The Upcoming NASCAR Event is Expected to Be a Hit

On Sunday, May 17th, NASCAR is set to return. Even non-racing fans are beginning to get excited to see the top racing company in the US get back on track. This week, the President of NASCAR spoke about the upcoming NASCAR event and claims it will be one of the most-watched races of all time.NASCAR Race

Several sports leagues are slowly beginning to resume their operations. Today, we’re going to discuss the big race taking place later this month. We’ll also check out the odds for each racer scheduled to compete in the event.

Let’s get into it!

NASCAR’s First Cup Series Race is Almost Here!

As everyone knows, nearly all major sports leagues in the United States are completely shut down right now. Many online sportsbooks are trying to keep up by offering unique wagering options. League commissioners around the country have been looking at ways to resume their operations. Only a few have gained approval to start hosting events.

That includes NASCAR. For the past month, officials within NASCAR have discussed ways to hold races again. Eventually, the company gained approval to start hosting races in late May. There are some notable differences from the normal races, though.

Between May 17th and the 27th, NASCAR will hold five different races. Interestingly, there will be no practices and no qualifying round. The drivers will simply get in their cars and start competing.

Several drivers have expressed concern about the situation. Kurt Busch spoke to the media about how he feels the conditions will impact race results.

“The biggest thing we’re all going to be faced with is the track’s rapidly changing conditions because we used to have the Truck Series or Xfinity Series to help lay down the rubber and create the look of where the groove is, and now (the groove is) going to be as green as it has ever been,” Busch said. The pace is going to be astronomically fast in the beginning and (the groove is) going to be getting glazed over more rapidly during our race. Those are the things that crew chiefs, lead engineers and drivers are going to be challenged with in this unique setting.”

Things will certainly be more difficult. In some ways, this is even more intriguing to fans. The upcoming NASCAR event on May 17th is expected to be one of the biggest in recent memory. Some feel this will end up helping the sport in the long run.

Steve Phelps Comments on Upcoming NASCAR Event

Officials within NASCAR deserve credit for getting things back on track. Based on what’s being said, the upcoming events will be held in as safe a way as possible. It may not be the perfect situation, yet most drivers are happy to be competing again, as well.

NASCAR Steve Phelps recently spoke about the company’s plans for the future. He believes that the Upcoming NASCAR event will be viewed by millions of people around the country.

“We think this is going to be a really good test for us and a real opportunity for us to have our core fans consume the sport like they never have because we haven’t been racing for so long but also an opportunity for other people to see our sport, sample our sport,” Phelps said. “I think we’re going to have millions of fans that will tune in who otherwise wouldn’t who will see how great our sport is. And so I think we’ll have potential lifetime fans that will come out of this really difficult situation that we’re experiencing.”

Most analysts agree that viewership will be significantly higher for this race than others in the past. People around the country are desperate for any kind of live sporting event. It’s likely that a huge number of people will tune in to watch this live race take place.

Some feel this may end up helping NASCAR. Over the past decade, viewership for NASCAR events has continued to drop. The exposure that the race on May 17th will receive could bring about an entirely new fan base to this sport.

NASCAR Won’t be the First Sport to Resume Operations

As time goes on, more states around the country are slowly beginning to open back up. Sports leagues are also beginning to resume their seasons. That includes the UFC, which is set to hold its first event in nearly two months this Saturday night.

The UFC has continued to claim it will be the first sport back on track. UFC President Dana White came close to hosting a major fight card on April 18th. This was eventually shut down by the heads of ESPN, yet the promotion has now been given the green light to host the event this weekend in Jacksonville, Florida.

UFC 249 is one of the most stacked fight cards in recent history. It’s headlined by two major title fights. Much like the upcoming NASCAR event, many predict the UFC card this weekend will be one of the most-watched ever put together.

Sports fans are starting to get excited. We now have several different sporting events scheduled to take place this month. Hope is that in time, major leagues such as the NFL and MLB are able to start putting on games, as well.

Are you excited to see NASCAR back? Who do you think wins the race on May 17th? Let us know in the comments section below!