More Information on the Las Vegas Casino Grenade Threat is Coming Out

Las Vegas Stratosphere Grenade Man Arrested

Last week, reports began to surface that a man had threatened to bomb a popular Las Vegas casino using a grenade inside his backside. It was one of the more unusual pieces of news to surface in a city known for its unusual news stories. Today, we’ll talk about some of the details surrounding the Las Vegas casino grenade threat.

2022 is expected to be a massive year for the casino industry in Las Vegas. We’ll look ahead at how these casinos might fare compared to last year, too.

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Here’s What We Know About the Recent Las Vegas Casino Grenade Threat

Las Vegas remains one of the most profitable gambling destinations in the world. A huge number of billion-dollar casinos are located in this city. The majority of these expensive casinos are located on the Las Vegas Strip.

These properties are used to dealing with unruly patrons. Occasionally, they need to deal with complete lunatics.

That was certainly the case last Friday. 46-year-old Brian Gower was arrested that evening for allegedly threatening to blow up the Strat Las Vegas Casino using a grande in his backside. Fortunately, officers did not find any explosives on Gower after his arrest and he has been taken into custody.

Gower was also arrested in 2021 for making a similar claim inside a Downtown Las Vegas casino. He is now facing one count of making threats of conveying false information concerning an act of terrorism after the incident on Friday. Considering his prior charges, he is looking at a lengthy sentence behind bars.

The great news is that police managed to control this scene. Owners of the Strat Las Vegas are certainly pleased to learn that Brian Gower did not have any explosives on him.

2022 is expected to be one of the biggest years in history for the Las Vegas casino industry and the gambling venues here are already anticipating huge surges of revenue. Here’s a look at how this casino industry might fare this year when compared to 2021.

Analysts Predict Another Record-Breaking Year For Las Vegas Casinos in 2022

The gambling industry in Las Vegas has gone through some massive ups and downs over the last couple of years. 2020 proved to be one of the worst years in history for the city’s casinos. Incredibly, 2021 ended up being the best in terms of total gross gaming revenue.

Combined, Nevada’s casinos managed to bring in $13.4 billion in total gross gaming revenue over the course of 2021. The vast majority of this revenue came from Clark County, where Las Vegas is located. Brendan Bussmann, a prominent Las Vegas gaming analyst, spoke about this continued recovery to the media this week.

“It was a great year for the gaming industry. It shows the resiliency of the industry to be able to bounce back from one of its worst years seen over the course of time. Last year also shows that Nevada’s number one industry survived and thrived along the way,” Bussmann said. “We’re not in full recovery. If you look at the numbers, on their surface, it looks like we’re more than back from the pandemic low because of the growth and the record year, but you have several segments—like business and international travel—that still aren’t back.”

All signs point to 2022 being an even better year than 2021 for the casinos in Las Vegas. With the pandemic seemingly now under control, tourism rates into Las Vegas are likely to surge. Increases in tourism almost guarantee huge surges in casino revenue. This is assuming, of course, that no more Las Vegas casino grenade threat news surfaces this year.

There is reason to believe that statewide casino revenue in Nevada could surpass $14 billion in 2022. Casinos are already preparing for waves of tourism leading into spring. We’ll be sure to offer updates on casino revenue in Las Vegas throughout the next eleven months.

Will Nevada Legalize Online Casino Gambling This Year?

The entire US gambling industry has evolved tremendously over the last few years. Legal sports betting can now be found throughout the country. Several states have also chosen to legalize and regulate online casino gambling.

Historically speaking, casino executives in Las Vegas pushed against allowing online casino gambling in Nevada. These executives believed that fewer people would make the journey inside casinos if online casinos become legal. In more recent years, several of these executives have changed their stance.

That includes MGM Resorts CEO Bill Hornbuckle. Bill now claims that he supports the legalization of online casino gambling in this state. He feels it will lead to major revenue surges for the state, which can then be used to fund various social and economic projects.

Millions of people would be pleased to see online casino gambling become legal in Nevada. It seems unlikely for this to happen in 2022. Expect to see online casinos launching here within the next couple of years, though.

Were you surprised to hear about the Las Vegas casino grenade threat? How do you think the casinos in Nevada will fare in 2022? Let us know in the comments section below!