Sam Hagar Helps Ring in the STRAT’s Official Relaunch

Ground View of the STRAT Hotel Looking UpFormer Van Halen frontman, Sam Hagar, will be in town on Wednesday, Jan. 22, to help celebrate the official relaunch of The STRAT. Fans expect to see rock star Rick Springfield along with Hagar, as well as Governor Steve Sisolak and Golden Entertainment executives (the property’s owners) to perform and speak during the official relaunch.

The new branding for the property was first unveiled last year to go with millions of dollars in renovations that would be spread out over three years.

If you’re lucky, Haggar could serve you a drink throughout the night, since he’ll be doing some bartending for the event.

Hagar will toast the STRAT and a new spirits partnership with Golden Entertainment, which will include the introduction of signature cocktails made with his premium spirits, Santo Tequila Blanco, Santo Mezquila and Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum, at REMIX Lounge, where he will be behind the bar from 5:30-6:30 p.m.

The “relaunch party” is scheduled to start at 5:30 PM.

Previous Changes Made to the Property

Golden Entertainment was tasked with rebranding the then 23-year-old iconic resort, formerly known as the Stratosphere, in 2018, with a hefty budget of $140 million.

Renovations completed since the summer of 2018 included a new baccarat pit, a remodel of more than 300 rooms, a new menu and remodel of the Top of the World restaurant and the addition of new restaurants Strat Café & Wok and 108 Eats.

Throughout the year 2019, major additions, renovations, and upgrades were made. This includes the BLVD & Main Taphouse and the View Lounge on the casino floor. There’s also the fully-remodeled sportsbook operated by William Hill.

The observation decks on floors 108 and 109 were also remodeled and the STRAT became the first of Golden’s properties to introduce True Rewards. True Rewards is a comprehensive gaming rewards program. It will eventually be available at more than 130 locations, including PT’s brand taverns, grocery stores like Smith’s and Albertson’s, and even a few casinos.

Renovations Near Completion

A full remodel of the entire 80,000-square-foot casino is now completed. There are over 750 slot machines and 44 tables. There’s even a new baccarat pit for those who prefer the beginner-friendly game. Designed to improve sight lines and the flow of traffic to enhance the overall guest experience, the casino has been completely transformed.

According to inside sources, the color new color scheme is inspired by the sky, stars, the sun, and the moon. The decor and the floor are covered in rich shades of amber and blue. Other new features include directional signage, a full redesign of the hotel’s registration area, and even a video wall behind the box office.

The exciting new Remix Lounge bar (where the “reinvention party” will take place) has also been added and is positioned conveniently on the main casino floor, which includes counter-top slots and comfortable lounging.

Additional renovations were made to 574 rooms of the STRAT’s 2,427 rooms, as part of its new Elevate series. The new rooms showcase contemporary design. The rooms are outfitted for modern technological needs, including a 55-inch television with accessible HDMI ports, a custom entertainment console and complimentary Wi-Fi; as well as with new beds and other furnishings.

The exterior has been renovated to deliver a striking new arrival for guests through new landscape architecture at the main entrance and surrounding the property; new exterior signage on the tower and at the porte cochere, where new LED is customized for holidays and special events; and a new LED screen showcasing vibrant video content.

According to company representatives, the renovations are designed to help the property stay competitive, consider the fact that it’s at the north end of the Strip.

The STRAT is also expected to launch their entirely new website with a new URl to go along with the rebrand:

What Guests Are Saying About the New ‘STRAT’

“The newly remodeled hotel looks wonderful. Staff were prompt on taking care of minor issues with our room and provided excellent customer service. The room was clean and bed was comfortable. We are glad the hotel is away from the heavy traffic of the main strip. Definitely would stay here again!” – C L, Google Reviews

“The Strat is one of my favorite places in Las Vegas. We have had such a good lunch in the cafe on the top of the tower. There was an amazing view of the city! They don’t charge nothing for entry but the minimum spending is $30 per person. We took awesome pictures and really enjoyed the views and food as well. Highly recommend to everyone in Vegas!” – Martin Švec, Google Reviews

“Great staff they treat you like family. Many new renovations are going on there. I have been going there for about 5 year’s and love it. They also have a couple of great restaurants there and you won’t be disappointed they are excellent.” – Bruce Pankers, Google Reviews

Pictures Inside LV Casinos Are Starting to Be Allowed

Las Vegas is one of the country’s biggest tourist destinations. Millions of individuals come to this city every month to eat, drink, gamble, and take photographs. Unfortunately, many casinos in the city prohibit pictures on the gaming floor. Recently, however, certain officials are beginning to allow pictures inside LV casinos.Animated Camera

It’s a fun piece of news for tourists in the city. Casinos make up a huge part of Las Vegas. Interestingly, the ability to take pictures inside these venues may actually bring in more tourists.

