come up with plans to reopen casinos in the state. Doing so in a safe manner was priority number one.

On June 4th, several of the casinos on the Las Vegas Strip were finally able to reopen. It was exciting news for residents here, many of whom work in the gambling industry. Tourism here slowly began to increase and today, all of the major casinos on the Strip have reopened.

Tourism here has been dropping for weeks, though. As rates of Covid-19 increase around the country, more people are avoiding travel. That’s tough news for a city like Las Vegas that relies almost entirely on visitors from outside states.

It’s clear that tourism rates are falling. Casino companies are doing everything they can to attract more people, yet these efforts don’t appear to be paying off. Now, the focus is shifting towards making casinos even safer than they are now.

Expect to See More Self-Service Options in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a modern city. Here, visitors can see some of the latest developments in hospitality and gambling technology. In recent years, many new self-service options in Las Vegas have become available. Many tourists enjoy the simplicity these machines offer.

Now, many casino companies are focusing more on these automated machines. Limiting human-to-human interaction is now a necessity. It’s guaranteed that more of these self-service machines will start becoming the norm here.

Jeremy Aguero, an Applied Analysis economist, spoke about the situation to the media this week.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that Covid-19 is a catalyst for change,” he said. “(The pandemic has) required businesses that need to adapt to look at every point of human interaction and ask: Can it be automated?” 

These machines can certainly help to make things safer. They may come at the expense of jobs, though. Some fear that many hotel workers will end up being pushed out as the self-service options in Las Vegas become more readily available.

Things like self-check-in kiosks, robotic bartenders, and ordering tablets inside restaurants are going to become more common. Casinos hope these new safety measures will attract more visitors. We’ll begin to see the impact these machines have over the next few months.

What Other Changes Can We Expect to See?

The entire world is changing right now. No one can accurately say how things will look at the start of 2021. Most agree that the city of Las Vegas will look a little different than it did at the beginning of this year, though.

The real test will be getting tourists to visit the city. This is already proving to be extremely difficult. It’s likely that better travel deals and discounted room rates will continue to be offered as the pandemic rages on.

Some of the smaller casinos here may eventually be forced to shut down. The major casino-resorts in Las Vegas are having a hard time bringing in players. This is also true for some of the lesser-known casinos here.

For now, it seems unlikely that another lockdown will be set in place. Doing so would be devastating for the local economy. Anything is possible, though, and much of it depends on the number of Covid-19 cases here.

Many analysts believe that self-service options in Las Vegas are going to expand. Whether or not that will help to boost tourism remains to be seen. Make sure to stay tuned for updates on the situation!

Do you plan on visiting Las Vegas this year? Let us know in the comments section below!

The 2020 Global Gaming Expo is Officially Canceled

Las Vegas is known as the convention capital of the United States. Under normal circumstances, there are major conventions taking place in the city on a weekly basis. That’s not the case this year, and news has just broken that the 2020 Global Gaming Expo has been officially canceled.Global Gaming Expo Logo

As many are aware, this is the largest gaming industry event in the country. It regularly draws in tens of thousands of individuals. Today, we’re going to look at why this event has been canceled and when we may see the next one.

Let’s get into it!

Las Vegas Continues to Cautiously Reopen

On June 4th, Governor Steve Sisolak finally gave the green light for casinos in Nevada to reopen. It was a huge decision for residents here, many of whom rely on the gambling industry for employment. Most of the state’s gambling venues have been open since March and tourism continues to slowly increase.

State leaders remain cautious, though. Cases of Covid-19 have been increasing around the country. There has been a significant increase in infections in Nevada too and most feel it’s due to the reopening of casino-resorts.

There’s no going back for this state. Ordering the casinos here to close once again would be devastating to the local economy. No one expects Sisolak to take this drastic of a step. Smaller, less intrusive restrictions may still be implemented, though.

Casino companies in Las Vegas are trying to lure in visitors with travel deals and discounted room rates. We’ll get a much better picture of how much revenue is being earned here at the end of July. For now, everything is speculative.

The gambling and entertainment industry in this city is now up and running. Things are still very different here and it may be years before any real sense of normalcy is back. This week, officials ordered the cancelation of a major convention.

AGA Officials Cancel the 2020 Global Gaming Expo

The gambling industry has been growing steadily in the US for the past few decades. More states have realized the revenue potential in this industry. Every year, tens of thousands of individuals involved in the gaming industry meet up at the Global Gaming Expo to meet and network.

