Kentucky Derby Betting in Nevada is Now Available!

Kentucky Derby Betting

The biggest horse race of the year is now just around the corner! For months, many have been asking whether or not Kentucky Derby betting in Nevada would be available this year. Fortunately, the Nevada Gaming Commission has agreed to allow wagering on this massive event.

The Kentucky Derby is one of the most-bet-on annual events in the US. The 2021 race is expected to break sports betting records. Today, we’ll discuss why Nevada is now choosing to allow betting on the big race.

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US Sports Betting Revenue is Increasing Once Again

The United States is still home to the fastest-growing sports betting industry in the country. Back in May of 2018, the US Supreme Court decided to strike down PASPA. Since that time, gambling revenue has been steadily increasing.

More than half the country has already passed laws to regulate sports gambling. That includes many of the states known for having tough anti-gambling laws. The massive amount of revenue coming in from this industry is too much for states to ignore.

Back in February, many states reported large drops in their sports betting revenue figures. That was a surprise for some analysts. Many expected Super Bowl LV to bring states record-high sports gambling revenue numbers.

Things are already bouncing back. Several states have released their revenue reports for the month of March. New Jersey, for example, saw a huge month-on-month increase in sports gambling revenue last month. That is great news for the casinos in Atlantic City still working hard to bring in money.

Several big sporting events are taking place over the next few months that will help to bring in big revenue figures. That includes the Kentucky Derby, set to take place on May 1.

For a time, it appeared that Nevada would prohibit betting on the big race. That is no longer the case. Here’s what we know about this exciting situation.

Gaming Commission Agrees to Allow Kentucky Derby Betting in Nevada

Nevada is known for being one of the biggest sports gambling hubs in the United States. A huge number of sportsbooks are operating throughout the state. Las Vegas, in particular, is home to some of the biggest, most expensive sports betting establishments in the country.

The NV Gaming Commission is responsible for monitoring what sporting events these venues are able to offer odds on. Strict rules are set in place for the state’s sports gambling companies. Heading into the race next month, it seemed as if it would be illegal to make wagers on the 2021 Kentucky Derby in Nevada.

Many were publicly complaining about this decision. The issue eventually found its way to the Nevada Gaming Commission. Today, this state government body unanimously agreed to allow Kentucky Derby betting in Nevada at licensed sportsbooks.

Under the rules, sportsbooks will need to utilize a nationally-televised broadcast to determine the results of this race. Several important clauses have been set in place for the race. That includes stopping all bets as soon as the first horse enters the race cage, ordering that races are aired live at sportsbooks, and more.

Tony Nevill, race and sportsbook director at Treasure Island, spoke about the big news to the media this week.

“We’re really looking forward to a thrilling turnout at the end of this month,” he said. “Between the Pro Football Draft and Derby Weekend, we’re going to see a nice gathering of sports and race fans placing big bets on their favorite outcomes. There’s nothing like catching all the action live and placing bets at a sportsbook surrounded by other excited fans.”

The majority of sportsbooks across Nevada will now be offering odds on next month’s big race. You don’t have to be in this state to make wagers on this event, though. Let’s check out the odds available online for this event.

Breaking Down the 2021 Kentucky Derby Betting Odds Online

Nevada is one of many states with a regulated sports betting industry up and running. It’s far from the only place in the country where this form of gambling is allowed. In fact, many fantastic online sportsbooks are now up and running around the entire country.

BetOnline is quickly becoming one of the most popular US sports betting sites to bet on this event. This site is known for its safe payment options and great odds. It’s extremely easy to bet on every single horse slated to compete in the Kentucky Derby here.

At the moment, Essential Quality is listed as the +300 favorite to win on May 1. The Brad Cox-trained horse has been on a tear lately at 5-0-0 in five starts. It’s a safe bet and one that could end up paying off in a big way.

Rock Your World is second in the odds at +550. This horse is trained by John Sadler and has gone 3-0-0 in three starts. It’s expected to be at the front early on in the race and may maintain that lead into the finish line.

There are many other underdogs worth checking out. A growing number of racing fans are starting to believe that Hot Rod Charlie has a real shot at winning. With odds of +1000, this is a horse that could make bettors happy.

Are you excited to hear that Kentucky Derby betting in Nevada is now available? Which horse do you think gets the job done next month? Let us know in the comments section below!

