Steve Earle to Perform at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino – Tulsa

Famous singer and songwriter Steve Earl will perform his songs live at The Joint which is located inside Hardrock & Casino – Tulsa. The show is to take place on May 8 when the Grammy Award winner is expected to visit the city and share positive vibes with his fans.

People who are looking to buy tickets for Earle’s show can do that starting Hard RockFebruary 21. Ticket prices start at $19.50. If you happen to be in Tulsa during May, make sure to check this famed musician and some of his famous hits such as Copperhead Road, Guitar Town, and others.

Music which Earle plays is often associated with both country, rock, and folk. He has released a total of 15 studio albums and was three-time Grammy winner. Moreover, he is one of the owners of a prestigious Americana Music Awards called “Spirit of Americana” Free Speech Award which he received back in 2004. Finally, this superstar has been working together with many other popular musicians and artists including Johnny Cash, Vince Gill, Travis Tritt, and more.

In Search Of His Childhood Hero

He was born back in 1955 in Ft. Monroe, Virginia, although his family comes from Texas. They returned to their homeland before Steve turned two, where he lived in the San Antonio area.

He first came in contact with an instrument at the age of 11 when he began learning to play the guitar. Not long after that, Earle entered a talent contest at his school and became rebellious, running away from home to search for his idol — Townes Van Zandt. All of that resulted in him dropping out of school when he was only 16 and him moving in to live with his musician uncle who was 19 at the time. They lived in Houston where Earle had a chance to meet his idol finally.

Steve Earle the Musician

His career as a musician began when he was 19 and moved to Nashville, Tennessee where he worked a lot of different jobs during the day and played music during the night. Earle did his best to release his first EP in 1982 when things started going well for him. His breakthrough album Guitar Town was released in 1986. From that point on, everything went upwards, and although no other album managed to peak the chart the way Guitar Town did, all of them were pretty popular, and he has managed to gain millions of fans worldwide.

The performance at the Hardrock & Casino – Tulsa is a part of his 2019 in which he promotes his latest album called “Guy.” The album features Earle covering popular songs by another popular musician and Earle’s mentor, Guy Clark. There are a total of 16 songs on the album, and all of them were written by Clark. Some of the popular songs that were written by Clark and are featured on Earle’s cover album are “LA Freeway,” “Desperados Waiting For A Train,” “Old Friends,” “Heartbroke,” and “The Randall Knife.”

Apart from being popular, most of the songs on the album influenced Earle to create some of his best songs and helped him get through difficult times in his life. This way, Earle wants to thank his mentor and friend for beautiful songs he had left behind. Clark died back in 2016, having released a total of 13 studio albums, the last one being My Favourite Picture of You in 2013.

It is expected that Earle will perform many songs from his “Guy” album at his show in Tulsa.