Unfortunately, this will not take place in 2020. Officials within the AGA have officially decided to cancel the 2020 Global Gaming Expo over concerns about health safety. AGA President and CEO Bill Miller spoke about this decision to the media this week.

“In light of continued uncertainty around a viable marketplace at a physical G2E show, global travel restrictions, and currently unknown guidance on large public gatherings this fall, we have come to the unfortunate conclusion that we simply cannot hold an in-person G2E this year,” he said. 

This isn’t an entirely surprising decision. Any gatherings of extremely large crowds are discouraged. It’s not entirely clear when an event like this one can take place again. Of course, many in the gambling industry are still extremely disappointed to see the 2020 Global Gaming Expo canceled.

Las Vegas may not see any major conventions for months. It’s an unprecedented time. Perhaps we’ll see events like the once canceled this week take place virtually. For now, the plan is for the next Global Gaming Expo to take place in October of 2021.

East Coast Gambling Hubs Are Beginning to Open Back Up

Las Vegas was the first true US gambling destination to open back up. Tourism remains fairly low here, yet it was crucial to get things running again for the residents of this city. Over the past couple of weeks, several other major gambling destinations have opened back up.

Over the July 4th weekend, Atlantic City officially began allowing casinos to start operating again. It was a long-time coming for those living in and around this city. Of course, there are several new rules being implemented in these casinos that many are complaining about.

Safety is still the number-one priority for officials in New Jersey. Inside the casinos here, eating, drinking, and smoking are all prohibited. Many feel this takes away from the fun atmosphere these venues previously offered.

Don’t expect any major conventions to take place in Atlantic City soon. New Jersey is just finally beginning to see its Covid-19 infection rates drop. State leaders don’t want to see another spike in cases.

Many will be affected by the 2020 Global Gaming Expo cancelation. Some analysts predicted that things would be back to normal by then. We’ll continue offering updates on what’s happening in Las Vegas over the next few months.

Have you visited Las Vegas since the casinos reopened? How did you like your trip? Let us know in the comments section below!

The Las Vegas Luxor May Soon Be Demolished

The city of Las Vegas is going through some major changes right now. Casinos are beginning to open up, yet many are struggling to bring in tourists. According to new reports, the Las Vegas Luxor could soon be demolished.Las Vegas Luxor

It’s surprising news for many individuals. This hotel-casino is one of the biggest and most historic in Las Vegas. Today, we’re going to look at when exactly MGM Resorts is considering tearing down this massive property.

Let’s get into it!

Nevada Casinos Face Backlash for Lack of Safety Measures

The world’s best casino-resorts are based in Las Vegas. Obviously, it was hugely important for state leaders in Nevada to get these venues up and running. Governor Steve Sisolak announced that casinos in the state could officially begin to reopen on June 4th.

Many were surprised to see tourism increase here so quickly. Many began flocking to the city to escape the regulations in their own states. Obviously, many health experts began warning that cases of Covid-19 were likely to increase here.

That turned out to be true. As a result, Sisolak announced that masks were now required inside all public spaces, including casinos. Many casino companies claimed this new regulation was likely to result in a dip in tourism.

Unfortunately, infection rates in this state continue to ramp up. Many are now claiming that casinos here are not doing enough to protect their employees. Just last one, one casino worker died after testing positive for the new coronavirus.

The Nevada Culinary Union recently announced that it was suing several major casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. This group believes that casinos here are not doing enough to protect their workers. It’s not entirely clear which venues are being targeted in this lawsuit.

According to new reports, one of the most popular casino-resorts in the city may soon be demolished.

Is the Las Vegas Luxor Really Being Torn Down Soon?

MGM Resorts International is one of the top casino companies in the world. It owns many world-class gambling venues around the world. That includes several in Las Vegas. In recent years, this company has begun selling many of these properties.

One venue that MGM currently controls is The Luxor Hotel-Casino, located directly on the Las Vegas Strip. First constructed in 1993, this pyramid-shaped hotel-casino quickly became one of the most popular venues in the city. It’s become a little outdated over the years, yet many still enjoy visiting and gambling inside this property.

Perhaps that’s why it’s so surprising to hear that the Las Vegas Luxor may soon be torn down. Officials within MGM Resorts have discussed this for years. In the past, however, union groups prevented these properties from being demolished.

The city of Las Vegas is now struggling and some believe this is the perfect time to remove this property. It’s not entirely clear when this will take place. Many believe the demolition process will begin before the end of 2020.