Colorado’s Sports Betting Industry is Coming Together

For almost two years, every state in the country has been able to set its own laws on sports gambling. Unsurprisingly, a huge number of states have now legalized this industry and are profiting massively as a result. Colorado’s sports betting industry is just emerging and is expected to be one of the country’s biggest.Colorado Flag Picture

Colorado is home to several major sports teams and a huge number of passionate sports fans. Many major sports betting companies are now attempting to break into this industry. Today, we’re going to look at this state’s path to sports betting legalization, and discuss how it may expand over the next few years.

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Sports Betting is Officially Made Legal in Colorado

For decades, only Nevada was legally able to offer sports betting odds in the United States. All other states were prevented from legalizing sports betting due to the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, or PASPA. This bill limited the country’s sports betting operations to Nevada.

For years, lawmakers around the country have been pushing to get PASPA removed. New Jersey, in particular, has been very critical of the controversial bill. Finally, things took a major turn.

In May of 2018, the US Supreme Court decided to officially strike PASPA down. This immediately gave every state in the country the ability to set their own laws on sports betting. Several states, including New Jersey and Delaware immediately legalized this form of wagering.

Certain lawmakers in Colorado have pushed to make sports betting legal since PASPA was removed. In November of 2019, voters in the state finally passed a ballot that allows both land-based and online sports betting. The first sportsbooks are expected to begin operating here in May of 2020.

Colorado’s sports betting industry is already beginning to grow. Several casinos are gearing up to launch their sports betting options.

Colorado’s Sports Betting Industry is Coming Together

Many states have chosen to officially legalize sports betting. Several of these states have passed sports gambling bills, yet are still coming up with regulations. This is the case with Colorado. Sports betting is now legal here, yet no sportsbooks have officially begun operating in the state.

That doesn’t mean casinos aren’t getting prepared, though. Some of the state’s biggest and most profitable gambling venues have officially begun gearing up to launch their sports betting platforms. Many casinos in the state are preparing their land-based and online sportsbooks.

Sean Demeule, vice president and general manager of Ameristar Casino in Black Hawk, commented on the casino’s sports betting preparations to the media this week.

“(We’re) thrilled that the voters passed sports betting last November. We’re starting to plan how we’re going to roll it out here at Ameristar. We’re going to start with a sportsbook here on property, working on the design right now,” he said. “We’re taking what’s been done in Vegas and improving on that.” 

Colorado is likely to begin earning millions of dollars a month from these legal sports betting options. The revenue will help to fund various state water projects. We’ll need to wait and see which sports betting companies begin entering into this state over the next few years!

Several Companies Already Set to Offer Sports Betting Options in Colorado

The US sports betting industry is growing at an unprecedented rate. Bank of America recently claimed that this industry will be worth $22 billion by 2020. As more states legalize this form of gambling, more money begins flowing in.

It’s no surprise to see so many companies push to break into Colorado’s sports betting industry. Not long ago, Twin River purchased three popular Colorado casinos. The company also received three sports betting licenses here, all of which will go live in less than 90 days.

DraftKings and FanDuel are also working hard to enter Colorado. These companies are currently active in many states including New Jersey.

Several major UK companies such as William Hill are interested in Colorado, as well. Based on the way things are going, this could become one of the most lucrative sports betting states in the country.

Colorado’s sports betting industry is already growing. Stay tuned for more updates over the next few months!

Las Vegas Gaming Revenue Increased Once Again in 2019

For most of 2019, gambling revenue in Las Vegas increased. It was great news, especially considering the rise in competition from other states with expanded gambling options. Las Vegas gaming revenue increased last year for the first time and many predict that 2020 will be even more successful. Hundred Dollar Bills

This is an exciting time for the city. Some incredible new venues are slated to open here this year. Today, we’re going to take a look at how much gambling revenue was earned last year, and talk about what to expect in 2020.

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Nevada Remains the Gambling Hub of the United States

Ask someone what comes to mind when they think about Nevada. There’s a good chance you’ll hear them say “gambling.” The Silver State is home to several major gambling cities including Las Vegas and Reno. For decades, it’s been the gaming hub of the country.