Let’s look at what exactly is changing here.

Las Vegas Casinos Make Their Rules Very Clear

Ask anyone what comes to mind when you mention Las Vegas and there’s a good chance that you will hear “casinos.” Gambling venues have been operating in this city for nearly a century. Over the past few decades, companies have begun to construct massive, multi-billion-dollar casino-resorts in the city.

These properties might seem like places where anything goes. In reality, however, Las Vegas casinos have strict rules set in place. Anyone caught breaking those rules will be kicked out, or worse.

Obviously, most of these rules center around gambling. Table game dealers will often be quick to let you know if you’re breaking any of the casino’s rules.

One rule that many have complained about is the inability to take pictures inside LV casinos. For many individuals, the casinos are why they are visiting the city in the first place! Not being able to capture the memory inside these venues can be frustrating.

Several casinos have heard these complaints and are beginning to make a change. Inside these gambling venues, taking photographs is perfectly fine.

Rules Towards Pictures Inside LV Casinos Are Changing

The strict rules set in place at many Las Vegas casinos are beginning to turn visitors off. Some now prefer to stay in the more laid-back properties located off the Strip, rather than the high-end casino-resorts. Some even claim that not being able to take pictures inside LV casinos is reason enough to turn them off.

Recently, the STRAT and Four Queens casinos have begun to allow visitors to take photographs on the gambling floor. The owners of these venues believe that the rule change will help to better promote their casinos in social media.

“People want to share their lives in a manner we didn’t have access to years prior,” director of table games at Rampart Casino at the Resort at Summerlin, Sam Garritano, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “Most people are just wanting to capture themselves in a fun environment, and we can’t fault them for wanting to share.”

In the past, these rules were set in place to avoid cheating. Casinos also wanted to protect those who wished to stay in Las Vegas under-the-table. Casinos valued their patron’s privacy.

Times are changing now that almost everyone holds a camera in their pocket. The STRAT changed its rule in August. Hope is that more patrons here are encouraged to take selfies and promote the games being offered.

Pictures in LV casinos are starting to become available. If you’re visiting the STRAT or Four Queens, feel free to grab a selfie at the tables!

Will This Rule Change Have an Impact on Revenue?

This remains to be seen. Nowadays, it seems like everyone wants to document their entire lives. The inability to do so inside Las Vegas casinos has to be frustrating for some. Some of the casinos that allow photographs to be taken may experience an increase in visitors.

It’s unlikely to have any major impact, though. Both the STRAT and Four Queens are some of the worst-performing casinos in the city. Both have been criticized in the past for their lack of modern amenities. It makes to see the owners of these venues working to bring in more visitors.

Fortunately, gambling revenue in Las Vegas has been surging lately. In October, for example, the city’s casinos generated more than $1 billion once again.

Most believe that this revenue increase will continue for the next few months. Winter is generally the least popular time to visit Las Vegas. With several major events on the horizon, though, this may not be the case right now.

Will pictures inside LV casinos become available everywhere? We’ll need to wait and see. Stay tuned for more Las Vegas casino news over the next few months!

Memorial Day Weekend to Be Celebrated at The STRAT

Memorial Day is coming closer, and The STRAT Hotel, Casino, and SkyPod is preparing for a great weekend, with a lot of surprises and interesting events happening all over the place. This weekend-long party will focus on two parties which will take place by the poolside. Furthermore, visitors will have an opportunity to visit a new bar called 108 Drinks and enjoy the parties all weekend long. Therefore, the celebration will begin on Friday, May 24 and last all the way through Monday, May 27. If you happen to be in Las Vegas during this weekend, make sure to check in at The Strat Hotel, Casino, and SkyPod in order to celebrate the best Memorial Day of your life.