MGM has also not revealed what will be constructed here once the Luxor is gone. There’s a chance this major casino operator sells the land. Make sure to stay tuned for updates over the next few weeks!

More Las Vegas Casinos Are Set to Open This Week

Las Vegas, and Nevada as a whole, is still in the beginning phases of reopening. Based on the current trend, the state’s reopening plans may actually begin to reverse. The current plan is for several more major casino-resorts to open back up here this week.

That includes the Las Vegas Luxor. This major venue currently plans on opening back up to the public on Thursday. Many of the same social distancing measures set in place at other casinos are being implemented here.

According to new reports, the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino, the Aria Resort & Casino, and the Delano and the Four Seasons all plan to reopen on July 1st. Governor Sisolak may eventually force these properties to implement stricter health measures.

For now, all day and night clubs remain closed in Las Vegas. The conventions in this state are closed, as well. No one can accurately say when these properties will be allowed to reopen.

Infection rates continue to increase in Nevada. This trend is likely to continue for some time. The long-term effects of this pandemic on Las Vegas are still unknown. Most agree the city will look different for quite some time.

Are you surprised to hear that the Las Vegas Luxor is closing down? Do you plan on visiting this city anytime soon? Let us know in the comments section below!

The New Rule in Las Vegas Casinos Has Some People Worried

Some of the biggest casino-resorts in Las Vegas have been open since June 4th. Since that time, tourism has been gradually increasing as people flock to the city for a fun vacation. This week, members of the Nevada Gaming Control Board ordered a new rule in Las Vegas casinos and some are worried this will result in a major dip in tourism.Las Vegas Street View

This state regulatory group is now requiring that masks be worn inside casinos. Many felt that Las Vegas was seeing its tourism increase due to the relaxed regulations here. Today, we’re going to talk about how this new rule might affect the city.

Let’s get into it!

More Casinos in Nevada Announce Reopening Dates

Nevada is home to an incredible number of casinos. In certain parts of the state, the gambling industry is responsible for keeping the local economy on track. That includes Las Vegas, where many of the world’s most expensive gambling venues are located.

Everything shut down in this state back in March. Obviously, shutting down casinos here resulted in an incredible amount of revenue and job loss. Hundreds of thousands of individuals in this state are employed by the gambling industry.

On June 14th, several of the top casino-resorts in this city started to reopen. Tourism started to slowly increase. Many people from around the country began flocking to this city to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and fun gambling options.

The Las Vegas Strip is starting to get back to normal. More of the casino-resorts here are scheduled to reopen to the public over the next couple of weeks. Revenue is also starting to increase, albeit at a much lower level than it was prior to March.

Just a few days ago, members of the Nevada Gaming Control Board met to discuss future regulations for these reopened casinos. Members of this group claimed it was unlikely that masks would be required inside these venues. That appears to be changing, though.

Control Board Approves New Rule in Las Vegas Casinos

Opening the casinos in Las Vegas proved to be incredibly difficult. Safety is always a major concern in the middle of a global pandemic. Some health officials felt the regulations set in place at these gambling venues were not strict enough.

Over the past few weeks, rates of Covid-19 have begun to surge around the country. Lawmakers in Nevada have started to take notice. Many have fears that this will spill into the state and things could return to how they were back in March.

This week, the Nevada Gaming Control Board met to discuss the current regulations set in place. This group ordered a major new rule in Las Vegas casinos. Moving forward, casinos here will require all guests to wear masks while playing at table games.

Sandra Morgan, a chairwoman for the board, spoke to the media about implementing this new rule.

“In the first week (after the June 4 reopening of casinos), we wanted to take an approach of communicating and encouraging compliance and talk to licensees about what our expectations were, but in the second week, it became abundantly clear based on our agents’ observations that patrons’ usage of masks was significantly declining,” she said. 

Morgan went on to clarify exactly what will be required on the casino floor.

“Licensees must require patrons to wear face coverings at table and card games if there is no barrier, partition or shield between the dealer and each player. This requirement applies to table and card game players, spectators and any other person within 6 feet of any table or card game.”

What does this mean for the city moving forward?

Requiring Masks May Result in a Decrease in Tourism

Casino companies can’t be pleased to hear this new rule. For many of these companies, it’s been a tremendous struggle to attract tourists. The main strategy they were using was to promote Las Vegas as a carefree, fun vacation destination.

If masks are required on the casino floor, this perception could change. Many are going to be unwilling to play inside these venues if the same regulations that are being implemented in their own states are applied in Las Vegas. Lawmakers are attempting to balance public safety and a tourism industry.