Las Vegas, in particular, is run by the gambling industry. Many of the biggest and best gambling venues in the world are located in this city. Several of the world’s biggest casino companies are also headquartered here, including Las Vegas Sands, MGM Resorts International, and Wynn Resorts.

For decades, Nevada was the only state that could legally offer sports betting options, as well. As a result, thousands of people would flock to this city just to place bets on their favorite teams and players. Today, however, a huge number of states have legalized sports gambling.

This is due to the Supreme Court striking down PASPA back in May of 2018. It immediately gave every state in the country the ability to set its own laws on this industry. More than 20 states now have regulated sports gambling options and earn millions of dollars a month through taxes.

In recent years, a huge number of states have begun expanding their gambling options. Despite this, Las Vegas continues to thrive.

Las Vegas Gaming Revenue Surged in 2019

Early last year, gambling revenue in Las Vegas was fluctuating. There was fear that the new options in states like New Jersey were taking away some of the city’s gambling tourists. Before long, things began to turn around and 2019 proved to be one of the most successful years in the city’s history.

Statewide, casinos in the state of Nevada took in an average of more than $1 billion a month in overall wagers. Nevada’s Gaming Control Board reports a statewide win of $12.032 last year. Clark County, where Las Vegas sits, accounts for more than 86% of the state’s total winnings.

This means that Las Vegas gaming revenue has increased for five straight years. It’s an incredible statistic that shows just how strong the state’s gambling market really is.

The rise of legal sports betting around the country was expected to hit Nevada hard. This doesn’t appear to be the case. Nevada’s sportsbooks won $329.1 million last year. This represents a 9.5% increase from 2018.

Gambling operators in this city have to be celebrating. Many have invested heavily in Macau, which has been struggling to generate revenue lately. Hopefully, this trend continues throughout 2020.

Massive New Properties Set to Open in Las Vegas This Year

As we’ve already mentioned, Las Vegas is home to many of the biggest and best casino-resorts in the world. In 2020, we’re going to see some of the most incredible casino-resorts open in this city. The one that most are looking forward to is the Resorts World Las Vegas.

This massive property has been in the works for years. Several major delays have pushed back its opening date. As of now, it’s scheduled to open in December of 2020.

Resorts World Las Vegas is the most expensive casino-resort ever constructed in Las Vegas. It’s expected to be one of the best properties in the world. Scott Sibella, former president of MGM Resorts International, has taken control of this property and promises that it will be something special.

The Downtown area is also set to welcome some exciting new properties. The most exciting is Circa Las Vegas, owned by Derek and Greg Stevens. This venue will feature a host of amazing restaurants and one of the best swimming pools in the city.

Las Vegas gaming revenue continues to surge. Most analysts predict that 2020 will be an even more successful year.

Stay tuned for more Las Vegas casino news over the next few months!

Las Vegas Super Bowl Betting Revenue is Already Surging

The 2020 Super Bowl is just a few days away. Football fans around the country are currently making their predictions on how the big game will play out. Recently, reports surfaced that indicate Las Vegas Super Bowl betting revenue is growing quickly. Super Bowl LIV Logo

It’s not entirely surprising. Sports betting is more popular than ever before in the United States. Las Vegas remains the sports gambling hub of the country. Now is the perfect time to look at how much money this game is expected to generate.

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Super Bowl LIV Takes Place This Sunday

The 2020 Super Bowl is one of the most anticipated in recent history. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the New England Patriots won’t be taking place. This year’s championship game takes place between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Super Bowl takes place this Sunday and kickoff begins at 3 30 pm. It will be featured on Fox for those with cable television. It’s also possible to stream the game using a variety of services.

No one really knows how this year’s Super Bowl will go down. Both the 49ers and the Chiefs are extremely well-rounded. Many fans believe the 49ers have a more dynamic and experienced roster. Some claim that the offense of the Chiefs is superior to San Francisco’s.

This is expected to be a fantastic game. A huge number of football fans are heading into Las Vegas to watch the game. There are obviously a huge number of fantastic sports bars in this city that are playing the big game.

Las Vegas is also home to many of the best sportsbooks in the country. Just about every major hotel-casino in the city offers sports gambling options. This year, Las Vegas Super Bowl betting revenue is set to break records.

Las Vegas Super Bowl Betting Revenue Is Growing

Everyone knew that this year’s Super Bowl was going to generate serious sports betting revenue. This is likely thanks to PASPA being struck down in 2018. Since that time, more than 20 states have officially passed paws to make sports betting legal.