Even if you are not a hotel guest, you will have an opportunity to visit the two pools that are a part of The STRAT. There are two great cafes by the pool called Elation Pool Café and Bar and Radius Rooftop Pool and Wet Lounge. The latter is available only for people who are 21 or over. People who are not guests of the hotel will have to pay admission fees, but hotel guests will have a complimentary entry. Elation will be open from 9 am to 7 pm from Friday to Monday, and it will have a special menu for that weekend. Visitors of Elation will have an opportunity to try lobster taquitos, cerveza-battered fish taco trio, chilli-lime chicken wings, and more. Moreover, there will be new cocktails galore, including berry mule, frosé, pineapple mojito, and more. The admission fee for this event is $10, and it is applicable to all non-hotel guests of all ages.

Radius is located on floor 24 of the STRAT, and it will be open from 11 am to 11 pm from Friday to Monday. It is a type of European pool with optional tops. Apart from being very stylish, this pool offers a magnificent view of the Las Vegas Strip and the surrounding nature. Visitors who are not hotel guests will have to be older than 21 and will have to pay an admission fee of $14 in order to enter this great poolside.

Finally, those who are not afraid of heights can visit the Observation Deck, which is a part of the SkyPod. It is located on the 108th level and will have a new full-service bar opened during that weekend. The bar is called 108 Drinks, and visitors can order their favorite drinks there while enjoying the view from which extends dozens of miles around the SkyPod. It is actually a 360-degree panoramic view of not only the city but also the entire valley.

What is Memorial Day?

Memorial Day (also known as Decoration Day) is a federal holiday in the US. In every state, people who died serving in the US Armed Forces are remembered and honored. This holiday is usually observed every last Monday in May. This year, it is going to be May 27. Apart from honoring the people who served in the army, it is often considered the start of the season of summer vacation. In other words, it is a holiday where people should give their thanks to the fallen soldiers, but also be grateful for being able to live in peace and prosperity in the US. There are certain traditions in some parts of the US that involve visiting graves of the fallen soldiers and honoring them by placing American flags on their graves. This is usually conducted by Memorial Day volunteers.

New Sportsbook Celebration at the STRAT Hotel, Casino & SkyPod

The STRAT Hotel, Casino & Sky Pod has managed to enter a historical partnership with one of the biggest sports betting companies in the world, William Hill. They launched the all-new William Hill Sports Book as a part of this facility. The visitors of the STRAT now have an opportunity to enjoy some of the finest sports betting services in the world. Therefore, if you are located nearby or you plan to visit the START, make sure to check out William Hill and enjoy some of your favorite sports, as you might even earn some hefty cash rewards if you are lucky enough.

The William Hill Sports Book, which is not a part of the STRAT, is available for all visitors of this venue so that they can enjoy the latest betting technology in a 110-foot setting that includes a high-res LED screen and additional 12 HDTVs where all sports fans can watch various sports events and follow results. The facility features a total of 88 seats as a part of the Sports Book. However, there are an additional 98 seats that are located in the View Lounge. This lounge overlooks the sports book and visitors can enjoy various drinks and food there while watching games on flatscreen TVs. Furthermore, their access to the Sports Book is made easy, as they can get down to place bets in just a couple of seconds.

Steve Arcana is the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Golden Entertainment, and he stated that the William Hill Sports Book at The STRAT was now their flagship sportsbook and that they could not be happier to see it come to life and attracting new customers. Furthermore, he added that the opening of the Sports Book was a central element in their plan to upgrade and renovate the STRAT. Finally, he stated that they were looking forward to cooperating with William Hill and adding sports betting services in their additional properties in the future.

Naturally, every new opening is celebrated with a party but also with promotions. Therefore, William Hill decided to offer limited-time exclusive promotions for all visitors of The STRAT. These promotions are available through Thursday, May 31. Therefore, make sure to visit the facility as soon as possible and register on their website with a special promo code to receive the promotion and enhance your sports betting experience.

The CEO of William Hill US, Joe Asher, also made a brief comment about the partnership, stating that their friends at Golden Entertainment had done a wonderful job with the new Sports Book at The STRAT. He added that the new facility was something that fans who love sports would love to check out especially during big games and important tournaments.

About William Hill

William Hill is a bookmaker (sports book) from Wood Green, London, England. It is currently one of the most popular sports betting services in the world. They are available in dozens of countries in the world, but they are the most popular in their home country – the United Kingdom.

The company has a long and successful history, as it was established back in 1934 by William Hill himself. Hill was a pretty successful businessman and bookmaker although gambling was not legal back in the day. The company changed several owners since then and is now run by Gareth Davis and Philip Bowcock. Their net income for 2019 was £716.1 million 8, while their gross revenue was £1.6 billion for the same time period.