It’s an extremely difficult situation. Despite the casinos being reopened, revenue in Las Vegas is still incredibly low. Many casino companies are finding it difficult to remain functional. The new rule in Las Vegas casinos recently approved is likely to make things even harder.

Many felt the current regulations were strange enough. Plexiglass barriers on the tables and limit occupancy felt unusual for many gamblers. We’ll need to wait and see how the new mask rule affects tourism over the next few weeks.

No one really knows what to expect over the next few weeks. Casinos are still doing everything that can attract new visitors. More travel deals are likely to become available soon. Stay tuned for updates!

Do you agree with this new rule in Las Vegas casinos? Do you think it will affect tourism? Let us know in the comments section below.

Gambler Wins Huge Jackpot at a LV Casino Days After it Reopens

Las Vegas casinos are continuing to reopen their doors to the public. On Thursday, one lucky gambler won a massive jackpot at a LV casino just one day after it started accepting guests again. Many are now flocking to the city, hoping to hit a similar jackpot.Jackpot Text on Stack of Money

These massive wins are not entirely uncommon in Las Vegas. Hopefully, tourism here begins to increase and more of these jackpots are won over the next few weeks. Today, we’re going to look at the details of this recent big win.

Let’s get into it!

Caesars Palace Officially Reopens to the Public

The world-famous Caesars Palace Hotel-Casino first opened its doors back in 1966. Many considered it one of the most impressive venues ever built in the city. Incredibly, Caesars is still one of Las Vegas’ biggest and best properties.

This hotel-casino has gone under many renovations over the years. Several new towers have also been constructed. In 2003, The Colosseum was constructed here, a 4,100-seat entertainment venue that has hosted some of the world’s top artists.

Back in mid-March, Caesars Palace was forced to close its doors. It’s the first time this property was ever ordered to do this for an extended period of time. The owners of this casino-resort immediately began looking at new ways to safely start accepting guests again.

Last month, the Nevada Gaming Control Board approved a set of plans for this casino to reopen. On Thursday, June 4th, Caesars Palace finally reopened to the public. Since that time, more visitors have begun trickling in.

It appears that Las Vegas is slowly getting back to normal. Casinos don’t look quite as they did back in February, yet things are as good as they can be given the current situation. According to a recent report, one lucky gambler at Caesars Palace is taking home a massive jackpot win.

Slot Player Wins Huge Jackpot Win at a LV Casino on Friday

Las Vegas remains the top gambling destination in the United States. Now that casinos are reopening, more tourists are starting to visit and take part in the festivities. The dream for most visitors here is to win a big jackpot.

This happens more often than many are aware of. That’s more clear than ever after one lucky gambler won a massive jackpot at a LV casino. Which casino? You guessed it! Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas Strip.

The Los Angeles native was playing slots at Caesars Palace just one day after it finally reopened to the public. Eventually, the player won a progressive jackpot on the Let It Ride slot game, winning $670,637. It’s the first jackpot win in Las Vegas for months.

Tourism rates have been increasing every day since the casinos in Las Vegas reopened. After news of this jackpot win surfaced, rates began to increase even more. Everyone is hoping they manage to win big like the player from Los Angeles just has.

Winning a jackpot at a LV casino isn’t entirely uncommon. In fact, much bigger ones have been won over the past six months alone. Hope is that we see more news like this emerge over the next couple of weeks.

Book Your Las Vegas Trip Today!

Soon, nearly all of the major casino-resorts in Las Vegas will be reopened. To help boost tourism rates into the city, many casino companies here are beginning to offer great new deals. In fact, prices here are lower than they have been in years.

Just last week, casino owner Derek Stevens announced he was offering more than 1,500 free flights to Las Vegas. Unsurprisingly, these flights were quickly booked up. Some feel that Stevens and other casino owners will offer more of these free flights later in the summer.

Room rates continue to stay low. Things may not stay like this forever, though. Some travel experts are recommending that people book their stay in the city as soon as possible.

As we mentioned earlier, the casinos inside these casinos look a little different than they used to. Hand sanitizing stations are located throughout these gambling venues. Social distancing measures are also set in place at the tables.

That doesn’t mean things are dull here. Many have claimed that Las Vegas is just as fun as it’s ever been. Book your travel deals today! Maybe you’ll be the next to win a huge jackpot at a LV casino.

Stay tuned for more casino news over the next few weeks!