More than 26 million Americans are expected to wager on this year’s Super Bowl. The American Gaming Association released the figures this week, along with a revenue forecast. The AGA claims more than $6.8 billion will be spent on Super Bowl bets in 2020.

Many of these wagers will be placed in Las Vegas. As we just mentioned, there are a huge number of fantastic sportsbooks in this city. Some of the most popular include the sportsbook at Caesars Palace and the one inside MGM Mirage.

Four million individuals are expected to place their wagers inside of a brick-and-mortar sportsbook. Recently, several major sportsbooks in the city have begun offering Super Bowl prop bets. As a result, Las Vegas Super Bowl betting revenue is now surging.

Not everyone can make the trip to Las Vegas to make their bets, though. Today, many individuals still prefer to make their bets online in their home states. Online Super Bowl betting is actually expected to generate even more revenue than land-based betting this year.

Online Super Bowl Betting Options Are Now Available!

A huge number of states now have regulated online sports betting options available. In other states, only unregulated online sportsbooks are available. Fortunately, most of these websites are perfectly safe and offer a huge range of different betting options.

Bovada is one of the best internet sportsbooks in the US right now. It’s available in almost every single state and offers odds for all major sports including football, baseball, and basketball. Bovada is now one of the most popular Super Bowl betting websites due to its huge number of unique wagering options.

The most popular wager is on which team manages to win this year’s championship game. At the moment, the 49ers enter as the slight underdogs with EVEN odds. The Kansas City Chiefs come into the game as the -120 betting favorites.

Some fantastic prop bets are also available through Bovada right now. One of these prop wagers that many are putting money on is which player will win the Super Bowl MVP award. Unsurprisingly, Patrick Mahomes is the favorite to win with odds of +115.

Las Vegas Super Bowl betting revenue is already surging. Many individuals in the country are also placing their wagers through different online sportsbooks. It’s a great time to be a football betting fan.

Stay tuned for more Las Vegas betting news over the next few weeks!

US Sports Betting Revenue in 2019 Reached Record Levels

The popularity of sports betting is surging around the United States right now. Today, a huge number of states have legalized this industry. New reports indicate that US sports betting revenue in 2019 hit record levels.Sports Betting

It’s incredible, especially considering how new this industry is in the US. Today, we’re going to look at which states are profiting the most from legal sports gambling. We’ll also discuss where this industry is headed in 2020.

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More States Continue to Legalize Sports Gambling

For many years, sports betting was almost completely unavailable in the US. Only Nevada, which set laws on this form of gambling decades ago, was legally able to offer sports gambling options. In May of 2018, this all changed.

That month, the US Supreme Court decided to strike down PASPA. This immediately gave every state in the country the ability to set its own laws on sports gambling. Several states almost immediately decided to legalize sports betting after PASPA was removed.

New Jersey instantly began earning money from this industry. Both land-based and online sports betting are available in this state. Many individuals from nearby New York would make the trip into New Jersey specifically to make sports wagers.

Today, 21 states have decided to legalize this form of gambling. Even states with harsh laws on gambling such as North Carolina have made sports betting legal. Lawmakers in these states recognize how much money can be earned with legal sports betting options.

Over the next few years, it’s likely that almost every state in the country will begin offering legal sports gambling options. There is simply too much money from this industry for states to ignore. US sports betting revenue in 2019 exploded and is likely to continue in 2020.

US Sports Betting Revenue in 2019 Reaches New Heights

It’s clear that sports gambling is growing more popular every single month. It’s also incredible to see so many states embracing this industry. This week, for example, New Hampshire officially legalized sports gambling.

2019 is now over, and revenue reports for the year are beginning to surface. According to some of these reports, US sports betting revenue in 2019 hit new levels. More than $11 billion was spent on sports wagers in the country. Overall, more than $15 billion has been placed on sports bets in the country.

In terms of actual revenue, licensed bookmakers in the country earned more than $750 million. During the summer months, there was an average of $700 million being wagered on sports. It’s an astounding statistic that shows just how fast the US market has grown.

Initially, US sportsbooks planned to retain around a 5% margin on all bets placed. In reality, this number was closer to 7%.

Things aren’t slowing down, either. We’re now less than two months away from the 2020 Super Bowl. Based on the way things are moving, this will be the most-wagered on sporting event of all time.

2020 Will Be a Massive Year for the US Sports Betting Industry

It’s great to see US sports betting revenue in 2019 increase so much. A huge number of European sports betting operators are now attempting to break into this market. Some, such as William Hill, are now available in several different states.

2020 will be an absolutely massive year for the US sports betting industry. Many more states are likely to legalize this industry. There’s even a chance that California decides to make sports gambling legal.

At the moment, California lawmakers are debating with Native American tribes over sports betting regulations. These tribes want to ensure that sports betting becomes legal inside their casinos. They also want to ensure that revenue from this industry goes into their hands.

Hopefully, California is able to make this industry legal. More states such as Maine and Massachusetts will almost certainly open their betting markets.

US sports betting revenue in 2019 increased dramatically. It seems highly likely that revenue will increase even more in 2020. Make sure to stay tuned for more US sports betting news over the next few months!

$24 Million Room Renovations at Harrah’s AC Are Set to Begin

Atlantic City has grown to become one of the country’s top gambling destinations. It’s home to several popular casino-resorts, including Harrah’s. This week, company officials announced an incredible $24 million plan for room renovations at Harrah’s AC. Harrah's Atlantic City Casino

It’s exciting news for fans of this hotel. Many have called for renovations over the past few years. Today, we’re going to talk about what will be changing here. We’ll also look at how the city is performing heading into 2020.

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Atlantic City’s Revenue Surges in Q3 of 2019

About a decade ago, Atlantic City was struggling to generate any money. The recession had taken a massive toll on the casinos operating in the city. Very few individuals were gambling here and as a result, many of the hotel-casinos were forced to permanently close their doors.

Things have completely changed over the past few years. Now, Atlantic City is one of the country’s top gambling destinations. It’s attracting visitors from around the country and most of the hotel-casinos here are now highly profitable.

For most of the year, gambling revenue has increased here. This was especially true in 2019’s Q3. Over those three months, gross profit from the city’s casinos increased to $26.5 million. This represents a massive 12.5% increase from the same period in 2018.

Borgata Casino continues to generate the most money here. In Q3, it earned $210,141,863. That’s more than double what the second-highest earner in the city, Hard Rock Atlantic City, brought in.

Harrah’s Atlantic City stands as a middle-of-the-pack casino in terms of revenue. This week, owners of this property announced a massive new renovation project.

Room Renovations at Harrah’s AC Will Soon Begin

Harrah’s Atlantic City first opened to the public in 1980. Since that time, the hotel-casino has undergone several renovation projects. Unfortunately, improving the conditions of the rooms hasn’t been a major focus point for the owners.

This week, officials in the company announced an incredible $24 million project. The money will go towards room renovations at Harrah’s AC. 416 of the rooms in the hotel’s Marina Tower will be redesigned and upgraded.

The project comes alongside a massive $300 million investment project by Caesars Entertainment, which controls Harrah’s. Ron Baumann, regional president of Caesars, recently commented on the renovation project to the media.

“We are thrilled to introduce our new Laguna Tower to our guests in 2020, which will complete over $86 million in upgrades to our rooms and suites within the last three years,” he said. 

If all goes according to plan, these plans will be completed in the early part of 2020. Hopefully, the room renovations at Harrah’s AC help to bring in more gamblers and increase the casino’s revenue.

Sports Betting Revenue Continues to Grow in Atlantic City

New Jersey was instrumental in getting the Supreme Court to strike down PASPA. Immediately after this decision, sports betting became legal throughout the state. Today, each of the casinos in Atlantic City operates both land-based and online sportsbooks.

Since becoming legal, sports betting revenue in the city has increased. Many of the casinos here are now working to improve their sportsbooks.

In September, Both Caesars Entertainment and MGM Resorts International opened brand new sportsbooks in the city. Caesars opened its new sportsbook inside Bally’s. It’s more than 15,000 square feet and features one of the biggest sports screens in the city.

MGM opened its new Atlantic City sportsbook in the Borgata.

The $24 million room renovations at Harrah’s AC are expected to be fantastic. We’ll need to wait a few months to see exactly what comes here.

Stay tuned for more Atlantic City casino news over the next few months!